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by: Brittany Ballog

KIN216-Exam3.pdf KIN 216

Brittany Ballog
GPA 3.0
Applied Human Anatomy
Prof. Suton

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About this Document

Applied Human Anatomy
Prof. Suton
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Brittany Ballog on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to KIN 216 at Michigan State University taught by Prof. Suton in Spring 2014. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see Applied Human Anatomy in Kinesiology at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
KIN 216 TRUEFALSE 1 The erector spinae are the prime movers of the back exion and consist of two columns of paired muscles False Prime movers of back extension Three muscle columns 2 Perineurium surrounds the entire nerve False Epineurium Perineurium surrounds bundle of axonsfascicles 3 Most levers found in the human body work at a mechanical disadvantage True 4 Midbrain is part of the diencephalon False part of the brain stem 5 Parasympathetic nerves originate from the thoracic and lumbar spinal nerves False Sympathetic Parasympathetic nerves originate from cranial and sacral spinal nerves 6 Anterior horns of the gray matter of the spinal cord contain cell bodies of the motor neurons True 7 The term quotrostralquot means toward the tail False toward the snoutnose 8 The prime mover for a given movement is also known as the agonist True 9 Acetylcholine is the only neurotransmitter in the parasympathetic nervous system True 10 All spinal nerves are mixed nerves True 11 The dura mater of the spinal cord has two layers periosteal and meningeal while the dura mater of the brain has one layer False Brain has 2 layers Spinal cord has 1 layer 12 Hypoglossal cranial nerve innervates muscles of throat and tongue salivary glands and controls taste in posterior one third of the tongue False Glossopharyngeal nerve IX 13 A group of cell bodies in the peripheral nervous system is called a nucleus False Ganglion 14 The elevated folds of the convolutions found in the cerebral cortex are called sulci False called gyri singular gyrus Sulci are depressed grooves 15 Motor unit in ANS consists of one preganglionic and one postganglionic motor neuron True MULTIPLE CHOICE 16 Which type of neuron has two processes extending from the opposite sides of the cell body a Pseudounipolar b Unipolar c Bipolar d Multipolar e Pseudomultipolar 17 Which part of the brain does quotfinetuning and coordinating of the body movements after receiving commands from the cerebrum a Limbic system b Cerebellum c Somatosensory Cortex d lnsula e Pons 18 Which of the following muscles is the prime mover of inspiration a External intercostals b The diaphragm c Internal intercostals d Rectus abdominis e Rectus femoris 19 The is a major center for autonomic function especially cardiac respiratory and vasomotor dilationconstriction of blood vessels a Pons b Reticular formation c Medulla oblongata d Cerebellum e Brain ventricles 20 The connects left and right hemispheres of the cerebrum a Rostrum sulcus b Corpus callosum c Central sulcus d Central gyrus e Longitudinal ssure 21 Innervation of the lateral rectus muscle of the eye occurs through which cranial nerve a Optic b Accessory c Abducens d Oculomotor e Trochlear 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Motor areas that control voluntary motor function are located in the a Temporal lobe b Occipital lobe c Parietal lobe d Piriform lobe e Frontal lobe Gluteus maximus is the agonist of at the hip and got its name according to the a Thigh extension muscle size b Thigh exion location of attachment c Thigh extension number of origins d Thigh exion muscle action e Thigh exion muscle shape The reinforces sympathetic mass activation by secreting and a Medulla oblongata Acetylcholine Epinephrine b Adrenal medulla Cerebrospinal uid Catecholamines c Adrenal medulla Epinephrine Norepinephrine d Medulla oblongata Epinephrine Norepinephrine e Autonomic ganglion Norepinephrine Acetylcholine The spinal nerve C8 leaves the spinal cord a Above vertebra C7 b Below vertebra C7 c Below vertebra C8 d Below vertebra T1 e Above vertebra C8 A part of the limbic system subcortical gray matter containing nuclei for processing fear is a Reticular activating system b Pons c Rhinencephalon d Amygdala e Arachnoid matter Which muscle is the agonist of forearm extension a Deltoid b Biceps Brachii c Latissimusdorsi d Triceps Brachii e Pectoralis major The polysynaptic re exes have at least or more interneurons in the re ex pathway a one 29 30 31 32 33 34 b two c three d ten e hundred Which of the following are part of the deep gray matter of the cerebrum a Basal ganglia b Basal forebrain nuclei c Reticularformation d A amp B only e A B