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by: Antonia Lehner


Marketplace > James Madison University > General Education Isat > GISAT 113 > BIOTECHNOLOGY ISSUES IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY C3T1G3
Antonia Lehner
GPA 3.88

Stephanie Batchelet

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About this Document

Stephanie Batchelet
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Antonia Lehner on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to GISAT 113 at James Madison University taught by Stephanie Batchelet in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see /class/214150/gisat-113-james-madison-university in General Education Isat at James Madison University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
Unit 3 Coneept List Lnfeetaous Disease and Immunity Types Ba aAreh ungilgtr Diseoyery ofml St 1quot otozo eroorg Pa eu s manmenttn digrnve sgnntanenus generaunn Showedthat mierobes are present in airbut olon39t eome from The disproval of spontaneous generation was a huge support for the cell theory ofllfe Germ thenry er iliseas e onginally supporteol by Robert Koch ked thrax in cattle and oxen attle haol a rodrshaped baetena in their bloool Didit eause anthran7 gt Knch s Pnsmlztes ermicrnhes anil their general characteristics nucleus etc aea a Algae Helminths have membrane bounol eompartments anisms healthy nnes sm can he isnlateil in pure culture Intrnducing the pure culture tn a healthy individual causes the ilisease nnne nrthe ani 2 3 4 4 The nrganism can he reisnlateil rrnm the newly inrecteu A D quot scnvery dish oll Moldmust be making s eneept near ething that inhibits rwh the mol a eral elasses lab handrout argets wall eomponents Ribosomes o Enzymes in eritaeal metabolic pathways resistancemechanims Pum ito Change the tar et oyerprooluee the target Degrade the antabiotie Bacterial characteristics No membrane b und organelles Cell shagerrods eoeei spirals om torganisms they are useol for tome to baetena butnot to Growth N0 QFOWth 3911 al indivl in bacterial growth us Metabolism anaerobic respiration nitrate fermentation Gene expression operons coupled transcriptiontranslation no mRNA processing Genomes circular chromosomes rolling circle replication Cell wall structure Gram stain Metabolism aerobic anaerobic fermentation Prototroph can make a required nutrient growth factor Auxotroph can t make a required nutrient growth factor Gene Expression Bacteria use the same codons as eukaryotic cells so the same kind of mutations occur 7 like frameshift and base pair substitution I Same DNA replication transcription and translation I Same DNA and RNA codes same codons I Same methods of regular DNA mutation cell diVision by binary fission how this affects cell arrangement Genetic transfer between bacteria conjugation and sex pilus Bacterial cell wall GRAM STAIN be able to recognize draw and comparecontrast G and G cell walls be familiar with the Gram stain technique what is the outcome and goal of each step be able to think through possible changes in the Gram stain protocol like on the quiz Ways of differentiating identifying bacteria oxygen requirements aerobic anaerobic facultative anaerobic microaerobic Catalase and oxidase tests have some familiarity with the tests you performed in lab EMB plates litmus milk etc Be familiar with the symbiont example explained in class Vibrio squid symbiosis bioluminescence lux genes quorum sensing outcome for both organisms what differentiates symbiosis from pathogenesis Human normal ora aid in digestion make Vitamins for us K and B12 protect against pathogens niches challenge our immune systems maintain balance example 0 Vaginal cell with Lactobacillus I Lactobacilli normally grow in the vagina I During fermentation acid is produced lowers pH of vagina I Low pH 45 inhibits the growth of yeast and other pathogens Bacterial pathogenesis 0 Infection microbe grows and diVides inon the host which has an illeffect on the host


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