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Exam Review from Section (with Chaz)


Exam Review from Section (with Chaz) E 316P

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Masterworks of Literature
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About this Document

Brief general information for all readings up to Jean de Crevecoeur.
Masterworks of Literature
No professor available
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Saturday September 20, 2014. The Study Guide belongs to E 316P at a university taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 57 views.


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Date Created: 09/20/14
Exam Review from Section with Chaz 1 William Bradford Of Plymouth Plantation 0 17th century diary journal on the May ower puritans and strangers arrival in the New World TULIP total depravity the filth of mankind we are utterly and completely fallen original sin unconditional election the puritans are the chosen ones and no one else like the Jews in the desert limited atonement you can39t just pray away your sins predestination irresistible grace you don39t have the power to resist the grace of God perseverance of saints quotsaintsquot means themselves the chosen ones transitive property because you39re already elected to go to heaven you39re already a saint o divine providence they take all details of life to demonstrate that they are God39s chosen people this is what this is all about 2 Samuel Sewall The Diary of Samuel Sewall o diary puritan 17th century a judge at the Salem Witch Trials the only one to express reservations about the whole shindig primarily just in retrospect his wife has died and he39s looking for a new wife 0 this is very valuable because diaries are all we have of the private lives of the puritans O O O O O O O O O O O believes in divine providence obviously like the rest of the puritans kept track of how much things cost was very economical discussed the functioning of public life it was a precursor to a democracy it39s great that we have this source wrote an antislavery tract the first one actually he was an intellectuala thinker and a writer 3 William Byrd The Secret Diary of William Byrd of Westover O O O O O O O O O O O O l 674 1744 l7cl8c diary Church of EnglandAnglicanEpiscopal NOT PURITAN kind of Catholicy these people thought of themselves as Englishmen living in an extension of England a cohesive American identity doesn39t come about until the l8thl9th century the whole revolution was about not being treated properly as Englishmen wrote about his private life wrote about recreation of England in the New World public governmental gure helped found a few cities he liked quotold books young girls fresh ideasquot they39re protestants but not in the same way as the puritans doesn39t participate in thoughts of quotdivine providencequot he talks a lot of God39s forgiveness instead you39re not predestined you can get into and out of God39s grace quotcity upon a hillquot it39s Jerusalem and also America didn39t see the natives as people 4 Benjamin Franklin The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 0 O O O solidly uniquely American the Age of Enlightenment 18th century autobiography this is different from a diary deism rationality there39s a greater being but he39s not present God is outside the universe quotthe clockmakerquot remember that clocks were the most complicated machinery in the world at this point also organs that39s why Big Ben was put up 0 attempting to achieve quotperfect moralityquot o talks about reasonably planning your day he has a timetable about what to do with every hour of your day 0 13 Virtues he liked enumeration it39s very rationalist o to the enlightened the universe is very ordered quantum mechanics and shit 5 Jean De Cre39vecoeur quotWhat is an Americanquot and quotDescription of Charlestonquot 0 18th century 0 note that these are in quotes not italicizedunderlined standalone works are italicized pieces within a larger work are in quotes it s unclear whether we should use italics or quotes on the exam 0 quotWhat is an Americanquot the hardworking American work ethic America is perfect positive view 0 quotDescription of Charlestonquot slavery the man in the cage negative America is not perfect


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