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Material & Energy Balances

by: Albertha Conn I

Material & Energy Balances ECH 3023C

Albertha Conn I
GPA 3.75

Vinay Gupta

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About this Document

Vinay Gupta
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Albertha Conn I on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ECH 3023C at University of South Florida taught by Vinay Gupta in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 217 views. For similar materials see /class/212620/ech-3023c-university-of-south-florida in Engineering Chemical at University of South Florida.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
MASS 1kg 1000g 1000000mg 0001 metric ton 220462lbm 352739202 1lbm 1602 5x10 4ton 453593g 0453593kg LENGTH 1m 100cm 1000mm 106microns um 1010 angstroms 3 3937 in 32808ft 10936yd 00006214mile 1ft 12in 13yd 0038m 3048cm VOLUME 1m3 1000L 106cm3 106mL 353145ft3 21997 imperial gallons 26417gal 105668qt 1 ft3 1728in3 74805gal 0028317m3 28317L 28317cm3 FORCE IN 1kgms2 105dynes 105gcms2 022481lbf 1lbf 32174lbmfts2 44482N PRESSURE latm 101325x105Nm2Pa 101325kPA 101325bar 101325x106dynescm2 760mmHgtorr 10333mH20 4 C 14696psi 339ft H20 29921 ian l 39il39 il39r l u 7 3 1000kgm3 1gcm3 1kgL Density gcm RVALUES 8314m3PamolK m3 kPakmoIK 1073ft3psialbmolR ft3lbfin2 IbmolR 8314JmolK 0 73ft3atmlbmolR 008314LbarmolK 1987 BtuIbmoleR calmolK 6236meHgmolK 1 Poise 1 gcm39ls391 TEMP T F 18T C 32 T R T F45967 TT R 18TK Mw air 29 g98066ms2 32174fts2 Change between fraction mole and weight yMwn xrn where n maverage molecular weight any subscripts for zee values Chapter 2 Fmagc a gc 32174Ibmftsz lbf Chapeter 3 Average Molecular weight y le1 szwz y mole fraction always 15ppm Gas means that ygas 15x10 6 moles gasmoles air 15ppm liquid means that xliquid 15x10 6 g liquidgsolvent Pforcearea pfluld gPhhead of fluid mmHg P1 91gd1 P2 Pzgdz pfluld gh If P1 Oz 9 P1 P2 pfluld Pgh If both P1 and P2 are gases 9 P1 P2 h Chapter 5 Assume volume additiver for average density for mixtures p average x1 p1 x p x mas fraction alwaysll TEST FOR IDEAL 9 diatomic gas when RTP gt5Lmol 80ft3Ibomle OR other gas when RTP gt20Lmol v n 4 TP5T5P 75 224LSTPmo 359ft3lbmole 224m3STPkmo T5 273K P3 1atm VeIzvelr T2P1ID12 T1P2ID22 EOS Truncated virial 15 20atm P 7RT 1 B 7 T TTc B0 0083 0422T16 Cubic SRK P RT 7 b ua 77 b B1 0139 0172T 392 a 042747RTC2Pc B RTcPcB0 wBl b 008666RTcPc m 048508 155171w o1561m2 Cubic Vander Waal P RT 7 b a 72 a 1 m1 T2 a 27R2Tc264Pc Cubic RK P RT v b a TO5 7v b b RTcsPc Compressibility Z z P 7RT PV anT KAY39S RULE Psudocritical temp T c y1Tc1 YZTCZ Pseudocritical pressure P c ylPdL szcz Pseudoreduced Temp T r TT c Pseudoreduced Pressure P r PP c Pseudoreduced Volume Vridea 7 Pg RT C 7 zmixRTP Chapter 6 Clasius Clapeyron Eguation np AHVRT B If intergrate this we get the shit above dnpd1T AHVR ANTOINCE E UATION Logm p A B TC GIBBS PHASE RULE DF 2 number of species number of phases


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