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AMS 5 Fall 2014 Lecture Notes

by: Annalisa Yoakum

AMS 5 Fall 2014 Lecture Notes AMS 5

Marketplace > University of California - Davis > American Studies > AMS 5 > AMS 5 Fall 2014 Lecture Notes
Annalisa Yoakum
GPA 2.728
Technology in American Lives
Xao Chacko

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About this Document

Lecture notes for the Fall Quarter of the course. Includes notes from weekly readings.
Technology in American Lives
Xao Chacko
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Annalisa Yoakum on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to AMS 5 at University of California - Davis taught by Xao Chacko in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see Technology in American Lives in American Studies at University of California - Davis.


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Date Created: 09/26/15
Jr t QMrkPoNi AMS 5 Technology in American Lives Notes Fall Quarter 2014 Week I 39 What is Technology Jared Diamond Technology can be tools procedures or machinery Mainly anything that serves as an aid for activity Technology is unbound the key is intention how you use it A thing is not simply a technology but is a technology for Greek meaning of tech skill art craft trade cunning means and Wile Three broad ideas of technology Objects Infrastructure and Media Quintessential 21st century Technology The Internet Reading Techniques Close Constructive Positive Generous Archaeological Methodological Reading on Jared Diamond Why is technology unevenly distributed Necessity Smarter Rare Genius Why is invention unevenly distributed 1 Economic Labor Patents Training Capitalism Individualism 2 Ideological Risk Science Tolerance Religion 3 Location War Central Governments Climate AbundanceScarcity Food Production Barriers to Diffusion Population Cumulative Technological Change Borrowed Diffusion breakdown and Autocatalytic Technological Acceptance 1 Economic 2 Social Value 3 Vested Interest 4 Ease of observation Key Terms Tinkering pg 242 244 246 Cumulative Technological Change pg 245 246 261 262 Technological Diffusion pg 255 256 257 258 2614 Week 2 Social Construction of Technology NyeBijker Working Worlds Jon Agar Ideas 1 Aggregation Construction and maintenance of infrastructure Care of the human body 2 Science Simplifying assumptions Build models Intemalists vs Contextualists Internalist looking over the inventor s shoulder Contextualist continual reconstruction of the world Constructivist analysis avoid l The assumption of linear development 2 The asymmetrical analysis of technology Linear Development ResearchgtDevelopmentgtPilot plantgtScale upgtProductiongtProduct development If you expect linearity you are blind to the distortions that linear descriptions call for pg 6 Asymmetric Analysis Problematic because there is too much focus on the success of an innovation and how the success determined its development What about its failures pg 7 Main concern How do political social and cultural values affect scientific research Mechanical arts 19th century gt technology 21St century The Obduracy of Technology How hard it is to change or word around How do power relations materialize artifacts Key Terms Internalist Contextualist Social Construction Week 2 Politics and Technology Do Artifacts Have Politics Winner Where is the power 1 In the system Guns don t kill people people kill people Comfort to social scientists 2 In the technology How can the things themselves be political a Inherently political b Technical Arrangements A There are also unintended effects such as the Tomato Harvester Egalitarian vs Inegalitarian fair vs unfair Repressive vs Liberating Physical arrangements that contain explicit or implicit political purposes pg 124 Key Terms Political technologies Technological control Inherently political and Unintendedly political Week 3 Railroad Space Railroad Time Transportation Wolfgang Schivelbasch Annihilation of space and time Space space between places seems diminished access to new places the meaning of localness products become commodities Time universalizing of time Train as a projectile geographical space sense of loss of space and time intensification fatigue Week 3 Logic of the Air Jenifer van Vleck Air travel has American national identity nationalism imperialism and global responsibility intemationalism democracy Key People Juan Tripp Pan Am Henry and Clare booth Luce Life Magazine and Cargos of goodwill vs Imperialism Open door to Open sky Chicago 1944 regulations of the airways Five Freedoms 1 Freedom of peaceful transit 2 Freedom of nontraffic stop 3amp4 Freedom to carry passengers or goods to and from home nation to a foreign nation and Vice versa 5 Freedom to pick up and discharge traffic at intermediate points Week 4 Time Consciousness McCrossen didn t read was sick with T Watches 1 American vs European American is better 2 Appealing to Women 3 Used to