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by: Eunice Schoen


Eunice Schoen
GPA 3.61

Colleen Watson

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About this Document

Colleen Watson
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Eunice Schoen on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MATH 220 at James Madison University taught by Colleen Watson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see /class/214032/math-220-james-madison-university in Mathematics (M) at James Madison University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
Ch 8 9 Extra Hypo Test Problems 1 Perry et a1 wanted to test the folklore that women who have not been given info about the sex of their unborn child can guess it better than just chance levels They asked a sample of 104 pregnant women to guess the sex of their babies and 57 guessed correctly Do women guess better than a chance level Calculate a 90 C1 Also do hypo test at alpha 2 Ho no cancer is present Ha cancer is present a Describe what a Type 1 error is b Describe what a Type 11 error is c Which has graver consequences Explain 3 A random sample of 2700 California lawyers revealed only 1107 who felt that the ethical standards of most lawyers are high AP 111294 Does this provide strong evidence that fewer that 50 feel this way Test appropriate hypothesis at the significance level of 001 4 The effect of exercise on the amount of lactic acid in the blood was examined in the articlequot A Descriptive Analysis of EliteLevel Racquetball Seven women who were attending a week long training camp participated in the experiment Blood lactate levels were measured before and after playing 3 games of raquetball as shown below Assume normality aEstimate the true mean change for female players using a 90 confidence interval Do lactate levels go up or down How can you tell b Test the hypothesis that the true mean blood lactate level increases after playing 3 games at the significance level of 005 5 A standard method for recovering minerals and metals from biological materials results in a mean copper recovery of 63 ppm when used to treat oyster tissue A new treatment method was described in the article quotSimple Sample Digestion of sewage and sludge for multiElement Analysisquot Suppose that this new treatment is used to treat 36 bits of oyster tissue resulting in a sample mean recovery time of 626 ppm and a sample standard deviation of 39 ppm Is there evidence to suggest that the mean copper recovery is lower for the new method than for the standard one Use 0 01 significance level 6 The AP reported that 68 of Americans age 25 and older are overweight We will assume this info came from a census of the population Suppose a dietitian from Alaska wishes to know whether the proportion of such people in Alaska that are overweight differs from the national proportion A random sample of 600 Alaskans resulted in 500 being overweight What can the investigator conclude Use significance level 005 7 For a sample of 36 men the mean head circumference is 557 cm with a standard deviation equal to 24 cm For a sample of 36 women the mean head circumference is 553 cm with a standard deviation equal to 18 cm a Find an approximate 95 CI for the difference between true mean head circumference for men versus women Can you determine who has larger head circumference 8 In a survey of college students 70 of the 100 women surveyed said they believe in love at first sight whereas only 40 of the 80 men surveyed said they believe in love at first sight Find an approximate 95 CI for the difference between pop proportions believing in love at first sight for men versus women Who believes more 9 For a sample of 20 women aged 1829 responses to the question quotHow tall would you like to be are recorded along with actual heights 1n the sample the mean desired height is 667 the mean actual height is 649 sd 21 inches Calculate a 95 CI for the mean differences between desired and actual height Assume normality Do women want to be taller or shorter than they are 10 According the USA Today A random sample of 8709 adults taken in 1976 found that 9 believed in reincarnation A poll of 1000 adults taken in 1997 found that 11 believe Assume the pop proportion for 1976 to be 9 Test the hypothesis that the proportion of adults believing in 1997 was higher than 1976 Alpha 001 11 A sample of college students was asked if they would return money if they found a wallet on the street Of the 93 women 84 said yes Of75 men 53 said yes Assume these students represent all college students Find separate 95 CI for the proportions of men and women who would say yes Find a 95 CI for the difference in men and women who would say yes Whose more honest 12 A study was conducted in which students were asked to place as many dried beans into a cup as possible in 15 sec with their dominant hand and again with their nondominant hand in randomized order The difference in number of beans dom nondom for 15 students Assume normality 4 4 5 1 2 0 2 4 0 0 0 3 2 Do students have better dexterity with their dominant hand than their nondominant hand Do hypo test Alpha 010 13 Following are the results for the number of hours slept the previous night from a survey given in 2 statistics classes One class was a liberal arts class while the other class was a general intro class The survey was given following a Sunday night after classes had started Assume these classes represent a random sample of sleep hours for college students in liberal arts and nonliberal dev Test the hypothesis that the mean number of hours sleep for the two populations of students are different Alpha 001 Assume normality 14 Based on a survey at Penn State quotwould you date someone with a great personality even though you did not find them attractive 611 of 131 women said yes 426 of 61 men said yes Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that for the populations represented by these students a higher proportion of women than men said yes to this question Alpha 005


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