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by: Rachael Han

QUIZ STUDY GUIDE BADM 2301 - Management Information Systems Technology

Rachael Han
BADM 2301 - Management Information Systems Technology

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About this Document

BADM 2301 - Management Information Systems Technology
Study Guide
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This 14 page Study Guide was uploaded by Rachael Han on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BADM 2301 - Management Information Systems Technology at George Washington University taught by Ho in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 89 views.

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Date Created: 09/22/15
Duestien 1 2 eat at 239 eeints Sueeese the value in the active cell is quotI am Aweseme39 What will tree see in the hfingien it we run the fellewine sue Sue Quiet MsgSent hetive ellh alae End Sub Selected answer Q I am Aweseree Cerrect Answer I am Hweserhe Questien S 2 eat at 239 eeints in USA a single qeete 39 is used te Selected answer Cemment eut side the cede behind it in the same line Cerrect Af iSt tEi Q Semment eut teltie the cede behind it in the same line Question 3 Sueeese the active cell is quotEMquot Which ef the fellewing will he the new active cellI after we run the cede AetieeEell ftsett a E Select any Selected answer at GE Gerrect Answer 9 STquot E Ligation 4 2 eat at 239 eel nts Seeeese the quotaddressquot at the active cell is Ext Which at the fellewing cede will reset the active cell te FE l Selected Answer t etise ellCiffsett E3Select Gerrect Answer i5 hetiset ell tisetiE thelect Question 5 2 eat at E eeints Suedese the value in the active cell is iil am At39teseme39 What will tree see in the Mngliex it we run the fellewing sch 35 Sue uiz MsgSezt quotActive elltf39aleequot End Sub Selected Answer etis e ellhtelue Gerrect Answer mg hetiue ellatalue Question 6 What Will happen if the following code is executed intGrade 70 If intGrade gt 80 Then MsgBox High Pass End If The answer is nothing is happening Why Since the logical test lntGrade gt 80 evaluates False VBA would skip MsgBox High Pass In this example no action is specified for False condition and therefore VBA would jump to End If right after Question 7 You have learned Web 20 vs 30 from our first lab assignment as well as various pressures facing modern organizations from Chapter 2 Answer the following questions a Name the three major types of business pressures b For each of three pressures justify how these pressures drive the shift from Web 20 to 30 Programming 101 VBA Visual Basic for Applications is a programming language that enables you to control everything in Excel 1 My First VBA Program First of all let s do a socalled HelloWorld exercise using VBA 1 2 3 4 5 2 Object Open Microsoft Excel and open a blank workbook Hold the Alt key and hit Fll Alt F11 VBA editor will pop up automatically On the topleft corner locate panel VBAProject Bookl and double click on item Sheetl A new blank screen will pop up in the right panel Type the following code but Replace the text in by whatever you want to say Sub MyFirstVBA MsgBox My first VBA Program Woohoo quot End Sub Click on the green play button right below the tab Debug A Four Building Blocks in VBA Real life Think of an object in our real life Say a person Chad Or a classroom Duques 351 VBA An object could refer to many things a cell a worksheet or a predefined item Examples A5 AlClO Sheetl or a message box Suppose we have an object Chad Property Real life How do we describe an object say Chad Characteristics VBA We use properties to describe the characteristics of an object Examples Chad s accupation is professor his IQ is too high to measure etc Method Real life What words do we use to describe an action Verbs VBA A method is a predefined task that you want an object to perform Example Jump Chad Parameter Real life Often time we need extra words to clearly describe an action VBA A parameter is used along with a method to speficy a task more precisely Example Jump 10 times Chad Basic Operators Symbols Dot Operator Real life A complete English sentence should look like Subject Verb O Adj Adv VBA When we write computer codes we also need to specify who what and how Example We use dot operator to attach multiple building blocks Dot operator is hierarchical We start with the