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SOC 302 Exam 2 Review

by: Cassidy Schap

SOC 302 Exam 2 Review Soc 302

Cassidy Schap
GPA 3.78
Intro to the study of society
Tetyana Pudrovska

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About this Document

Intro to the study of society
Tetyana Pudrovska
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Cassidy Schap on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Soc 302 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Tetyana Pudrovska in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Intro to the study of society in Sociology at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
EXAM 2 Study Guide Exam Tuesday 47 regular class time and place Review Friday 43 discussion sections Format 35 questions 25 MC 10 shortanswer IMPORTANT You only need to memorize exact numbers to answer the questions that are listed at the very end under NUMBERS For all other topics and concepts you DO NOT need to know exact numbers Just be able to say that something increased or decreased or something is lower or higher than something else LECTURE 6 Social Interaction Social interaction de nition Microsociology Impression management Erving Goffman Impression Management in the Internet Age and The Compulsion of Proximity textbook pp 104 107 self Experimental evidence of massivescale emotional contagion through social networks required reading on Canvas Ethnomethodology Harold Gar nkel 0 Background expectancies LECTURE 7 Gender De nitions of Sex and Gender Social and Psychological Theories of Gender 0 Gender socialization 0 Structural functionalism 0 Social construction I Constructions of masculinity lecture nonrequired article on Canvas FYI Men s risky behaviors are resources for doing masculinity in everyday life Explanation for men s earlier and higher mortality compared to women 0 Gender strati cation I Examples of gender bias Stereotypes and women s careers in science Blind auditions Teaching evaluations o Intersectionality LECTURE 8 Social Class Theories of Strati cation in Modern Societies textbook self 0 Karl Marx Means of production and the analysis of class 0 Max Weber Class and status 0 Erik Olin Wright Contradictory class locations 0 Annette Lareau Parenting styles What is Social Strati cation De nition and components of social class in US 0 Income 0 Wealth 0 Education 0 Occupation US Class Structure 0 Name and brie v describe each class Social mobility 0 De nition types and patterns Trends in class inequality in US how did it change over time What is poverty Poverty line Poverty patterns in the US ie who is more likely to be poor Working Poor Feminization of Poverty Children and Poverty Poverty Among Older Americans 0 Reasons for persistent poverty among older women LECTURE 9 Ethnicity and Race Self Section 2 Historical Perspectives pp 249257 stop at Section 3 De nitions of Ethnicity and Race Racialization Minority and Majority Groups Stereotyping Prejudice Discrimination Racism RacialEthnic Inequality in US 0 Political Power 0 Education 0 Income and wealth 0 Poverty 0 Everyday racial bias Race differences in health and mortality Government amp Politics What is Politics Definitions of States and NationStates Characteristics of nationstates Citizenship rights Welfare State Democracy Political parties Voting Political Participation of Women NUMBERS to memorize for the exam The income share of the richest 20 of the population is which percent of the US total income The income share of the poorest 20 of the population is which percent of the US total income In 2011 the poverty line for a family of four equaled which annual income What was the percentage of all children living in poverty in US in 2013 Life expectancy at birth for white women white men black women and black men in the US Percent of black and Hispanic men and women with bachelor s or higher degree


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