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Introduction to Control Systems

by: Roel Green

Introduction to Control Systems ECE 445

Roel Green
GPA 3.99

Rafael Fierro

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About this Document

Rafael Fierro
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Roel Green on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ECE 445 at University of New Mexico taught by Rafael Fierro in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/212144/ece-445-university-of-new-mexico in Engineering Electrical & Compu at University of New Mexico.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
ABET Documentation ECE 445 ECE 445 Introduction to Control Systems Knowledge Probe Fall 2008 Course Coordinator Rafael Fierro ABET Outcomes probed C E Relevant pre and co requisite classes ECE 314 1 Instruments Two knowledge probes were administered for the Fall 2008 a KPB The rst one given at the beginning of the semester KPB was meant to address outcome C ability to design a system component or process to meet desired needs In addition the probe was designed to evaluate if the students in ECE 445 had the background in signal and systems basic circuits theory differential equations The probe was made as optional assignment Students were instructed to answer each question to the best of their ability Out of the 32 students registered for the class 27 turned in the probe The probe contained multiple choice questions classi ed into groups as follows i signals Laplace Transform frequency response convolution ii circuits lters iii system response and complex variables Although addressing outcome C at the beginning of the semester was not straightforward the rationale behind this probe is that if one does not understand a basic concept it will dif cult to design a system to meet desired needs For instance how one can design a high Q lter without understanding what Q is or represents b KPE The second probe given at the end of the semester KPE was meant to address outcome E ability to identify formulate and solve engineering problems The probe was made part of the nal exam The ECE 445 nal exam consisted of 10 short questions intending to evaluate the basic understanding of control systems analysis tools Four selected questions of from the nal exam are use as KPE Out of the 32 students registered for the class 31 took the nal exam and turned in the probe As mentioned the probe contained four questions all of them require an ability to identify and solve engineering control problems All four KPE questions were meant to address outcome E The knowledge necessary to answer these questions should have been gained in this course ECE 445 More speci cally Question 1 This question was meant to determine if students have a basic knowledge of DC motors and be able to formulate the differential equations to model the system A priori I expected 70 of the students to answer this question correctly ABET Documentation ECE 445 Question 2 This question was meant to determine if students have a basic knowledge to determine the dynamic behavior of simple control system A priori I expected 90 of the students to answer this question correctly Question 3 This question was meant to determine if students have a basic knowledge to analysis a control system using the frequency response method A priori I expected 85 of the students to answer this question correctly Question 4 This question was meant to determine if students have a basic knowledge to analyze and design a stable system using the rootlocus approach A priori I expected 90 of the students to answer this question correctly Results Thirty one students took the knowledge probe The allotted time appears to be reasonable for all students to demonstrate their knowledge Question 1 Nine students answered the question essentially correctly Four others answered more than 70 correctly Only 41 answered the question essentially correctly Question 2 Twenty four students answered the question essentially correctly Seven others answered more than 50 correctly 77 answered the question essentially correctly Question 3 Twenty students answered the question essentially correctly Five others answered more than 70 correctly 65 answered the question essentially correctly Question 4 Twenty six students answered the question essentially correctly Five others answered around 50 correctly 84 answered the question essentially correctly 2 Results Since ECE 445 requires two probes KPB and KPE the results for each are summarized above ABET Documentation ECE 445 in their respective sections The analysis and followup however consider both probes simultaneously 3 Analysis Considering the KPB I can state that the mathematical preparation and maturity of the students e g complex numbers showed some deficiencies Several students in the class seemed to have trouble performing basic calculations with complex quantities partial fraction expansion and basic matrix operations Also this analysis is along the lines of ECE 3 14 which is prerequisite for ECCE 445 I also noticed some de ciencies in solving simple differential equations applying Laplace transforms formulating mesh and node equations when describing an electric circuit and performing basic matrix operations Most students did reasonable well in the course as re ected in KPE 4 Suggested Actions and Follow up Increased emphasis should be placed on understanding fundamentals and basic concepts rather than application of formulas to straightforward problems It would desirable that students follow the curriculum established by the Department For instance it would be a good idea taking CE 304 before taking ECE 445 Also it is advisable taking ECE 445 immediatety after taking ECE 3 14 Several students mentioned that they took ECE 3 14 two year ago and forgot some of the fundamentals taught there Finally ECE 445 should be more handson and experimentally oriented Some efforts are been carrying out in this direction It is critical to implement a wellstructured lab component as part of ECE 445 and the followup course ECE 446


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