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Exam 1 Review

by: Angelica Pellegrino

Exam 1 Review HFT 4240

Angelica Pellegrino
GPA 3.4
Excellence in Guest Service Management
Jeffrey Miller

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About this Document

Exam review for chapters 1-6!
Excellence in Guest Service Management
Jeffrey Miller
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Angelica Pellegrino on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HFT 4240 at Florida Atlantic University taught by Jeffrey Miller in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see Excellence in Guest Service Management in Hospitality at Florida Atlantic University.


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Date Created: 09/26/15
HFT 4240 Exam 1 Review Chapters 1 6 25 true false 8 multiple Choice Chapter I The Basics of Wow The Guest Knows Best Food drink and lodging services 0 Theme parks 0 Airlines 0 Gaming 0 Cruise ships 0 Fee s impact guest service 0 The last expensive and most expensive cabins are the rst to sell out on a cruise ship Guestology 0 Guests versus customers 0 Treat customers like guests 0 Guests are studied Behaviors observed Wants needs and expectations discovered Service product tailored to meed demands 0 Disney as an example Perishability 0 Want to maximize What you can do Example 20 empty rooms in a hotel the revenue has vanished Key Driver 0 Why people go to your business Example the customer service at Nordstrom s or the discounts at Kohl s Service 0 Intangible part of transaction relationship between organization and its customer Client or guest 0 Service is intangible because it is in the guest s mind Internal Customers 0 Employees of a company Service Encounters 0 The heart of the service 0 Moment of truth Example Finding out a ight is late or arriving at a restaurant and your table is ready 0 Critical incident 0 Organizational use in the future Cost 0 Price 0 What is your time worth 0 Opportunity costs HFT 4240 Exam 1 Review 0 Time 0 Risks 0 Tangible and intangible 0 Financial and non nancial Who De nes Quality and Value 0 The customer Who is generally intangible Chapter 2 Meeting Guest Expectations through Planning LowPrice Provider 0 Poor Service Example Spirit Disadvantage Undercut Differentiate 0 Stands out Example Costco returns everything Market Niche 0 G0 to a speci c place Example Lamborghini or a car dealership Special Niche Strategy in the Airline Industry 0 South West does not charge for bags or ticket change 0 Airline industry made 5 5 billion from fee s last year Brands 0 Brand image 0 Brand name Example UnderArmor Kevin Plank found fabric Customer eXpects more from the brand Internal Assessment 0 Walmart started by bringing lOW costs prices to America 0 Finding out What a customers strengthsweaknesses are 0 What works does not work at a restaurant 0 Important because it ll help the customer do better Vision Statement 0 Organizational hopes Mission Statement 0 Organizational purposes Environmental Assessment 0 Overall environment 0 Economy 0 Society and demographics 0 Ecology HFT 4240 Exam 1 Review 0 Politics 0 Technology 0 Need to consider when the world is changing Industry Environment 0 New entrants 0 Bargaining power of suppliers 0 Bargaining power of buyers 0 Rivalry among eXisting rms Examples Buy 1 get 1 at PubliX promotion of brand items paid to do so by manufacturer When Trader J oe s buys from manufacturer they ask for the best price Competitive Position 0 Apple with computers 0 Starbucks in coffee Yield Management 0 Airlines 0 Book a ight and see the price go in 30 minutes later and it has changed Example Looking at a ight for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving The price goes up because they sold more seats than they thought they would 0 Hotels 0 Reservation Process Strategic Premises 0 Planning to do your goals and how you will get there Example Trader Joe s has low prices and great service but they have a problem with the warehouse Internal Audit 0 Strengths weaknesses 0 Do well do not do well 0 Do you have the resources The right employees Internal Assets Infrastructure Chapter 3 Setting the Scene for the Guest Experience 3 multiple choice 4 truefalse The Show 0 Disney s the