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by: Mrs. Kellen Barrows

AppliedBiology BIO151

Mrs. Kellen Barrows
GPA 3.53


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About this Document

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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mrs. Kellen Barrows on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BIO151 at Drexel University taught by MeshagaeHunte-Brown in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/212328/bio151-drexel-university in Biotechnology at Drexel University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Biology Exam 2 Review Evolution to digestion weeks 475 How does HIV replicate C uses its own enzymes and enzymes of cells make more viral parts which then assemble into new viruses In a population which individuals are most likely to survive and reproduce B the individuals who are the best adapted to the environment Many variants are produced during the long course of HIV infection Which of these variants would be most fit in the environment of the human body B a virus that cannot be recognized by the patient s immune system Which one of the following shows the steps of speciation in the correct order D Geographic isolation evolutionary changes Traits acted on by sexual selection D sometimes appear to have no relation to fitness Place these categories in the correct order from most inclusive to least inclusive D domain kingdom phylum species In what way are fungi similar to animals D take in food from the outside Over the past two centuries the growth of human population has A lncrease exponentially A population is said to have reached the carrying capacity of the environment when B The environment cannot support a further increase in the population Which of the following is a densitydependent factor E increase in waste production and decrease in food availability Band C If everyone on the planet used resources and lived the average lifestyle of an American B We would need multiple Earths for this to be possible Similar cells that are grouped together and perform a common function are called A Tissues Fat and blood are classified as B Connective tissues How do striated smooth muscles differ A Striated muscle has a banding pattern under the microscope but smooth does not What part of the digestive system has the most surface area for the absorption of nutrients C Small intestine Homeostasis is the ability of an organism to A maintain a constant internal environment The maintenance of blood glucose levels by the liver is an example of D negative feedback Bio Questions exam available TuesdaySaturday no lecture week 10 Cotyledons are D embryonic leaves in a seed Plant vegetative organs are B root soot and stem Plants make fruit C for dispersal of seeds What are the resources plants need to grow D Water and light and nutrients and oxygen both a and c The use of pesticides in agriculture ultimately leads to B greater dependence on pesticide


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