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by: Jena Schumm


Jena Schumm
GPA 3.64

Bruce King

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About this Document

Bruce King
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jena Schumm on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSYCH 306 at Clemson University taught by Bruce King in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see /class/214233/psych-306-clemson-university in Psychlogy at Clemson University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
When referring to their genitals or breasts many people feel more comfortable using slang terms than the correct anatomical names The use of sexual slang often reflects ambivalent feelings about sex and may lead to misinformation Women s genitalia are collectively know as the 1 vulva This includes the 2 mon veneris 3 labia maioria 4 labia minora 5 clitoris 6 vaginal opening and 7 urethral opening The 8 mons veneris and 9 labia maiora become covered with hair at puberty The 10 clitoris has no known function other than to focus pleasurable sensations It is most similar in structure to a man s 11 penis The 12 labia minora meet at the top to form to clitoral hood The area between the labia minora is call the 13 vestibular area Sexually inexperienced women have a thin membrane called the 14 hymen that partially covers the vaginal opening A woman s breats are not part of her reproductive anatomy but in cultures where men consider them to be erotic they are part of her sexual anatomy One in 15 women will get breast cancer sometime in their lifetimes A woman s internal reproductive system includes the 16 vagina 17 uterus 18 Fallopian tubes and 19 ovaries The 20 vagina is the depository for sperm the birth canal and the exit route for menstrual fluids It is a self cleansing organ and its odor is generally not offensive The walls of the inner two thirds of the 21 vagina are relatively insensitive to touch but about 10 of all women have an area of heightened sensitivity on the front wall call the 22 Grafenberg spot When a mature ovum egg is released from an 23 y it is picked up by a 24 fimbria which then transports it to the 25 Fallopian tube ffertilized by a sperm the egg usually implants in the 26 endometrium of the uterus Women should have an annual pelvic exam and Pap smear to test for 27 cervical cancer Men s external anatomy consists of the penis and the 28 scrotum which contains the 29 testicles Erection ofthe penis occurs when the two 30 corpora cavernosa and the 31 corpus spongiosum become engorged with blood The rounded end ofthe penis called the 32 M is covered by the 33 foreskin unless this excess skin has been surgically removed in an operation called 34 circumcision The American Academy of Pediatrics opposes routine circumcision of newborns Men s internal reproductive system includes the 35 testicles which produce sperm and the male hormone 36 testosterone and a four part duct system starting from the testicles consisting ofthe 37 epididymis 38 vas deferens 39 e39aculatory wand 40 urethra which transports sperm out ofthe body During an ejaculation sperm are mixed with fluids from the 41 seminal vesicles and 42 prostrate gland to form 43 seminal fluid A small amount offluid is released by the 44 before a man reaches orgasm Cancer of the 45 testicles is the most common type of cancer in men aged 20 to 35 The most common cancer other than skin cancer among all men in the US is cancer of the 46 prostrate TrueFalse 47 The testicles in adult men normally produce millions of new sperm every day True 48 It is normal for one testicle to hang lower in the scrotum than the other True 49 Sperm can only be produced in an environment that is several degrees lower than normal body temperature True 50 Most doctors routinely check for sexually transmitted infections when they perform pelvic exams False 51 Most women have a G spot False 52 The American Cancer Society advises that women should have mammograms starting at age 40 True 53 The ovaries produce hundreds of new eggs every month during a woman s reproductive years False 54 The American Academy of Pediatrics presently favors the routine circumcision of boys for health reasons False 55 The use of feminine hygiene sprays and douches is a recommended part of normal feminine hygiene False 56 There is no direct physical pathway between the ovaries and the Fallopian tubes T 57 The labia majora are hairless and meet at the top to form the clitoral hood False 58 Deep pleasurable vaginal sensations during intercourse are due to sensitive vaginal walls False 59 Erections in men are due in part to a bone that protrudes into the penis False 60 The hymen is a good indicator of whether or not a woman has had sexual intercourse False 61 A women s sexual responsiveness is related to breast size False Matching 62 Hypothalamus the area of the brain important for sexual functioning 63 Areola the darkened area around the nipple 64 Mons veneris soft layer offatty tissue overlaying the pubic bone 65 Perineum hairless area of skin between vaginal opening and the anus 66 ntroitus the term used to refer to the vaginal opening 67 corpora cavernosa two spongy cylinders in the penis 68 bulbocavernosus muscle ring of sphincter muscles that surround the vaginal opening and root of the penis 69 Corona raised ridge where the glans and shaft ofthe penis meet 70 Fimbria tiny finger like endings ofthe fallopian tubes 71 Glans smooth rounded end of the penis 72 Bartholin s glands two glands located at the base of the labia minora 73 smegma cheesy substance secreted by glands in the foreskin and clitoral hood 74 Pubococcygeus muscle large muscle that surrounds the vagina and the bladder 75 Vestibular Bulbs structures located on both sides of the vaginal opening that become engorged with blood during sexual arousal 76 Spermatic Cord Tube like structure that suspends the testicles and the scrotum 77 Pituitary gland located at the base of the brain Fill in the Blanks 78 All men over the age of 50 or 45 for African American men should have an annual examination to check for cancer of the prostate 79 In women the two outer enlongated folds of skin that extend from the mons to the perineum are called the labia ma39ora 80 The innermost layer of the uterus which is sloughed off and discharged from the woman s body during menstruation is called the endometrium 81 In men and erection results from the spongy tissues of the penis becoming engorged with blood 82 When a man becomes sexually aroused a few drops ofa clear fluid produced by the Cowper s glands may appear at the tip of the penis 83 Breast size in women is determined by the fatty tissue 84 The best time for most women to examine their breasts for abnormal lumps is 39 quot 39 after menstruation ends 85 After sperm travel through the vas deferens they enter the paired e39aculatory ducts 86 Most ofthe fluid in an ejaculation comes from the seminal vesicles 87 The best time for a man to examine his testicles for abnormal lumps is after a warm bath or shower 88 Two glands that secrete small amounts of alkaline fluid into ducts at the base of the labia minora are called Bartholin s glands 89 Sperm are produced in the semiferous tubules of the testicles 90 Both the penis and the clitoris have corpora cavernosa 91 The muscle surrounding the vagina and bladder is called the Pubococcygeus muscle 92 In women who have a G spot it is located on the front wall of the vagina 93 The pituitary hormone that causes production of milk is prolactin


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