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by: Gustave Grady


Marketplace > James Madison University > Business Law > BLAW 497 > LEGAL ASPECTS OF INT BUS
Gustave Grady
GPA 3.79

David McGraw

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About this Document

David McGraw
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Gustave Grady on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BLAW 497 at James Madison University taught by David McGraw in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see /class/214065/blaw-497-james-madison-university in Business Law at James Madison University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
BLAW 497 Legal Aspects of International Business Fall 2008 David K McGraw Esq Review for Exam 1 General Comments The rst exam will be on Friday September 26 The exam will be entirely multiplechoice The exam will be closedbook closed notes You may not refer to any source other than your mind during the exam It will cover Chapters 1 3 in the textbook Schaffer plus the two supplementary readings Murphy Chapter 1 Foundations of International Law and Chapter 2 Actors of International Law Technically you re responsible for knowing everything in the Chapters listed above although in this document I will try to point you to some key concepts that are especially important to know Technically you re responsible for knowing everything in the textbook chapters listed above plus anything mentioned in class Material that was in both places in the textbook AND mentioned in class is much more likely to be on the exam Yes you do need to know the cases Tips on studying the cases 0 As a general rule you should know the concepts contained in all of the cases althoughI won t hold you responsible for memorizing case names if I ask about a speci c case I will generally tell you a little about the case to refresh your recollection The most important thing to know about each case is the result What was the decision and Why and the signi cance of each case for the course why was it included in the book What s the principle it s trying to teach Pay attention to the old quizzes There have been 7 quizzes thus far and there will probably be about 1 to 2 questions from each quiz copied verbatim on the exam 0 You do not need to study the international business law in the news questions only the quiz questions taken from the textbook or Murphy readings Quiz questions that are most likely to be used on the exam are those that involve concepts or de nitions of important terms Those less likely to be used are questions that are mere trivia such as which country did the author use as an example We ve spent some time discussing individual countries in several contexts during the Antarctica exercise during the lecture I called demographics see the PowerPoint presentation on BlackBoard and during the two class days in which we discussed the cultures legal traditions and international relations of the countries of the world I am tentatively planning to ask some reduced value questions on this material questions that count less than the others Don t waste time memorizing lists of countries 7 my intent on these questions is just to see who was paying attention during these discussions and give a boost to those who were 0 O Substantive Ares of Coverage Antarctica It s dif cult to test over the inclass exercise but there s a chance I could ask a question or two from the PowerPoints that are online You don t need to memorize the lists of countries who havehave not signed the treaty but you probably should know some basic facts contained in those PowerPoints Schaffer Chapter 1 Introduction to International Business 0 This chapter is less important than the others so don t spend too much time on it but it could be the source of a couple of questions However do remember the point of these cases O 0000 First Flight Associates V Professional GolfCo Inc p 15 Dayan V McDonalds p 18 In re Union Carbide p 27 Gaskin V Stumm Handel p37 DIP SpA V Commune ali Bassano alel Grappa p 40 Murphy Chapter 1 Foundations of International Law 0 There are a couple of important concepts in this chapter but overall it s probably less important than the other chapters below Remember the general principle that the material discussed in class remember to review those PowerPoint slides S0 for example be sure to know about the three theories of international law and the key events in the history of International law that I discussed in class Murphy Chapter 2 Actors of International Law 0 My emphasis in discussing this chapter was in two areas 0 O De nrtrons of nation and state and the four ve factors that are required to be a state I gave many examples to illustrate these concepts I might ask a question or two based on these examples but it s more important to understand the principles behind the examples Information about the United Nations including the UN General Assembly the UN Security Council and the International Court of Justice Know this information at a reasonable level of detail for example you should know the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council but you do not need to know the 10 rotating members and you should know that there are 15 judges on the ICJ but you don t need to memorize the nationalities of the current judges Schaffer Chapter 2 International Law amp The World s Legal Systems 0 This is an important chapter so anything in the Chapter is fair game Among the concepts I would particularly encourage you to study are 0 O OO 0 Differences between private amp public international law The sources of international law especially the meaning of customary international law and general principles of law recognized by the civilized nations The US Alien Tort Statute Terminology related to treaties and The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties including concepts such as pacta sunt servanda and jus cogens International criminal law and the International Criminal Court including its limitations


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