block of the highest level and attach other of lower level one by one In most cases we start with objects followed by propertiesmethods or parameters GWUBschoolISTMChadHairCut Single quotation Operator A single quotation mark is used to comment out a line in VBA code It allows programmers to write comments or to communicate with other programmers Double quotation Operator CL A pair of double quotation marks is used to distinquish a string text from a number 4 Location and Navigation Sheet and cell Reference To refer to a worksheet a cell or a group of cells in VBA we use the following 0 Worksheets SheetName the worksheet named SheetName 0 ActiveCell the single cell where your cursor currently is 0 Range CellRange a cell or cells defined by CellRange To refer to Sheetl we write Worksheets Sheet1 To refer to cells from A1 to C5 on Sheetl we write Worksheets Sheet1 Range A1 C5 A use dot operator to attach objects Sheet and Cell Selection When you work with Microsoft Excel you usually first select a cell or cells and then perform an action The method we use in VBA is Select To select A1C5 in the current worksheet we write Range A1C5 Select To select B1D10 in Sheetl we write Worksheets Sheet1 Range B1DlO Select Navigation Sometime we need to specify a new location based on where the cursor currently is ie ActiveCell We use the method Offset OffsetYX takes two parameters 0 Move Y rows down increase the row index 0 Move X columns to the right increase the column index Suppose the active cell is cell A1 1 To move 1 row down from ActiveCell A1 and select the new cell we write ActiveCellOffset10Select The ActiveCell now becomes A2 2 To move 2 rows down and 3 columns to the right from A2 and select the new cell we write ActiveCellOffset23Select The ActiveCell now becomes D4 0 Negative value of YX indicates 3 To move 2 rows up 2 row index and select we write ActiveCellOffset20Select The ActiveCell now becomes D2 4 To move 1 row up 1 row index and 2 columns to the left 2 column index and select the new cell we write ActiveCellOffset12 The ActiveCell now becomes B1 M If you lose track of where the ActiveCell is use property Address Add the following code and run it Ms gB ox ActiveCellAddress As you ve already known Address is a property used to describe the active cell Attention Now put a single quotation mark in front of MsgBox The code becomes MsgBox ActiveCellAddress VBA will skip everything in the same line after and code after will turn in green You are commenting out program code This feature allows programmer to add comments for hisher own information or to communicate with other programmers 5 Variables Real life When you want to store something you may consider getting a box Apparently the size and the shape of the box depends on the content to be stored VBA A variable can be thought of a box where you can store data for later use Data TypesLike picking a right box for the content to be stored it is always a good idea to choose the right data type for the data you are going to store The most common variable types in bold are Type Bytes Usage Byte l a small positive integer Integer 2 an integer 32768 32767 Long 4 an extreme integer 2l47B 2147B Bbillion Single 4 a decimal number Double 8 an extreme decimal number Boolean 2 a Ture 1 or False 0 indicator String a set of characters 1 65400 in length Date 8 a time stamp with both date and time 6 Operations Declaration Before we can store data we need to get a box by declaring a variable first Through declaration a section of memory will be allocated exclusively for a declared variable We use the word Dim Dim VariableName AS VariableType Dim strName As String Dim intAge As Integer Dim booIsMarried As Boolean Best Practice Always declare variables with the appropriate data type before you use them Question Why should we use type Integer for a small whole number instead of Long type To save memory consumption Naming rules and conventions 0 Name the variables in a sensible way A good name should be selfexplained 0 It is good to add data type in front as initials e g strName intAge 0 Must be in one word without spaces and periods 0 Use undercore if you wish to separate worlds e g TaxCalculator 0 Cannot start with numbers 0 Cannot use the following symbols amp and 0 Cannot use VBAreserved words like string integer boolean etc Assignment A variable contain no value once it is declared successfully just