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Intro to Communication

by: Nelson Schulist

Intro to Communication COM 2000

Nelson Schulist
GPA 3.87


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nelson Schulist on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to COM 2000 at University of South Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/212680/com-2000-university-of-south-florida in Communication at University of South Florida.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
COM 2000 Fall 2006 Study guide for week 6 1 Topic Communication m odels Readings Communication as Dialogue Communication as Dissemination review Communication as Ritual I 4K What are models u 1 Transmission model I rosis in 90 0in i fd laclsx in ladm 403 MAW Shannon and Weaver in quotquot II UASM J C 3 AKA Linear model 9mm sluittMathematical theory of communication Components source sen der9transriiitter9chgnnel399noiseriltieiver399destgnation c measuring 7 I 0 r t oa5 5ch inva maxsmuux awan k 39IM T39NNI J erd i by 5 34 A ell uluyas I V K a 39 atquot 5 7 fothvoch VV 0 CCuku i ii A SIGNAL Jatcmwsu Li t law 0 EM swam 39 p SI MIISQAGE7 5 BMW 7 i Mavis uoCot mastic W W x at 1 M m 39 quot3 e 3 V cm P xc 4 r 30mm Weaknesses gmrah x Cur iaMa MA M5 at MLth fa u omkn oMM exPariutu MQW Aquot N Three levels of communication problems technical emantic effectiveness is Ma Naksz Noise mh ProLl m kkc mki 41 J A vex 01C Rafa 0quot Information kpuhwli at Siskq Ugh irl i in Entropy quot ullc aC o M uIAllun a J iv dx K Redundancy Hauliv 0 W3 Fantauuts Convention quot leash XPCcLq kchs Auw can CXPuiJJAO in ux emu r Mani nanny 2 Ritual Model MLPA avfd ma l in WMM WJA 9 3 james Carey 39 His View of transmission 1 Mel C tm mig VA NC emits t Canada m Ritual model and the creation of realities Lu Maid UL uncle s 3 ankles MA paink 1N o 1 4C Space and time e5 bitsLu WMu mm for Wk 5 quot i5 11 304 aquot V F LWJ had Li ko oe Lot A VGAUL Yri UAUL Rothenbuhler and phatic communication 39 WL wax moths on RA u Aura m lu 34fo Carey s de nition V i s Symbolic process u no MA 5quot 5 36 6 3quot 5 PTOAU YW w A L o quot 39 Kenneth Burke and termmisnc screens LX 1 Mg A is MAJ 3 M RR c b u A r Collettin meaning representations of reality representations n reality 393 U 5 Production maintenance repair transformation red3k m Lam u we h 115 Com hum L3 0 a OM V tla39ixcw S a S Lciit r S39 LL L C 4 A 1 r 9 GU S U 1 MA A43 5 i 0 u L MQ 39RLampI PalkA WNQCN amp s I xr l


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