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test 1 review

by: Kristi Meyer

test 1 review 13456

Kristi Meyer
GPA 3.0
Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
Elizabeth Flandeau

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About this Document

Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
Elizabeth Flandeau
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kristi Meyer on Friday September 25, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 13456 at Grand Valley State University taught by Elizabeth Flandeau in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology in Psychlogy at Grand Valley State University.


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Date Created: 09/25/15
Test 1 Review Chapter 2 Independent Variable makes the dependent variable happen Dependent Variable depends on the independent variable in order for it to happen Mediating variable can affect how the dependent variable happens 0 High defendant attractiveness means you ll get a better lawyer meaning better outcome in court Moderating variable independent variable and dependent variable help with this 0 High anxiety low fatigue ok memory 0 High anxiety high fatigue poor memory Collection how can I collect my data 0 Give someone a test Ask them questions on a questionnaire Interview them Have a focus group 0 o o 0 Get existing data to make a new hypothesis Chapter 3 H0 Null hypothesis there is no relationship between variable 0 A null for commuting there is no relationship between commuting and high anxiety Ha ScientificAlternate hypothesis the longer a person commutes the higher their anxiety will be One tail test one directional hypothesis 0 Seeing how many people drink caffeinated beverages Two tailed test two directional hypothesis 0 Giving a pre and posttest you would want to see if there is improvement Chapter 4 Plagiarism taking credit for someone else s work Falsification changing the results of your data Fabrication making stuff up Beneficence benefit of the research Nonmaleficence no harm comes to the participant Fidelity having trusting relationships with the participants and coworkers participants must know and understand what is going on and what will be done to and around them during the experiment It is an experimenter responsibility to carry out their duties and that participants are in a safe and controlled environment It is also the experimenters responsibility to tell the participant that they can back out at any time and not feel obligated to finish the study because they have to Integrity must maintain confidentiality for all participants they must be able to trust the experimenter to keep their data and identity confidential Must be accurate when measuring and record keeping Justice the same person must have the benefits and burden of the experiment Respect data must be kept confidential if you cannot then the experiment does not need to take place IRB institutional review board they are the people who decide before you start your research if it is ethical to do so Chapter 9 To properly schedule participants make sure it is when both the experimenter and participants can meet and can achieve the highest potential A consent is required for participation in the survey whether it is written consent or verbal consent or no form returned for consent 0 Consent form should include where the experiment is taken place everything that will be done to and around the participant the cost and benefits for the experiment the person should also be notified that they can withdraw from the study whenever they want and they should be told how the data will be kept For data collection you should try to stay as close to your experiment outline as possible Debriefing you must debrief the participants after the study tell them everything that was done tell them if they were manipulated throughout the study ask them after every main point if you can still use their portion of the data in the study 0 DE hoaxing is before the study 0 Desensitizing after the study this is when you ask for their permission to use the data Chapter 8 Experimental research design everything you do lay out on paper before you even attempt to do the research 0 Outline plan or strategy used to investigate the hypothesis Weak experimental design inconclusive results usually a waste of time and money 0 One group posttest design I One psych 101 class takes a test after the class is over for the semester and basically saying that the students learned a lot just by taking the class I No pretest to see if there is improvement at the end of the semester 0 One group pretest posttest design I Still only one group there is no control group to compare the results too 0 Posttest only with nonequivalent groups I Two classes of psych 101 taught by different professors I Still have the problem with no pretest so therefore it is a weak design 0 Strong design 0 Between participants designs random assignment to groups each group is exposed to different levels of the IV I Posttest only control group design 0 Has a control group 0 You get to assign those to take a class and those who have not taken the class and after the class is over you give both the groups taken the class not taken the class a test and then compare the results from both groups 0 Hopefully the ones who took the class get a higher score than those who didn t take the class 0 Within participants design all participants receive all levels of IV 0 Posttest only control group with 3 groups I You use the same people in each group and test them with small medium or large things I Less participants 0 Example during class was 15 total people and test their cognitive abilities based on what they have for breakfast 0 One group Monday Wednesday had cereal oatmeal and no breakfast 0 Group 2 oatmeal no breakfast and cereal 0 Group 3 no breakfast cereal and oatmeal 0 Results oatmeal is the best breakfast for cognitive ability irrelevant o Factorial Design two or more IV s are studied to determine their separate and joint effects in the DV Chapter 10 0 Quasi experiment design nonequivalent group 0 Not assigned to groups 0 Have a pretest and posttest o rival hypothesis is the worst for Quasi experimental design I Posttestpretest learning I 1007030 learned 0 What makes this strong 0 Matching make the groups as similar as possible since you cannot make them identical I All juniors from a class same about of male and females in the experiment Chapter 12 Survey s 0 Short sweet and to the point Crosssectional snapshot in time 0 Between subject Longitudinal 0 Within subject Questionnaire people fill it out Interview 0 Researcher asks the questions Sample 0 Representative of the population Random convenience o Easiest way to get participants 0 Like whoever is walking by give them a survey


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