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by: Zack Heaney


Zack Heaney
GPA 3.76

Richard Poist

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About this Document

Richard Poist
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Zack Heaney on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to OSCM 486 at Iowa State University taught by Richard Poist in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/214487/oscm-486-iowa-state-university in Management And Operations at Iowa State University.




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Date Created: 09/27/15
TOPIC COVERAGE FOR EXAM 1 LSCMOSCM 486 POIST TermsTopics from Class Notes Reasons to Study Purchasing 4 Generic Reasons to Buy 3 Purchasing Procurement Materials Management Physical Distribution Business Logistics Supply Chain Management Supply Management Direct vs Indirect Contributions of PurchasingSupply amp Examples Pro t Leverage Effect vs Return on Assets Effect Spend Ratio Identify and explain IFPSM ISM CPM CPSM CAPS CPO EDI SPC RFlD GIGO Buyers vs Getters Seven Rights of Purchasing 3 Cs of Interfacing 5 Ms of Management Social Responsibility Purchasing Prerogatives 4 BackDoor Selling Primary vs Secondary Data Information Flows amp Types 2 Good Information Criteria 6 Direct vs Indirect Materials Positioning amp Determinants 5 Centralization amp Advantages 3 Decentralization amp Advantages 3 Hybrid Organization amp Examples Teams amp PurchasingSupply Examples 5 Corporate vs Consumer Acquisition amp Major Differences 4 Profession amp 3 ElementsRequirements Purchasing Cycle amp Process Steps 9 Information System amp Basic Functions 4 Purchasing Intelligence Major Internal InterfacesCustomers with Purchasing 4 amp Relative Importance Major Categories of Computer Applications in Purchasing 3 ECommerce and Major Categories 3 Buyer s Market vs Seller s Market amp Purchasing Significance of Each Monopsony amp Purchasing Signi cance Industrial Purchasing vs Commercial Purchasing Spend Management EProcurement amp Bene ts 3 Maverick Buying Best Buy Deming Wheel Quality and Associated Costs 3 DimensionDe nition of Quality used in Course Traditional vs Modern View of Quality Cost Relationships Sample Trample Maximum Value Value Equation amp Signi cance Testing vs Inspection Quality Control QC vs Quality Assurance QA TQM amp Key Characteristics 4 Speci cation amp Methods to Describe Standardization vs Simplification lSM s Web Site Reverse Auction TermsTopics from Book amp Readings Corporate Purchasing Card PCards Blanket amp OpenEnd Orders Operational vs Strategic Contributions of PurchasingSupply Text pg8 9 Decision Support System DSS Extranet vs lntranet EMarketplaces Firewall Applications vs Systems Software Quality Function Deployment QFD Challenge Areas Facing PurchasingSupply Management in Next Decade Text pg 1718 Supply Chain vs Supply Network or Web Text pg 6 amp 510 Kaizen Six Sigma Malcolm Baldridge Award ISO 9000 Standards Deming Prize Purchasing Hot Spots Theme amp Major Conclusions ls Purchasing Extinct Theme amp Major Conclusions Supplier Diversity Theme amp Major Conclusions Big Trends in Sourcing Theme amp Major Conclusions Reverse Auctions Can Save Money Theme amp Major Conclusions The Buzz About Supply Chain Theme amp Major Conclusions WalMart Tags Up Theme amp Major Conclusions Prescription Drug Purchasing Pool Theme amp Major Conclusions Supply IN Demand Career Booklet Themes amp Major Conclusions


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