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Crime & Justice in America

by: Dr. Dixie Fahey

Crime & Justice in America CCJ 3003

Dr. Dixie Fahey
GPA 4.0

Kathleen Heide

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About this Document

Kathleen Heide
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Dr. Dixie Fahey on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CCJ 3003 at University of South Florida taught by Kathleen Heide in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 83 views. For similar materials see /class/212695/ccj-3003-university-of-south-florida in Criminology and Criminal Justice at University of South Florida.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
N 04 4gt U1 0 l 9 ID O UJ Jgt U39I 0 l D N O N N W TPD takes a communityoriented policing approach a TRUE Tampa has had a in crime over the last 45 years or so a SIGNIFICANT DECREASE What is not priority enforcement for TPD a ADULT ENTERTAINMENT What type of approach does TPD take a PROACTIVE amp PROBLEMORIENTED APPROACH Tasers are designed to incapacitate the person being tased a TRUE TPD made all officers who carry a taser be tased a TRUE TPD officers have a quota to meet reissuing traffic tickets each month a FALSE strategies based on a simple concept treat emergencies like emergencies and non emergencies like nonemergencies a DIFFERENTIAL RESPONSE What type of policing includes an emphasis on preventative patrol a PROFESSIONAL What type of technology is utilized by police departments to locate amp identify hot spots a CRIME MAPPING Value placed on secrecy amp the general mistrust of the outside world a BLUE CURTAIN is misuse of authority by a law enforcement a POLICE CORRUPTION In DV situations a police officer must observe a violent altercation to make an arrest a FALSE Arrest in DV situations is the way situations are normally dealt with a YES In DV situations the investigating LEO has the right to come in the home amp interview people a TRUE Police can only make an arrest in FL today if the victim is willing to prosecute a FALSE In DV homicide cases police have rarely been involved recently a Kids exposed to DV in the home are at risk of abusing their mates a MORE In DV situations police can only arrest one of two people involved in the altercation E a Under FL statue juveniles cannot be charged with DV E a What standard is used to determine who to arrest a PRIMARY AGGRESSOR Women never provoke battering incidents a FALSE The most dangerous hostage situation is usually one involving a TERRO RISTS N W W W W W N N N N N N I 00 U W Jgt Jgt Jgt co co co co N I o to I Jgt cu Jgt Jgt U1 The phenomenon called Stockholm Syndrome affects hostages amp their captors in such a way that a HOSTAG E ACTS POS TOWARDS CAPTOR amp NEG TOWARDS POLICE The number one rule in hostage situations is a SLOW THE SITUATION DOWN Contrasted with community policing officers SWAT Team are a REACTIVE What is nota strategy for officers responding to a potential SBC Suicide by Cop a MAKING ANY PROMISESCOMMITMENTS About what of SWAT Team situations end without death a OVER 90 In the 30 yrs of HCSO SWAT operation how many people have been killed a 4 Where was the 1st organized SWAT trained unit formed a LA Threshold for use of deadly force is higher for SWAT Team a FALSE What is the number one priority in hostage situation a SAFETY OF HOSTAG E Which situations does HCSO SWAT Team not deal with routinely a ALL ARRESTSSEARCH WARRANTS When negotiators are talking to the suspect SWAT Team stay in the background a TRUE 4 h Amendment contains two critical legal concepts prohibition against unreasonable searches amp seizures and a NO WARRANT SHALL BE ISSUED BUT UPON PROBABLE CAUSE is defined as llreasonable grounds a PROBABLE CAUSE What is the basis for a patdownminimal search a FRISK An is a situation that requires extralegal or exceptional action by police a EXIGENTCIRCUMSTANCES What is the legal basis for Miranda warning a 5 h Amendment What kind of search takes place when the individual gives permission to search a CONSENT SEARCH The lldrive up I system of selling heroin was a good business strategy a TRUE The involvement of kids in selling heroin during the 80s was nothing new a FALSE Selling of heroin packets in the street was a big departure from the way heroin had been sold historically a TRUE What ended the heroin selling a ARRIVAL OF CRACK COCAINE Which groups have a higher proportion of its members in prison than would be expected given their in the population a BLACKSHISPANICS Jgt l Jgt to U O O O N O W m Jgt 1 U1 1 l During the Which group has the highest incarceration rate per 100000 a BLACKS Which term refers to differential treatment due to one s race a RACIAL DISCRIMINATION Which group has the highest percentage