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The Bible As Literature

by: Dr. Broderick Gleason

The Bible As Literature LIT 3374

Dr. Broderick Gleason
GPA 3.82

Keith White

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About this Document

Keith White
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Dr. Broderick Gleason on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to LIT 3374 at University of South Florida taught by Keith White in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/212593/lit-3374-university-of-south-florida in Literature at University of South Florida.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Dr White Study Terms Test One 1 Below is your list of study terms Obvioust you will want to review Genesis as much as possible to familiarize yourself with the main characters and events Reread the chapters in yourtextbook too and of course lecture notes 1 2 3 There will be some duplication in these sources but that is the point of my syllabus Ideally teaching and learning works best when the student has as many ways as possible to learn the material Strive for coherence between the events and ideas Some of what you have read will help you to understand the next sets of lectures We are not done with Genesis Please give your study very serious consideration There is quite of bit of information behind many of the terms below For example I might ask you who Tiamet is but keep in mind we are concerned with her because of her in uence on the biblical creation story Review your notes to see how she is manifested elsewhere in the Bible I might ask where you will nd her name with whom she creates the gods what she does who kills her and what he does with her body You can see that from one term a variety of questions are possible Your test will be 50 multiple choice questions worth 2 points each Here is a sample question 1 Although Tiamet is not mentioned speci cally by that name in the Hebrew Scriptures her presence is clearly there Which one and only one ofthe following answers suggests her presence or influence A The Rainbow in the Noah Story B Rehab C The Earth Mother D David s Queen Latifah The answer is B The Bible mentions God defeating Rehab Leviathan the Dragon and even the serpent all of whom are depicted as dragonlike foes Even Eve does not t the de nition of Earth Mother nor would monotheistic worshippers of Yahweh permit herto be an Earth Mother True rainbows are made of water and one might stretch the point that one roughly looks like a snake but our discussion in the class material does not do so Her connection to Rehab appears in the notes Queen Latifah is not King David s wife She is a singer but I like her better as the actor in the three Barber Shop movies and later in Beauty Shop She has appeared in quite a few lms and on TV Incidentally for those of you who know who Cedric the Entertainer is and what he looks like when I saw the first Barbershop movie I had heard of him but I had never seen him I was shocked later to see him on TV and to see how young he is just thought that the funny old dude he was playing in Barbershop was basically what he looked like The scenes between him and Queen Latifah are some of the best in those movies or any comedies However there will be no questions about Queen Latifah Cedric the Entertainer or any of my favorite movies Finally you will be taking the test on the computer It will be posted to Blackboard Please consult myUSF daily before you schedule time to take you exam The technicians post to the Dr White Study Terms Test One 2 home page times when myUSF will be unavailable but these times generally take place around 200 AM Eastern Time Your window in which you may take the test appears on the syllabus You will need a reliable computer with continuous access to the Internet so consider using those on campus I cannot know whether your computer freezes or fails while you are taking the exam but all you need is an hour s worth ofreliability so don t fret ahead of time about computer failure Before the exam becomes available I will post a sample test PreTest of ve generic questions that you may take to familiarize yourself with the testing software and that can also serve as a means of testing your computer s ability to use the software Read and review the accompanying document titled Taking Your Test in Blackboard before activating the exam Once you log on and activate the exam the onehour testing clock has begun You may change your answers on the screen but because there will be no backtracking you will not be able to return to any previous questions An unanswered question is a wrong answer and therefore logic entails that when in doubt select any answer before your time for that question has expired At the conclusion ofthe exam the software will grade your exam and place your grade in Blackboard Until the testing window not the testing clock is closed you will not have access to the test questions answers and your graded answers Good luck Silent prayers before and during the test are acceptable However if you are not good at praying you can cross your fingers That tradition has its roots in Christianity The crossed ngers represented the cross on which Jesus was cruci ed and so the cross like the crossed ngers represents a sign of hope and hence good luck unless you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis Finally I have never curved a test have never needed to and even forget how it is done Many of your classmates are known to me as excellent students so please study because they will be curve busters And now for your enjoyment on the next page are the study terms Dr White Study Terms Test One 3761 BCE Aaron Abel AbramAbraham Adam Adonai AM Anno Mundi Aramaic BC Benediction Bible Byblos Cain Canaan Canon CE chaos Codex Codex Sinaticus Codex Vaticanus Codices Covenant Cuneiform Writing David Dead Sea Scrolls Deutercanonical Dragon Edom El Enoch Ephraim Esau Eve Fertile Crescent Genesis Gregorian Calendar Guedina Hagar Ham HaSefarim Hebrew Scriptures Isaac Ishmael Israel IsraelJudah Jacob James Usher Japheth Jehovah Joseph Joshua Kethubim Kyrios Laban Leah Leviathan Lot Masorete Masoritic Text Megillah Megillot Merneptah Stela Mesopotamia Mezuzah Monotheism Moshiach Age Nebi im Nineveh Noah Noah s Ark Olam HaBa Ostraca Patriarchal History Patriarchs Pentateuch Polytheism Priestly Benediction Prophet Pseudepigrahia Rachel Rahab Rebekah Sarah Sarai Saul Semites Septuagint Shem Dr White Study Terms Test One Silver Scroll Solomon Syncretism TaByblos TANAKH Tephilin Testament Testis Tetragrammaton Torah Tower of Babel Ur ofthe Chaldeans Vizier Vulgate V tness Xenophobia Yad


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