show 0 Physical aspects of service setting 0 The presentation Themes 0 Theming 0 Themes create fantasy 0 Cater to your demographic Example Duffy s is a sports bar Employee Satisfaction HFT 4240 Exam 1 Review 0 Happy employees 2 happy guests Sound 0 A service setting 0 Background music 0 Sets the atmosphere Music gt Environmental factor Lighting 0 Important Ease of Use 0 Signage Example Duffy s 0 Clear self service technology directions Example if it is dif cult to nd less likely you Will go back Ambient Condition 0 Too cold too warm etc 0 gtquotSmell is an ambient setting Servicescape 0 Emphasize the impact of the physical environment Which a service process takes place 0 Unique to each guest 0 Differences in perceptions Psychological Responses 0 The senses 0 Odor sight etc Cognitive Response 0 Nonverbale communication 0 Expectations and servicescape Example facial eXpressions or dirty shirt on the waiter Emotional Response 0 Degree of arousal 0 Degree of pleasure displeasure 0 Try to create elements of pleasure to gain guest s emotional interest You can control guest eXperience Try to satisfy majority With middle ground Chapter 4 Developing the Hospitality Culture Everyone Serves 1 multiple choice 3 truefalse HFT 4240 Exam 1 Review Culture amp Reputation 0 Key for any business Example Ritz Carlton The Breakers amp 4 Seasons are all up scale Hilton and Best Western are clean by affordable Strategy and Employee Commitment 0 Critical decisions 0 Commitment and understanding 0 Motivation Culture 0 Behaviors beliefs and values held by a group of people Example South West decorates gate and dresses up on ights for prices a few days before Halloween Aspects of Culture 0 Theory X and Theory Y 0 Teaching new values 0 Culture lls gaps 0 gtquotCulture is a competitive advantage because 0 More unique 0 Personality friendly personal Examples Costco is closed on labor day treat employee s well PubliX business model is to have a lot of locations Chick Fil A says my pleasure and is closed on Sunday Teaching New Values 0 Having common sense Beliefs Values 0 Preference for certain behavior 0 Wanting certain outcomes for your staff Example Chick Fil A takes care of the customer and value customer relations Norms 0 Standard of behavior 0 Appearance reactions etc 0 Rules policies regulations 0 How we expect people to react Examples How the hostess reacts to customer Disney has formalized norms Symbols HFT 4240 Exam 1 Review 0 Physical object that conveys a message Example Disney s Mickey Mouse ears Formal Learning 0 Being told what to do 0 Being trained Informal Learning 0 Pick up how coworkers are doing things around you Handling Unusual Situations 0 Knowing how to react Example Calling the police Subculture 0 Company having different cultures within the culture Example Kitchen staff vs the wait staff Language 0 Speci c terms Example Disney calls their employee s cast members Communicating Proper Behavior 0 Stories 0 Communicate proper behavior through stores from the past 0 Legends 0 Heroes Teaching the Culture 0 Leaders 0 Guests 0 Responsible of management Cultural Effects 0 Company changes 0 A Company sold Chapter 5 Sta lng for Service 1 Multiple Choice 2 truefalse KSA 0 Knowing skills and abilities 0 Job Analysis Talent Pro le Advantages of disadvantages of hiring from within and from outside company Cost difference between hiring from within and from outside company HFT 4240 Exam 1 Review 7 Use of internet for hiring Referrals of potential hires from current employess use of bonuses in this type of arrangement Application form Structured and unstructured interviews Hire the best applicantrequires balancing a number of factors Chapter 6 Training and Developing Employees to Serve 3 truefalse The easiest way to nd out how affective training is is to ask Wegman s grocery store mostly college students destination location Internal Training 0 Done by your own internal staff 0 Work for the same company 0 Inexpensive External Training 0 Pay somebody to come in and train 0 More expensive Needs Assessment 0 What are the strengths and weaknesses 0 Be candid 0 Don t know what training we need until we complete a needs assessment of our strengths and weaknesses


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