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by: Arnaldo Abbott


Arnaldo Abbott
Texas State
GPA 3.93

Q. Thurman

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About this Document

Q. Thurman
Study Guide
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This 14 page Study Guide was uploaded by Arnaldo Abbott on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CJ 1310 at Texas State University taught by Q. Thurman in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/212857/cj-1310-texas-state-university in Criminal Justice at Texas State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
1 Equot w 5 U1 1 2 Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 Final Exam Review Ifwe think of the criminal justice system as a wedding cake we will find due process in what stage a of criminal justice do what ii You go to court they assume your guilty Function of the police that demands the largest time and resource is a Patrolling patrol From the death penalty video we learned that Which of the following cases redefined due process law ofjuveniles a 1 1 m rjl am a Guarantees that juveniles be provided with a waiver hearing prior to being transferred to adult courts b Roper v Simmons the Supreme Court held that it is unconstitutional to impose capital punishment for crimes committed while under the age of 18 Individual s state of mind when the crime is committed is referred to as Which of the following is true concerning the punishment of convicted felons a Denied bailpretrial release Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 3 Cooper vs Pate 1964 a Supreme Court casein which the court ruled for the first time that address their rights under the Civil Rights Act of 1871 The case eventually led to the recognition that prisoners have rights that are protected by the US Constitution 4 The juvenile justice system which of the following statement is true a Power point 5 The most frequently method of execution in the US is i Picked a lot by inmates 1 Slim chances of winning ifyou win you are free to go ii Only one where they think they can control it 6 While the judge is the most powerful person in the court the prosecutor is a Most powerful person in the criminal justice system 7 Article 29 page 104 a quotLifers as teenagers now seeking second chance ii 73 Americans serving iii Sometimes family problems Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 iv Roper V Simmons the Supreme Court held that it is unconstitutional to impose capital punishment for crimes committed while under the age of 18 1 Ruled juvenile death penalty as a cruel punishment V Teens compared to adults 1 Less mature 2 More susceptible to peer pressure 3 More likely to change for the better 8 Kentucky parole video 9 juvenile justice system a Kent vs US i Guarantees that juveniles be provided with a waiver hearing prior to being transferred to adult courts 10Article 28 page 101 a quotTeens caught in the middle juvenile justice system and treatment i 1 of drug treatment for adolescents is r ii 51 different juvenile court systems are threefold 1 Protect public safety 2 Reduce recidivism reoffenders 3 Act in the quotbest interest of the child iii Lack of funding iv Difference between adult and adolescents Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 1 Teens have a higher threshold V Very disordered lives us between formal probation and homeinformal probation vi Elements 1 Juvenile offenders are more likely to have cooccurring disorders 2 Its important to integrate functions of agencies vii Biggest challenges is navigating through the bureaucracy viii APT adolescent portable therapy deal with 1 Arrest 2 Goes to court 3 Sent to placementallowed to go home 11Article 33 page 122 a quotAsking about family can enhance reentry i Family focused approach reduced recidivism and illegal drugs from 80 to 42 and improved overall family well being ii Questions 1 In thinking about your family support when you get out ofprison what are you most excited about Equot In thinking about your family support when you get out ofprison what do you think the greatest challenges will be Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 3 How did you help your family and friends before you came to prison iii Goals 1 Easy to use method of recognizing and reinforcing the positive connections of family and social networks during and after incarcerations 2 Build rapport between the professional using the tool and the individual transitioning home iv Relational inquiry tool 1 Promising way to gather information about families and social networks identifying the resources available to people as they prepare for reentry into their communities 2 Collecting important information and improving rapport between correctional staff and inmates 12 Prison video 13 Disadvantage of using fines from a judges point ofview a Make the judicial system a i Makes the judges responsible for the collection of the fine b Criminogenic i They cause crime ii They make sell more drugs to pay for the fine c Fines may unjustly penalize the poor Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 They rather go to the prison because they don t have money Free food housing safety Rich person would fines much easier because they have money but no time 14uvenile system which of the following is true concerning probation a It is the oldest and most widely used model of community based corrections All states have had juv Probation since 1930 s b This allows the juveniles to remain in a community while following a set of rules that are specifically tailored to the individual s circumstances c Probation can be revoked if someone violates the conditions And it is used 60 of the time 15What is incapacitation ii 50000 cost a year iii Selective incapacitation 1 Lets identify the busiest criminal