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by: Lindsey Irizarry

Odysseus 280

Lindsey Irizarry
GPA 4.0
Myth History and Movies
John Wonder

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About this Document

All the study question answers for the story of Odysseus for CLAS 280.
Myth History and Movies
John Wonder
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lindsey Irizarry on Thursday September 24, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 280 at a university taught by John Wonder in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.


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Date Created: 09/24/15
Study Questions 3 T he Odyssey 1 The Odyssey has been a popular tale for filmmakers In the stories Odysseus himself was a different type of hero when compared to other warlords such as Ajax that fought at Troy How was he different Odysseus is a clever person and likes to use his mind rather than his sword 2 The 1997 lm we saw in class with Armand Assante begins with the birth of his son Telemachus Why is this event significant with regard to the story Why is Odysseus unhappy when Menelaus and Agamemnon appear on Ithaca It shows the growingliving tree and it is the exact day when Menelaus and Agamemnon come to get him to ght in Troy he is King so he has to go and forced to leave his home and newly born son 3 Which goddess often helps Odysseus In both our movie and the myth Poseidon is enraged with Odysseus Why was Poseidon upset Who was Poseidon Explain how the origins of Poseidon39s anger in the movie differs from that in Homer39s tale Include in your answer Laocoon the Trojan Horse and the Cyclops Athena Poseidon is upset because Odysseus blinds his son Polyphemus Cyclops Poseidon is the God of sea In the movie Poseidon is first upset with Odysseus because he did not thank him for getting rid of Laocoon with his sea monster and basically taking over Troy disrespected In the myth he is reallyjust angry because he blinds his son 4 During Odysseus39 wanderings he and his men become trapped in the Cyclops39 cave How does Odysseus utilize his ingenuity to escape Narrate this story and include the wine and Odysseus39 use of a hidden identity Why did they not kill the Cyclops when he passed out Odysseus had to escape the cave so he thought of giving the Cyclops wine without water so he could pass and then use a giant sharpened stick to blind him and he doesn t kill him because they need him to move the giant stone blocking the exitentrance When the giant wakes he screams who did this to him and he said nobody which saves him 5 When Odysseus and his men had escaped Cyclops39 cave and were quickly rowing from shore what was Odysseus39 arrogant act that induced Poseidon to seek revenge This question also pertains to question 3 above When Odysseus is about to leave the island he shouts to the Cyclops that he Odysseus had blinded him 6 When Odysseus and his men arrived on Circe39s island what danger did the crew face What did Odysseus do and why did he not succumb to the same fate as his crew Which deity helped Odysseus at this point His men where turning into animals he went up to Circe and before she offered him the honey wine Hermes sent by Athena told him to eat this herb so he wouldn t change into an animal Then shocks Circe and she ask him to bed and it will change his men back 7 Explain how is the story of Scylla and Charybdis in the movie differs from Homer39s tale Why do you think the lmmakers changed the story What dangers did Odysseus and his men face with Scylla and with Charybdis Odysseus chooses Scylla because he will only lose a few men if he chose Charybdis whirlpool the whole ship would be wrecked and all men lost In the movie he chooses Scylla but they still end up in the whirlpool and Odysseus is the only one who survives makes the whole scene more intense and dramatic 8 Athena is often a goddess who helps Greek heroes Hermes is a god of many talents and often may be a connection between different worlds He is a messenger god a herald a god who brings dead souls to the border of the underworld etc Why do you think the ancient storytellers chose Hermes to help in some episodes and Athena in others Gods are busy and they can t always be there to aid so she chose Hermes Athena was shown probably to prove that she was this real goddess and not some statue 9 In both Homer and the movie Penelope39s suitors are portrayed as arrogant men with whom she has no interest Why did Penelope not tell the suitors to leave the palace She doesn t tell them to leave because she had promised Odysseus that she would remarry if he had not returned by long so she had to pick at some point 10 Penelope39s weaving of a tapestry is a famous story Why did Penelope weave the shroud In both Homer and the film what did she tell the suitors regarding her weaving of this fabric What was her plan What went wrong She wove the shroud to delay the suitors and by the end of it she would pick To delay even further she unravels it every night until a maid nds out and tells the men so she is forced to choose 11 When Odysseus finally arrives back on Ithaca he meets Telemachus and forms a plan with a few other allies to rid the palace of the hated suitors When Odysseus returns to his palace why is he not recognized Which deity helped with the nonrecognition Athena disguised him as an old man 12 Finally climax of the story Penelope informs the suitor that there will be a contest What prize will the winner of the contest earn Explain the contest and why it is really a double contest The contest is quite impossible the suitors must string Odysseus bow with only 2 tries and shoot through the holes of axes in a straight line and the winner will become her husband 13 Narrate the story of the contest how the winner wins and what happens to the suitors A lot of the men try and string the bow and none of them accomplish it until the old man odysseus comes in and takes the bow uses his leg and hands to string and aims it and shoots it straight through the axes and then the men see who he actually is They were not being honorable guest so Odysseus and his son slaughter all the suitors 14 The Odyssey has many themes One theme is the corruption or improper observance of the code of hospitality How do we see this with the tale of the Cyclops and the tale of the suitors The cyclops was not being a proper host by offering his guest food and water instead he ate one of Odysseus s men The suitors were being terrible guest eating all of the food being rude to the queen insulting the king 15 Another theme it that of retribution or vengeance for wrongs or insults This theme was more acceptable in antiquity than today Name two incidents that highlight this theme in our tale Throughout the whole movie Odysseus is trying to get back to Ithaca to be with family Poseidon had cursed Odysseus to remain at sea and not return home


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