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by: Vance Bahringer


Marketplace > Iowa State University > Sociology > SOC 134 > INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY
Vance Bahringer
GPA 3.89


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About this Document

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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Vance Bahringer on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SOC 134 at Iowa State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/214462/soc-134-iowa-state-university in Sociology at Iowa State University.




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Date Created: 09/26/15
DEMOGRAPHIC TRANSITION THEORY April 19 2009 Final Exam I25 Kildee Hall Monday 2 5 pm Thomas Malthus I766 I834 claimed that population increases geometrically 24 8 I6 ood production increases arithmetically 2 3 4 t The result will be worldwide starvation I Malthus predictions proved wrong Population growth rates don39t always increase 39 Food production has kept pace with population Increase o Demographic transition stage of societal development in N Y i and high birthrates concept used to explain why populations in lessdeveloped countries grow faster than those in more developed countries U Three stages Stage I preindustrialsow growth because of very high birth and death rates Stage 2 early industrial Rapld growth because death rate drops but birth rate remains h gh Stage 3 later industrialSow growth because birth rate drops to approach death rate Most worldwide popiilation growth happened in past 200 years Flrst billion rched in lEO4slxth billion in l999e5 billion in 2005 UN estimated range is 7el0e billion by 2050 World popiilation growth is stabilizin Highest growth rate 204 in late I960 now at l2l o uN projects iate ol 037 by 2045 50 UN projects total lertility rate ol 205 by 2045 50 Growth rates vary among nations Most growth is in developing nations l 4 annual growth Most developed nations approach or are below zero popiilation growth ZPG Age structures and SEX ratlos vary among natlons 117103 97 Birthsdams per 1000 people gunm us 10 cn 9mm nili LNn 53 12 00 Nan39ans with annual gamma rate At or approaching ZPG Higher TFR Hong Kong 094 Niger 794 Ukraine 442 Afghanistan 743 Cxech 4 47 ol ongo e 70 South Korea 4 23 Yemen 20 Bulgaria 4 24 Zambia 5 55 ly 4 23 Kenya 5 00 Germany 432 Sudan 445 anada 454 Haiti 393 United Kingdom 455 Egypt 339 Australia 475 India 307 Russia 203 South Africa 230 United States 204 Mexico 240 Uganda India 148 243 n Us Canada Japan Italy 361 386 429 423 815 9 0 Sex ratio at birth 05 males to IOO females Sex ratio for world population 0 Nations with older populations have fewer men than women because women live longer C Eg Italy 94 sex ratio Spain 95Japan 96 US 97 Other nations have more men than women because women are selectively aborted neglected or killed China l06 sex ratio has onechild policy India IDS has dowry tradition Afghanistan l07 limited women s medical care underTaliban 0 Highest ratios are on Arabian Peninsula including UAE Zl4 Qatar 206 Oman IZB and Saudi Arabia I I7


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