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Study Guide for Exam 1

by: Bethany Lawler

Study Guide for Exam 1 Chem 345

Bethany Lawler
GPA 3.96
Organic Chemistry 1
Dr. Crouch

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About this Document

A study guide of everything covered in lecture up to 9/25. Covers all of chapters 1-4 and part of 5. Common name notecards and pKas should be studied as well.
Organic Chemistry 1
Dr. Crouch
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Bethany Lawler on Friday September 25, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Chem 345 at Washington State University taught by Dr. Crouch in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry 1 in Chemistry at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 09/25/15
Exam 1 Study Guide Bonding 1 What kinds of bonds are there and what atoms do they form between 2 What subcategories of bonds are there ie how can they be classified further 3 How many bonds can an atom make What is it based on 4 What types of orbitals go into bonding 5 Can bonds rotate If so when If not why 6 Hoe strong are bonds relative to each other How does the strength affect the bond angle 7 Be able to name the hybridized orbitals and bond type in any bond Formal Charge 1 What is the formula for formal charge Conventions of Lewis models in Organic Chemistry 1 What are some things that can be left out of a Lewis model especially for large molecules 2 What can t be left out Atomic Orbitals 1 How are atomic orbitals labeled 2 In what order are the orbitals filled 3 What are nodes What are phases Molecular Orbials 1 2 What are molecular orbitals formed from How are they named How many orbitals must there be if four orbitals are hybridized How do phases affect the formation of hybridized orbitals How is a molecular orbital diagram filled out What are sigma and pi bonds What is their structure and characteristics Molecular Geometry 1 How does hybridization create molecular geometry 2 What orbitals must by hybridized or unhybridized to create a given shape Dipoles 1 What are dipoles 2 What creates a dipole in a bond 3 What creates a dipole in a molecule BronstedLowry Acids and Bases 1 2 What is the definition of a BronstedLowry acid A base What is a conjugate acidbase What is a strong acid What is a strong acid s conjugate What is a strong base What is a strong base s conjugate A weak base is a 6 Water alcohols and amines are unique because the act as What 7 In a reaction Where products and reactants have different pKas equilibrium Will favor Which side Alkanes 1 What are hydrocarbons Are alkanes saturated or unsaturated 2 What are functional groups What are the common ones 3 What are the two main types based on geometry of hydrocarbons 4 What are the prefixes used on the base names of alkanes The suffix 5 What is the main chain How is it numbered 6 How are substituents named How are they added to the base name 7 How are functional groups added to the base name 8 How are the carbons in the chain classified How does this effect the classification of functional groups attached to the carbon 9 How are carbons in a ring named differently than carbons in a chain 10 How are cyclic alkanes numbered Attractive forces What types of attractive forces are there How strong are each of these attractive forces relative to each other What kind of attractive forces do alkanes have What does this depend on What do stronger attractive forces do to the boiling and melting points Solvation 1 2 Like dissolves How are solvent particles interacting with solute particles in solution Confirmation states 1 What are confirmation states 2 What is a Newman projection How is it drawn 3 What are the most stable confirmation states think about the energy 4 How are the energies of staggered and eclipsed states related 5 What is the name of the most stable state for a cyclohexane 6 What are cis and trans isomers What does that look like in a cyclic hydrocarbon 7 What are axial and equatorial hydrogens or substituents 8 If a cyclic molecule has two substituents and one is larger than the other in the most stable conformation the larger substituents is likely to be in what position Stereochemistry 1 What stereoisomers 2 What is a chiral center What is an enantiomer What s the difference between a chiral molecule and enantiomers 3 What is a distereoisomer 4 What is a Fischer projection 5 How is priority assigned 6 How is handedness determined S vs R 7 What are meso compounds 8 What three things could a solution be if it has no optical activity 9 How many stereoisomers can a compound have if it has n chiral centers Alkenes 1 How is naming alkenes different from naming alkanes How is it the same 2 What are the names of the two alkene substituents 3 What is EZ notation How is it used Reaction 1 What are electrophiles What are nucleophiles 2 What are carbocations


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