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Readings Notes I

by: Rosa Mas Volpe

Readings Notes I SMPA 1050

Rosa Mas Volpe
GPA 3.5
Media in Free Society
Aday, S

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About this Document

Media in Free Society
Aday, S
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Rosa Mas Volpe on Thursday September 24, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SMPA 1050 at George Washington University taught by Aday, S in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Media in Free Society in Cinema And Media Studies at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 09/24/15
Friday October 3 2014 Study Guide Obama is wrong Traditional Journalism isn t dead Wonkblog Washington Post Obama claims after journalist was killed overseas that old times aren t coming back Agreement Econ changed due to digital rev Argument Basic norms and habits of priorities hold true today Example Increased Columbia Journalism review internal Rev scandal that target tax exempt tea party conservative Decrease after revealed IRS as propalestine org issue attention cycle Indexing Theory that news content on political and public policy will follow an elite debate Indexing flow similar to previous years 2012 election main topic Econ in most news Most Americans get news filtered by DC elites but content on political news has not been revoutionized Campaign coverage needs to read between lines David Shaw LA times 2004 campaigdeskorg columbia journalism website Critizes he saidShe said journalism Journalist not providing context or background very misleading Misleading media corrected but months later so people dont pay attention to it On inauguration day CDorg posted in the started posting articles in the moment vs after to end post speech critizen and instead cover the moment Lesson of McCarthy Journalism printed McCarthy accusations wo background hence journalist gave McCarthy s procesuctions life Press sensative to liberal bias and try to protect themselves by giving snipets of both sides and sometime omitting text Journalism Exposing truth not just reporting it should be he said she said we say Friday October 3 2014 Challenging He said She said Journalism Linda Greenhouse Neiman Reports Debate in political campaigns whether he said she said helps or hurts a readers ability to be informed Definition of He said She said Journalism There is a public dispute on the news no real attempt to uncover the truth on both sides Reporter in the middle of two extremes Paul Taylor s regresion of a phony man Term named by Jay Rosen RosenPress critic and Prof at NYU more important not to report both sides necessarily but to report the thruth Joan Didium claims journalism fairness is a benign idealism 1996 Society of Prof Journalist dropped objectivity in ethics code Why is it hard to report the truth fst amendment is their only 1 truth many defintions for truth Journalsit job is to provide not just facts but the truth Michigan media on Romeny birth Certificate Jokes Anna Clark Columbia Journalism Review Romney commemts on Obama s missing birth certificate No one ask me for my BC Romney Quote not explained and misleading Retoric unchallened and unexplained He saidshe said journailsm Should the times be truth vigilent Arthur S Bisbane NY times oped Should news reports call out what they think or just facts If a news reporter is quoting false calims and their goal is to print the truth shouldn t they comment on it So whadgya think puth truthtelling back at No1 Jar Rosen press think Friday October 3 2014 Somehwere along th eway truth telling surpassed by toher duties Maintiang objectivity Non imposing judgment Tendeny to avoid sharp questions to avoid liberal bias devastates journalsim as an honest profession Objectivity Values and Ideology Gans Journalist try to excude conscious values in 3 ways 1 Objectivity 2 Disregaurd 3 Rejection of ideology Objectivity and detachment Journalsit justify right to autonomy in choosing the news if they leave out personal values result restricts news to facts Objective gt Apply personal detachment and disreagurding implications Opinions become subjective reactions from objectivitly gathered facts National Media recruits people who do not hold personal valuels Most journalsit write to write and be published not to change society prestige of being a national journalist go above social conflict but objectivity is reinforced by necessity the need to protect journalist credablity if the news wasnt objective everything would stem from bias and nothing would be credable Peraideology enduting values of conscious and inconscious opinion Compensating for objectivity Opeds Journalsitic cartoons Radio Tv commentary Freedom form Implications Ojectivity Avoiding intended effects Only consideration protect innocent Who migh be hurt or endangerd by the story Fairness is a matter of intent stay away from stories that hurt their firm views etc Friday October 3 2014 Journalist w strong views are not flexable Most newspapers don t hire super ideologically minded people bc they are not flexible opinions in the news are often used unconsciously with the use of words like mob or terrorist