commission give as a gift 4 Social status Guest Lecture Apple Watch 2014 Week 5 Assembly Lines Nye vs Modern Times Factories and Assembly Lines Early More people Later Less people more machines and computers Nye Cultural Depictions oppressive dehumanizing unrelenting taskmaster also in Modern Times Space and Time argument pg 256 Factories enhanced global leadership of US by consumer culture and labor pg 255 Cultural Responses 1 Celebration 2 Adoption 3 Naturalization 4 Complaint 5 Resignation Week 6 Made to Measure NikefuelFitbit Uses triaXial accelerometer technology measures acceleration and movement to estimate the amount of calories burned Health Social Machine Life in Movement Dematerialization of physical body through numbers Physical body remains productive Boundaries between work leisure etc become blurred Qualification of the Body to give something a calculated amount Taylorismscientific management science of managing work ow for labor or productivity Analytical empirical approach to improving work ow Inspirational vs Aspirational emphasis on the common man instead of athletes Nike Ads Equivalence between world and play Wearable tech has become smaller closer to self Personability ability to customize tech Week 6 How Recording Changed Music Phonographic Effects Tangibility music become tangible CD S Vinyl s cassette s Portability InVisibi1ity perception of Viewinglistening to music Also changes the interaction and relationship between the performer and the audience member Repeatability cannot repeat the same sound or performance identically twice With recordings it repeats the exact same sound Minimalism Temporality how much music can fit on a disc length of time radio time Artists had to modify their works speed up cut music etc ReceptiVity recording with a new vocal style with a microphone crooning Manipulability manipulating the music after it has been recorded Spatial manipulation includes splicing reverb Wall of Sound hearing from source and echo like from a wall or a studio Slapback overdubbing track but leaVing space in between almost like a slight echo and Panning moving from one side to another left to right or Vise versa Digital Signal Processing DSP Autotune Week 7 Women in Computing Gender roles and barriers stereotypes Why is thinking about gender important to the study of technology Technology for Women Women in Space Design Problem Waste Containment System Changing Clothes Women in Technology Representation protagonist of women in games Thesis Writing Some Pointers A thesis statement should have an argument or claim a reference to your supporting examples and an outline or roadmap to the logical structure of ow of the paper to follow Tell them what you ll tell them tell them tell them what you told them Week 8 Feminist Studies of Technology Feminist Empiricism Representation add more women and stir Women have always been doing science and technology eX computers illustrators Feminist Standpoint The critique of valuefree science 1 The body 2 All manner of scientific knowledge Feminist PostModemism Speculum medical tool for investigating orifices Science of Race Teratology the scientific study of congenial abnormalities and abnormal formations mythology relating to fantastic creatures and monsters Miscegenation the interbreeding of people considered being of different racial types Eugenics the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics Sexual Surgery Surgery in General Women s Health Hysterectomy Tonsillectomy Nursing as separate from OBGYN Oophorectomy Appendectory Clitoridectomy Mastectomy The Story of HeLa Biologization of Medicine Limits of Cellular life freezing or cloning Week 9 Technology in Agriculture Bright Tobacco Variety Location Technology Botanical knowledge is a product of market regulation Breeding Selective to genetic modification Pesticides biocides Bioaccumulation The cycle of resistant adaptation Invasive species Biodiversity loss Week 9 Fictional Technologies Technology in Fiction and Fiction as Technology Design intentional development of a plan or method for specifically accomplishing a task solving a problem or constructing an object or system Within a framework of constraints and requirements graphic fashion industrial interior culinary landscape experience Design context purpose requirements materials audience schedule etc Prototype an incomplete approximation of something else Prototypes help explore the design problem and potential design solutions before final execution It doesn t matter What it is but What it does Scenarios are based on a set of specific conditions and help esh out more information about the design context Speculative Discourse exceptional or fantastic discourse because it is not ordinary Stages of Computing Mainframe computing n persons to 1 device Personal computing 1 person to 1 device and Ubiquitous computing 1 person to n devices Technovelgycom


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