like a new empty box To store data in a variable we use the assignment operator strName Chad Ho intAge 21 booIsMarried False By using VBA will assign whatever on the right to the variable on the left El We can also assign the value stored in a variable to another variable Dim intNumber As Integer declar a new Integer variable called intNumber intNumber intAge 21 l 21 intNumber intNumber 5 26m Now what does intNumber store 26 Example 6 Objective We want to create a small table containing a header and some data 1 Put Name Age and Is Married as heading in Al A2 and A3 and Range Al Value Name Range A2 Value Age Range A3 Value Is Married Now set the ActiveCell to B1 We do this step for practice purpose only Range B l Select Reset ActiveCell to B1 2 Assigning the value stored in strName intAge and booIsMarried in B1 B2 and B3 respectively You can use 1 ActiveCell Offset to navigate and 2 to assign values at the same time Now assign value of strName to the ActiveCell ActiveCellValue strName Now assign value of intAge to B2 and booIsMarried to B3 using OFFSET ActiveCellOffsetl OValue intAge ActiveCellOffset2 OValue booIsMarried You can 1 make the font hold for header and 2 set the color of data to red vaed using the following code Range AA FontBold True Range BB FontColor vaed Sample Code for Example 6 Sub Example6 39Declare three variables Dim strName As String Dim intAge As Integer Dim booIsMarried As Boolean 39Assign values to variables strName quotChad Hoquot intAge 21 booIsMarried False 39Write value stored in variables into cells RangequotAlquotValue quotNamequot RangequotA2quotValue quotAgequot RangequotA3quotValue quotIs Marriedquot 39Set ActiveCell to B1 RangequotBlquotSelect 39Reset ActiveCell to B1 39Assign value stored in strName into ActiveCell B l ActiveCellValue strName 39Use offset to navigate and then assign values into new cells ActiveCellOffsetl 0Value intAge ActiveCellOffset2 0Value booIsMarried 39Set the font bold for column A RangequotAAquotFontBold True 39Set the fond color to VbRed for column B RangequotBBquotFontColor VbRed End Sub 7 Sequence Control We now turn our attention to syntaxes that enable us to control the execution sequence of VBA code 71 Conditional Logic If family Recall in Excel lab we have learned function IF which takes three parameters 1 LOGICALTEST a Boolean value either True or False 2 VAL UEIF T R UE 3 VAL UEIFFALSE Basic If Then Else Structure The basic IF has the following structure If LOGICALTEST Then If True Do A Else If False Do B End If gt LOGICALTEST only takes a Boolean value True or False Example 71 Goal Throw a MsgBox Has value if A1 contains something not empty Empty otherwise VBA code Sub Example71 If Then MsgBox quotHas Valuequot execute this line if TURE Else MsgBox quotEmptyquot execute this line if FALSE End If End Sub Trick Press I to run sub line by line Try Clear the content in A1 and rerun the sub What did you get Else It If Then Else structure specifies 2 possible conditions only When we need to specify more than 2 outcomes we can add multiple Elseif Then clauses between If and Else Example 72 Goal Call a message box to show 0 High Pass if the student s grade gt 80 0 Low Pass if gt6O and lt80 0 Failed if lt60 VBA Sub Example72 Dim intGrade As Integer Declare a new variable intGrade intGrade Range Al Value Store the value of Al into intGrade If intGrade gt 80 Then MsgBox quotHigh Passquot Elseif MsgBox quotLow Passquot Else MsgBox quotFailedquot End If End Sub 72 Loop Do While The Loop comes in handy when you need to perform a repetitive task multiple times For example summing up all positive integers ranging from 1 to 1000 or doing the same calculation for all rows Formally a Do While loop has the following structure Do While LOGICALT EST Task to be executed goes here Loop gt VBA will keep looping whenever LOGICALTEST evaluates True gt VBA will skip the loop once LOGICALTEST becomes False gt Important You need to specify a stopping point Example 73 Background Suppose we have 90 80 70 60 50 in B1B5 Goal Use Do While loop and MsgBox to show multiple numbers stored in B one by one VBA Sub Exercise73 Always think Where to start first Set ActiveCell Range B l Select Do While ActiveCellValue ltgt MsgBox ActiveCellValue ActiveCellOffset10Select move one cell down Loop End Sub 73 Pseudocode Intended for human reading a pseudocode explains how a program works with a mix of layman