Journalsim expertise that cancannot be all professional New Values Drownies and Kaiser move to more frivioulisu subjects Rise of soft news In the 1990s a blurred line between News and Entertainment was formed Rise of Tabloid News 911 Wake up call for journalsit to get their shit together More about though and informative journalsim was necessary to understand national crisis politicians follow instead of lead obsessed with polls snd dictates their leadership American Journalsit is a digital age Wilnat and weaver Study based on the 1000 online interviews with US jounalist about social medias role in jouralism Findings indicate that jousmalist rely heaily on social media in daily work promote work and keep them engaged with audience Demographics of US journalist More likely to be older white male college graduate Claims to be an Independent Less likley to be racial minorites identify with Reps or Dems Pecieved direction of journlism in US ls DOWN 53 Wrong dirceton 23 Right direction 17 dont know Size of news room SHRINKING 62 shrunk 24 same 13 grew Median age INCREASING 1971 37 2013 47 Female journalism INCEASING 1971 20 female 2013 37 female Female Journalsit tend to leave EARLIER 04 years experience 50 menwomen 20 years experience 33 women 67 men number of minories in Journalsim slightly DECREASING 1971 5 2002 95 2013 85 Gender Pay gap Men avg 53600 Women avg 44342 MORE Say their independent 1971 35 Dem 25 Rep 20 Independent 2013 28 Dem 71 Rep 502 Independent Job satisfaction DECREASES Percentage of journailst Very satisfied 1971 49 2013 23 Precived job autonmy DECREASES 1971 60 2013 33 Friday October 3 2014 LESS Support for Controversial reporting tecniques ie hidden camera Friday October 3 2014 The Dollar and Cents case agaist women Walt Hickey Inherent gender bias in movies Bechdel test created by Alsion Bechdel in 1985 2 women have to talk to a move for 3 min about something thats isnt men A LOT of moveis dont pass Avengers Pass Hobbit NO Pass Sex and the city No pass American Hustle pass but only because they talk about nail polish Those who pass the bechdel test may have a better return on investment PEW State Media 2014 New hope for journalism Digital brands Buzzfeed FB links Local TV main source of daily news for Americans increased audience in 2014 reduced staff Over lap between pubic relations and news self selected process leads to narrow info building of international reporting reliant on ads Custom content division Game changer for advertising Advertising suited for the customer Voters Still Turned into Traditional News media James Rainey Most americans get daily news traditional gt Web 50 turn to local TV daily news news via face Difference in political ideology Young dems more trusting of media older reps more suspicious of news younger turn to nontraditional sources but 15 turn to daily news through TV via Colbert or stewart Domination Fantasies Friday October 3 2014 Compaine 2004 FCC proposed relaxed broadcast rules no dominio of news Raised max of TV audiences for national TV Got people pissed thinking media is a monopoly Herfindahl Hischmannn index HHI score that Evalutes 50 largest industy aers 10000 monopoly 1000 market 1997 media HHI 268 1986 media HHI 206 Deregulation saved TV more networks more program diversity Media concentration at normal rates Bad News Jane Myers New Yorker Article questions David Westin Pres of abc for some of his questionable actions leo interviews Obama Corporate oriented not doing stories about company don t want to piss off bosses pressure to make money Westin believes his actions were good for rating and encouraged his reporters to create a buzz which created interest As ratings are declining creating a buzz increased your audience Communication Research lyengger and Simon Agenda setting Priming and Framing effecting public opinion of Gulf war Amount of news coverage of an issue makes people attach importance to a pubHcissue media tells us what to think about Priming Amont of times it is reported the more people think about it Framing The way a story is reported affects public opinions and interpretations Episodic public issue in evnts Thematic more abstract report on themes and trends 6 Roles of Press in Halth Care Reform 1994 Jamison and Cappella Friday October 3 2014 Confusing Press coverage too complex wo background for general publc to understand Focus on conflict Clinton vs Jim cooper Attention on clash shadowed other health care plans Focus on White water white water March 24th Press conference about clintons business allegations as Gov Clounded ideas of health care for audience Coverage of groups businesses represented in media more then labor groups Taineted perspective of audience Coverage of advertising Largest advertising campaign to shape public policy in history of US republic Harry Louis ads Conclusion Press norms for helping public understand public policy are ineffective when faced with complex issues Charter School Study Tom oveess 2009 study found charter school performance 01 SD of public school vs 2013 study of 01 SD above for charter school FOCUS on little details that don t actually make a difference


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