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by: Keagan DuBuque

CriticalReasoning PHIL105

Keagan DuBuque
GPA 3.71


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Keagan DuBuque on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PHIL105 at Drexel University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/212557/phil105-drexel-university in PHIL-Philosophy at Drexel University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Critical Reasoning PHL105008 Spring 2009 Peter Amato MacAlister 5030 ext 1353 peteramanrexeledu Office hours M W 3305 TH 9301130 othertimes by appointment Study Guidefor Midterm Exam Hi Next Tuesday May 5 is our Midterm Exam It is a challenging exam but if you have been reading the material carefully and using the Exercise Sets to develop your skills you will do fine with some careful preparation using this study guide This study guide tells you everything you39ll need to study for the exam If you have any questions please let me know The exam is worth 25 of your grade forthis course Please note Seniors graduating this term may be exempted from the Final Exam for this course If you qualify and are planning to do so this exam will count for 30 of your grade and the Exercise Sets will count 15 each instead of 10 For more information about senior exemption see me Part 1 Questions There will be ve questions from this list to answer like in the first part of both Exercise Sets 10 pts each 1 Explain fully whythis course is called quotcritical reasoningquot as discussed in Chapter 1 2 Explain fully what the main aims and methods of philosophy are and how philosophy is related to critical reasoning 3 Explain fully and clearly what quotargumentquot means in critical reasoning as distinct from its everyday meaning Clearly identify the four main elements of argument and explain how the elements are related to one another 4 Explain in depth what quotfoundational assumptionsquot are how they differ from premises and other kinds of assumptions and why identifying them is a good habit for critical reasoners to develop 5 Explain carefully what logical indicators are how they work and what the two types of logical indicators are Create an original argument from your imagination that uses both types Identify each and tell what type of indicator it is 6 Fully and carefully define quotinferencequot quotdeductive inferencequot and quotinductive inferencequot in at least a couple of sentences each based on our class discussion of these terms 7 Carefully identify the main characteristics of inductive and deductive arguments Fully define all key terms 8 Explain carefully what it means in general for an argument to be a fallacy Then give a clear and careful definition for quotinductive fallacyquot and quotdeductive fallacyquot and provide an original example of eac 9 Identify and carefully explain the three questions to ask for assessing deductive arguments 10 Based on the film quotThe Persuadersquot explain the approach to advertising that Naomi Klein calls quotpseudospiritual marketingquot and relate it to Douglas Atkins research into cults What psychological and emotional needs account for the persuasive power of cults and brands 11 Based on the film quotThe Persuadersquot explain how the alliance of quotMadison and Vinequot is supposed to work How is this practice like and unlike product placement What effects does Mark Miller say this form of advertising is having on the arts and culture 12 Based on the film quotThe Persuadersquot describe the political advertising tactic known as quotnarrowcastingquot and relate this persuasive tactic to our discussion of inductive fallacy by explaining carefully which of the four common ways inductive fallacies occur is directly related to it Part 21 Argument Analyses There will be ve arguments to analyze using the fourstep method like in Ex Set 1 30 points Part 22 Deductive Inference Recognition There will be eight deductive arguments to match with their valid deductive pattern or deductive fallacy pattern like in the last part of Exercise Set 2 20 points


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