offenders keep them locked up for longer keep things safer 2 Usually take surveys in prison and go on from there 3 Issues a Unconstitutional to punish someone who has not yet committed a crime Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 b You have to do the crime before we can punish you 4 More times you offend the harsher your punishment a Selective incapacitation kind of already eXists 5 Rehab doesn t work 16 Rehabilitation is most concerned with a Best reason ideal c More of an idea than reality d Cost is about 200 a year f Hardest rational to achieve 17 Likely reason for increasing incarceration rates a Demographics i More younger people i 1 Reason c Criminal justice system has been catching more people i Effective d Increased capacity Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 i More prisons e Switch from indeterminate up to 15 years to determinate serve 15 years 18ohn Erwin type ofinmate who can make the most of any treatment is the i Making the best of their time ii I made a mistake Improve themselves 19 Being right as an inmate involves 20 In an total institution the organizations goal is b Marines c Everything works as a team All must make it or else no can do anything d Resocializing people until they become good inmates e quotGoffmanquot person i Bodycavity search ii Complete body shave iquot Issue clothing 1 Building tender a Inmate in charge ofa cellrow iv Assignment of number for each prisoner Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 V Explanation ofprison rules f Maximum security 21 Female inmates are more like male inmates in terms Suvwilalw i c Mei i Not wealthy iii Cocorrectional facility have more programming and better behaviors b Different i African American ii How they got to prison 1 Economic causes usually 2 Arson forgery iii Family obligations 1 Usually young children about 2 c Behavior of males and women are better at cocorrectional facilities i Not to many programsclasses 1 Traditional sex roles a Sewing 22Case ofnoname guy raised in jail a Noname Maddox Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 Charlie Mansen 39 Wrote a paragraph while in prison iquot Born in a prison his mom was charged for being an accomplice in a bank robbery 23Article 34 page 126 a quotThe excon next door Getting cons to stay excons most vexing challenges of the criminal justice system 1 in 31 American adults are in jail parole or probation ii39 15 million people in prisons iv 1994 nearly 68 ended back up in prison Process is know seen as quotreentry rather than rehabilitation lt v39 Holding a job remains the best predictor of success for excons 1 Risk a Worst violent b Bestanti social N Tax credits 3 Employers were half as likely to call applicants with criminal records F Less than half likely to call them if they were also black vii RIO reintegration of offenders 24 Convicted criminals are more likely to receive capital punishment when Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 a Denied bailpretrial release 25 Custodial model domean a 50 s and 60 s b quotCool hand Luke c quotTotal institution goal is to produce good submissive inmates 26 Inmate rights true statement a Courts before said that prisoners had no rights b 1964 supreme court case 1 Prisoners should have the same rights Civil Rights act of 1871 c Rarely win a ruling but can result in changes d Most cases brought by prisoners are thrown out i Misinterpret the law 1 Uneducated prisoners ii Law suits 1 Rarely won by inmates 2 Affect a They increase awareness issues 27 Former offenders who return to criminal behavior are known as of the criminals return to prison Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 28Article 37 136 a quotIail time is learning time i GED 108 hours vocational program ii Iustice center is designed for and operating on the direct supervision model 1 Inmate management developed by the federal government 2 Inmates are given either relative freedom of movement within the pod or confined to their cells based on their behavior iii Sections offered 1 Computer report 2 Office production skills iv Inmates between 1621 be enrolled in GED classes v 80 ofinmates have substance abuse related issues at the time of their arrest 29 College graduates applying for jobs at a correctional facility might discover that 30Violent prisoners tend to be compared to other inmates as 31True statement Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 32 Public attitude about punishment we learned that a Reaffirm the public that the justice is being served 33Article 41 page 149 a quotChanging the lives ofprisoners a new agenda 2000000 incarcerated 600000 released every year 5060 return to prison Faith based programs 1 Designed to root out sin is more effective then secular programs ii39 Consequences 1 Duration of their loss of freedom in society is for most of the sentence in real calendar time 2 Upon release they are quotbetterquot people iv Vast majority ofAmericans think that prison inmates are capable of changing into law abiding members of society and should during their incarceration be given a significant variety of opportunities for change 34 Kentucky parole video 35ury hands out harsher punishments then judges because 36 Prison violence true statement b Why you think there would be any violence i Confinement is m Faiyaz Suleman C 1310 Spring 2010 ii A lot of inmates were sent there because ofviolent crimes iii Rigid rules and guards iv Single seX prisons V Young offenders with gang affiliations c When do we see violence b 4 to 7 higher quality and price wise 38 Kentucky parole video 39 Kentucky parole video 40 Something found in American jails except E Inmates serving up to a year time 5 Awaiting trial 9 Waiting transportation P ails have a high turnover rate


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