English and coding jargons such as IFThenElse DoWhile etc Example 74 Goal Write pseudocode to describe the logic of Sub Exercise73 Set ActiveCell to B1 Do While ActiveCell contains a value Throw a message box to show the value of ActiveCell Move one cell down and set it as ActiveCell Loop Exercise 1 Learning Objective Use all techniques we have learned so far to perform a relatively complicated task A B C 1 Name Grade Status 2 Sai 82 3 Lindsey 73 4 Wendy 94 5 Chad 45 0 Show Status for each student in column C according to the rule below 0 High pass if gradegt80 0 Low pass if gt60 AND lt80 0 Failed if lt60 0 Change the grade according to the rule below 0 Green if grade gt 80 0 Red if grade lt 60 0 For those whose grade lt 60 highlight the cell storing name in The result should look like A B C 1 Name Grade Status 2 Sai 82 High pass 3 Lindsey 73 Low pass 4 Wendy 94 High pass 5 45 Failed Good to start with pseudocode Trace of thought 1 Start from an easier case Single record dealing with one row only 2 Then add a Do While loop to do a certain job multiple times Sub Exercisel Set ActiveCell to B2 Do While ActiveCell has a value or ActiveCell not equal to If grade gt 80 Then Write High pass in C2 one cell to the RIGHT from ActiveCell Set color to green for B2 one cell to the LEFT from ActiveCell Else If grade gt 60 Then Write Low pass in C2 Else Write Failed in C2 Set color to red for B2 Set background color to Yellow for A2 one cell to the LEFT End If Move ActiveCell one row down and select it Loop End Sub Exercise 2 A B C 1 Name FT Strategy 2 LeBron James 731 3 Stephen Curry 902 4 DeAndre Jordan 406 5 Nene 593 Task to be done 0 Show strategy for each player in column C according to the rule below Never foul him if FT gt 90 Don t foul him if FT gt 60 and lt 90 Foul him if FT gt 50 and lt 60 HackaShaq if lt 50 0 Change the color of a player s name according to the rule below 0 Red FT gt 90 0 Green if grade lt 50 0 For a player who s FT lt 50 highlight the cell where the name is stored column A O O O O A sample of Psuedocode VBA code for Exercise 1 Sub VisualizeGrade Set ActiveCell to B2 RangequotB2quotSelect Do While ActiveCell not equal to Do While ActiveCellValue ltgt quotquot Case 1 If grade gt 80 Then If ActiveCellValue gt 80 Then Write High pass in C2 one cell to the RIGHT ActiveCellOffset0 lValue quotHigh Passquot Set color to green for B2 ActiveCellFontColor VbGreen Case 2 If grade gt 60 Then ElseIf ActiveCellValue gt 60 Then ActiveCellOffset0 lValue quotLow Passquot Case 3 ELSE Else ActiveCellOffset0 lValue quotFailedquot ActiveCellFontColor VbRed Set background color to yellow for A2 ActiveCellOffset0 1InteriorColor VbYellow End If Important Move the active cell down by 1 row and select the new cell ActiveCellOffset1 0Select Use key word Loop to close the Do While loop Loop End Sub CHAPTER 1 AND 2 NOTES 0 Blockbuster founded in 1985 0 Acquired by Viacom for 84B in 1994 0 Reed Hastings was fined 40 in 1997 so founded Net iX in 1998 0 Blockbuster refused to acquire for 50M in 2000 I RedBox was founded in 2002 O entered online market in 2004 0 Hulu founded in 2008 I Blockbuster introduced Blockbuster Express kiosk in 2009 0 added bymail video games service in 2010 O filed for bankruptcy in 2010 0 Redbox Pros 0 Cheap 0 Convenience O Kiosks are placed near checkout line draw impulse purchases 0 low operational cost 0 The Marketing 4 P s Product Place Price Promotion 0 Impacts on Other Industries 0 Photography I Mistake slow shift to digital market cannibalization I Kodak declared bankruptcy in 2012 while it emerged from that in 2013 0 Software Microsoft vs SalesForce 0 Music Spotify Pandora amp iTunes 0 Marketing Groupon livingsocial MrRebatescom amp eBates 0 Airlines 0 Ground Travel Uber Curb Lyft 0 Impacts on modern businesses 0 Changing the rules of the game I gtkSharing economy relocate the resource and redistribute the resource and change the supplydemand of the market ex Uber I Crowdfunding ex Kickstarter Prosper I Crowdsourcing ex Threadless 0 Blurring industry boundaries every company is an IT Company and built around smartphone ecosystem 0 Creating new forms of companies ex Ebates Information Techologv IT computerbased tool that people use to work with info and to support info processing 0 it provides you with a framework for thinking IT itself is a tool but not a silver bullet 4 of top 12 growing jobs of 2014 are related to ITIS