of unemployment a BLACKS Which group has the highest of poverty a BLACKS Very large increase in the incarceration population was largely due to the increase in convictions of what crime a DRUGS For what drugs was the disparity greatest in terms of dealers of this drug amp those arrested a COCAINE What is the primary reason for the overrepresentation of blacks in CJS a DIFFERENTIAL OFFENDING The term used to define llthe authority of a court to hear and decide cases within an area a JU RISDICTIO N Statement by the court expressing the reasons for its decision in a case is referred to as a a OPINION These courts are those that review decisions made by trial courts a APPELLATE COU RT ln federal court system the next court for a case to go after US District Court a US Court of Appeals How does an individual become a federal court judge or Supreme Court justice a APPOINTED BY PRESIDENTAPPROVE BY SENATE A writ of certiorari will not be issued unless at least justice approve a 4 separate opinion in which a judge disagrees with the conclusion reached by the majority a DISSENTING OPINION Who is responsible for maintaining the large amount of paperwork issuing subpoenas etc a CLERK OF THE COURT During pretrial process the holds a great deal and can drop charges a PROSECUTOR Best search tool to find scholarlyjournal articles a LIBRARY DATABASES It is a scholarlypeer reviewed journal if a IT HAS THE WORD JOURNAL IN THE TITLE THE ARTICLES INCLUDE STU DY DATA amp IT HAS LOTS OF REFERNCES What are the characteristic if an authoritative website for CJ a AUTHORS ARE RECOGNIZED EXPERTS Criteria for evaluating websites a OBJECTIVITY amp AUTHORITY Best source for CJ research studies a SCHOLARLY JOURNALS the defendant appears before a judge who decides whether evidence presented a PRELIMINARY HEARING At the the defendant is informed of hisher charges and must respond l O 00 oo 00 I I I I I I I I I N g o to 90 U1 5 N I 00 W 00 00 ID to O a ARRAIGNMENT is the process when accused amp prosecutor come to a mutual conclusion a PLEA BARGAINING Trial conducted without a jury in which the judge makes the determination a Which amendment gives defendants the right to a speedy trial a SIXT Challenge when one is excluded without any reason a PEREMPTORYCHALLENGE Does lap dancing meet allmost criteria for quotvictimless I or quotconsensualquot crime a Lap dancing when criminalized is an example of a MALA PROHIBITA Person intentionally commits a crime because they believe it is illegal a CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE Lap dancing in a public establishment is currently against the law in Tampa a YES What is not an element of consensual crime a NO POSSIBILTY OF HARMFUL Deviance is different for different cultures a TRUE Alcohol is legally prohibited in Tampa clubs that have nude dancing a YES Which of the following are not examples of consensual crime a CHILD PORNOGRAPHY If prostitution is going on in a club it can be prosecuted by RICO a TRUE To fight a lawsuit a person must show that he or she has been harmed This is called a STANDING This is the strategy of preventing crime thru the threat of punishment a DETERRENCE is the principle that holds the severity of the punishment must be in proportion to the severity of the crime a JUST DESERTS Philosophy that society is best served when wrongdoers are provided resources to get better a REHAB Sentences with parameters of 3 to 9 years are examples of sentencing a INDETERMINATE Any circumstance accompanying the commission of a crime justify lighter sentence a MITGATING CIRCUMSTANCE What it the primary factor in a judge s sentencing decision a SERIOUSNESS OF CRIME What occurs when the length of sentence is influenced by the defendants race gender or economic status a SENTENCING DISCRIMINATION Habitual offender laws require that any person convicted of a felony must serve a lengthy prison sentence a THIRD no no no no no no no l U Jgt no 99 100 Which amendment deals with cruel and unusual punishment a 8 What is the idea that women should be treated more leniently then men in the CJS a CHIVALRY EFFECT Which term suggest that murders increase after an execution a BRUTALIATION EFFECT What is the error rate of the death penalty in terms of percent a 5 Who is most likely to get the death penalty a BLACKS WHO KILL WHITES Term that denotes murderers should have the right to pay for their crime a RETRIBUTION Term that denotes that executed people will not commit further crimes a INCAPACITATION Most compelling argument for the death penalty based on research a RETRIBUTION Executing a murderers today cost more than housing that individual for life a TRUE Majority support death penalty but favor an alternative sentence a E


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