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The Killer Angels

by: Lindsey Irizarry

The Killer Angels 68531

Marketplace > History > 68531 > The Killer Angels
Lindsey Irizarry
GPA 4.0
HIST 120 - History of the U.S. through Reconstruction
Mark Sigmon

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About this Document

This is the questionnaire Mr. Sigmon had handed out in class or posted on iLearn. If you did not get the chance to read the book and need the answers (since that is quite a big percent of the Histo...
HIST 120 - History of the U.S. through Reconstruction
Mark Sigmon
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lindsey Irizarry on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 68531 at a university taught by Mark Sigmon in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 907 views.


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Date Created: 09/22/15
Study Questions for The Killer Angels On June 29 1863 who was perhaps the only man alive who knew the relative locations of both the Union and the Confederate armies Harrison the spy 2 How many of the mutineers does Lawrence Chamberlain talk out of deserting 114 men What crucial decision does Buford make in the evening of June 30 3 to hold the high ground on the hills and wait for reynolds to come with infantry 4 Why did Armistead insist that Longstreet s theories on war were wrong Longstreet wanted a defensive war but Armistead insisted that this isn39t the army for it They have to tell the Union that they are ghting for their freedom from the rule of a foreign government to avoid central tyranny 5 What does Longstreet advise Lee to do on June 3039 Does Lee accept his advice Longstreet said no more defense if we concentrate we can hit him as he comes up giving us even odds quothit hard hit quick hit everythingquot General Lee accepts the advice and they ride off to ght 6 Who saves Buford What happens to Buford s saviour Reynolds came with infantry but he got shot in the head while on a horse soon after his arrival 7 Which side wins big on the rst day of fighting at Gettysburg The Rebels General Lee 8 Where does the 20th Maine end up at midnight on July 1 in Gettysbury 9 What was Longstreet s curse to see the thing clearly his dead children haunting his thoughts and mind 10 Why was Trimble so angry with Ewell He claimed Ewell was a disgrace he could have taken the hill it was empty the Federals were running but he did nothing and now lives will be lost trying to get that hill they would39ve already had 11 Why was Buford satisfied with himself on July 1 he was not satis ed with the actions of others but he was in himself he thought at least he d held the ground the hill 12 What parallels did Fremantle see between the South and England quotThey call themselves Americans but they were transplanted Englishmen Their names were those of England Lee Stuart Jackson Longstreet They were gentlemen The south had neat farms love of land and tradition of the right to form to breed is the Old Country they haven39t left Europe there was one religion just like in England one way of life 13 What is the difference between Sgt Killrain and Col Chamberlain Sgt Killrain says that you cannot judge a race you have to see the individual ghts to be a better man than the rest Chamberlain says they all are the same ghts for equality What did General Hood want to do Why did Longstreet countermand his plan 14 Hood wanted to send a brigade around the rocky heights because he think he can get into the Unions wagon trains back there Longstreet countermand it because it wasn t his choice to make General Lee had already made a set echelon plan eventually things don t go as well and orders Hood to attack as he planned a frontal assault but Hood continues to tell him to move to the right What stupid mistake did Sickles make 15 didn39t like the ground he was on so he moved his corps forward and got quotus in one hell of a jam 16 What did it mean for the 20th Maine to be the extreme ank of the Union line The line runs from here all the way back to Gettysburg But it stops here You cannot withdraw Under any conditions If you go the line is flanked You must defend this place to the last After the fourth onslaught when a hole develops in his line with whom does Lawrence Chamberlain 17 ll the hole His brother Tom 18 What did Chamberlain do after one third of his men were wiped out and the rest were out of ammunition lets X the bayonets they were going to charge the Confederates and have the advantage of moving down hillquot 19 How many regiments did the 20th Maine end up fighting They fought 4 Reb regiments 20 What vow did Lo Armistead make to Win eld Hancock Armistead says that he had once vowed to Hancock that if he ever raised his hand against Hancock then God may strike Armistead dead What fateful decision does Lee make on the night of July 2nd 21 It occurs to Lee that he has attacked the Union on both sides The smartest next move he thinks would be to attack in the center He decides to send his forces in to the center of Cemetery Ridge and break the Union army in two then send Stuart and his cavalry around to the rear to finish the job Where did the 20th Maine end up during the battle on July 3 22 right smack dab in the center of the linesafe place What was Longstreet s considered opinion of a frontal assault 23 Longstreet opinion wants to his from the Southhe has lost half of his men and one of his best officers Hood is injured If he moves forward the entire rear of the army is exposed He informs Lee that it is his military opinion that a frontal assault will be a disaster What happened to Sgt Kilrain 24 he died How far up Cemetary ridge did Armistead reach 25 to the clump of trees beyondover the stone wall What did Lee mean when he said to Longstreet You were right and I was wrong 26 He realizes that it was his fault for the failed attack that he should39ve listened to Longstreet and maybe he wouldn39t have lost all of his men What did Chamberlain feel when he thought about meeting the Rebels in battle again 27 He felt incredible eagerness looking forward to ght again to wait behind the wall and either stay there until he died or until it ended General NOTES The spy was informing general Longstreet that the Union ArmyArmy of Potomac was near by closer than they assumed they were moving without the information given they would39ve been destroyed cut off from home didn t trust spies had no choice but to believe him and decides w assistance from General Lee to turn the army to Gettysburg cut off the Union The 120 men from Maine were mutineers they signed an agreement thinking it was to serve for one year but it was three The men didn t want to ght they were tired hunger and upset at the government don t think they can win war They didn t want to move and colonel Chamberlain gives speech American ghts for mankind for freedom for the people not the land


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