IT Performs 5 tasks Capture input Cradle store Create produce Communicate among ITs Convey output Information System IS An integrated business solution that collects stores processes analyzes and disseminates information to support 1 Decision making 2 Control analysis and collaboration 3 Visualization in organizations Get the right info to the right people at the right time in the right amount and in the right format Data vs Info vs Knowledge 0 Knowledge understanding experience expertise applied to problems 0 Information organized meaningful values 0 Data raw records Tibia I 4 T f i a1 rgm m a al I f i i i tlz Eya ama Femia vLI P linear FLmaul aresa I5 T in ma U1 minim a 1qu ii aai39 Fana an 5W1 r a manWWW mama Tun iinimi Fmaaaa helmut39itian dill P EITE H bu ainEILs Li39 a39 llbu Emampig 5 W m Ia amaaaa a aquaTall Fi mil mulxmraula Iarrl39lriai ll 1miirmw magmaa winning iriagmlw r all funIvaIa tarEng a 1hr l aacla lmrem l w aulmuullaa39i Ef lt39iuquot M I I 11 rm if ran 5 31 turn Malaan anagram 533011 IEIi39 H1 w a39au l EiE39EllquotuiIquot nal h am Swim dwly Haul a lmlti a2 I r jti l IFquot ii gi u Firade raW39Es surmmmaci latirm Iranaa mn Elam usually m UHquot murmursu ariaa Pim jM EliIFE F l n f i ln i AFN3 I i ashram lruurm uamir it as Hil lwlilf WEETil WrTf39ili39ii Elf l39ia i Pmlaa iratz iart k mnsmanau I l nan ribml maprear til Iguanaage garmama la E a Ilef39i i39El Maawm IJ39Illi39ILa Ilaa rl an Icahn iairEafil EUE39IUI39F39EH quotMmII Eif39ln39i5 5d le mamre u bung triad aural Harmana ulhal39la l Elalus i Elias by gradual Supply ajhrm39u aaiim ma iz ayaiam il realrljuil azm39ama ze 5351am Hammers r wa Ell gingham RENEE2 urna Il rmnlacuw L my aruzz mna E Iranaucuaa a E s 39 g 1 39ilm i Fatal Lurih afa39iam marina lm LE IpiHEr its Wainum mg lla m L mnzrmm ua rim Minaam f ai fi il FIS l lr iali39513r 39lITFEI Case Discussion 0 A Tool to Combat Terrorism and Fight Crime page 35 0 Problem fragmented data silos across organizations lack of an integrated info systems 0 Potential IT Solution Palantir from Lord of the Rings 0 Origins of Palantir Serious fraudulent activities on Paypal 0 How this system helps organizations like Military units FBI Wall Street banks etc I ISIT Helps organizations respond to pressures national security bank fraud etc and provide competitive advantage over rivals Managing Business Processes 0 Business Process ongoing collection of related activities that create a product service of value to the org 0 Components inputs resources and outputs 0 Evaluating Business Process gtkDo the things right efficiency gtkDo the right things effectiveness IS Role in Supporting Business Processes 0 Executing the process 0 Automating online booking vs phone agents 0 Semiautomating eX manager s approval required 0 gtkCapturing and Storing Process Data 0 Monitoring process performance eX online package tracking system or passengers boarding status Advantages of IS reduce operational cost save time eliminate human errors enhance data integrity maintain consistency of data BPI vs BPR 0 Business Process Improvement BPI approach to help an org to incrementally streamline its processes to achieve more efficient results 0 Business Process Reengineering BPR approach to help an org to fundamentally rethink its processes to achieve more effective results EPI BPR Change Ii rm39iquot 311 131 Radical Low High Brianna mp Tap dam Impact Emmy Etc to Business Pressures 0 SocietaWoliticalLegal Pressure GreenIT SOX Bill 0 Technology Pressure Constant Innovation Information Overload 0 Market Pressure Globalization Changing Nature of the WorkForce Powerful Customers Globalization 10 Flatteners 0 Berlin Wall Falls Netscape Goes Public Development of Work ow Software Supply Chaining Uploading Web 20 Informing search engine The Steroids technologies that amplify other atteners wireless cloud video conferencing 0 Offshoring Outsourcing Insourcing Strategic Management 0 Michael Porter 0 5 Forces Competition in Industry Among Rivals Threat of Substitutes Bargaining Power of Customers Bargaining Power of Suppliers Threat of new Entrants 0 Value Chain Model iI rm Irrfrmuwma m 1 E Human 73 39 i 0 EL 393 3 LIZI 4 FE 4 III E 5 l 0 Strategies for Competitive Advantage Cost Leader lower price Differentiation different Innovation something new Operational Effectiveness more efficient Customer Oriented


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