amp C Cerebrospinal uid is found in which of the following location a Subarachnoid space of brain b Central spinal canal c Subarachnoid space of spinal cord d Brain ventricles e All of the above Prosencephalon forebrain develops into which secondary brain vesicles during week ve of embryonic brain development a Mesenchephalon b Diencephalon c Telencephalon d A amp B e B amp C Which cranial nerves are motor only a I II and Ill b I II and VIII c XI and XII d I ll XI and Xll e VI VII VIII Which of the following muscles is NOT part of hamstrings a Biceps Femoris b Rectus Femoris c Semitendinosus d Semimembranosus e All of the above ARE hamstrings muscles This disease is a progressive degenerative disease of basal nuclei resulting in loss of memory short attention span depression and disorientation a Parkinson s disease b Myasthenia gravis c Meningitis d Huntington s disease e Alzheimer39s disease 35 Sensory neurons carry the impulse from the to the a Visceral receptors spinal cord b Somatic receptors spinal cord c Spinal cord effectors d A amp B e A B amp C 36 Which of the following are two divisions of the motor efferent division of the peripheral nervous system 37 38 39 40 cord 41 a Autonomic b Somatic motor c Peripheral ganglia d A amp B e B amp C lnterneurons are located in a The PNS only b The CNS only c Only in sensory neurons d Only in the autonomic nervous system e The PNS ganglia Cell bodies soma of the sensory neurons are located in a Gray matter of the spinal cord b White matter of the spinal cord c Dorsal root ganglia d Ventral root ganglia e A amp D Which of the following are NOT a type of neuroglia found in the CNS a Ependymal cells b Astrocytes c Microglia d Oligodendrocytes e Schwann cells Which of the following is FALSE about the gray matter of the spinal a Contains mostly neuron cell bodies b Has Hshape with gray commissure in the Hcrossbar c Contains central canal d Contains basal ganglia e Contains two posterior and two anterior horns are proprioceptors that detect changes in muscle length a Ruf ni s corpuscles b Muscle spindles c Golgi tendon organs d Joint kinesthetic receptors e Merkel discs 42 Nociceptors detect which type of stimuli a Light b Pain c Temperature d Chemical e Mechanical forces 43 Which muscle below is the agonist of knee extension a Tibialis Anterior b Gluteus Maximus c Biceps femoris d Quadriceps femoris e Gracilis 44 This cranial nerve splits into opthalamic maxillary and mandibular nerves a I b IV c V d VI e VII 45 The brain stem consists of the a Midbrain medulla and amygdala b Medulla amygdala forebrain nuclei c Pons amygdala cerebellum d Thalamus medulla midbrain e Pons medulla midbrain 46 Sciatic nerve is part of which nerve plexus a Cervical b Sacral c Lumbar d Brachial e Coccygeal 47 Two branches from each spinal nerve that connect to the sympathetic trunk ganglion are called a Rami b Plexuses c Dermatomes d Rami communicantes e Roots 48 Which of the following cranial nerves isare sensory only a IV b VIII c II d A amp B e B amp C 49 cranial nerve innervates muscles of face expression salivary glands and anterior two thirds of the tongue a Abducens b Facial c Glossopharyngeal d Trigeminal e Accessory 50 Sympathetic neurons have and neurons a Short preganglionic long postganglionic b Short preganglionic short postganglionic c Long preganglionic long postganglionic d Long preganglionic short postganglionic e None of the above SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS 1 Brie y explain the difference between roots vs rami of the spinal nerves Rami contains both sensory afferent and motor efferent nerves Root where the rami splits and the afferent nerves enter the dorsal posterior root and the efferent nerves exit the ventral anterior root 2 nerve and nerve are the two main branches that make up the cranial nerve VIII Vestibular cochlear 3 During a weight lifting workout John uses arm muscles to ex the forearm while lifting 30 lbs dumbbell at the same time In this speci c contraction what is the fulcrum What is the load Be speci c Fulcrum his elbow Load 30 lbs dumbbell 4 An autoimmune disorder of the nervous system that progressively destroys patches of myelin is called multiple sclerosis 5 Use quot or V updown arrows to indicate increase or decrease effects of the SNSPNS on given physiologic parameters on the left Use NO for no effectnot innervated Sympathetic Parasympathetic Heart ratecontractions quot up V down Sweat glands secretion quot up NO 6 What is decussation Brie y explain in terms of nervous system Decussation is when the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body 7 List two muscle agonists for plantar exion Soleus and Gastrocnemius 8 De ne a quotmixed nervequot Contains both sensory and motor nerve FIBERS 9 Name IN ORDER STARTING AFTER RECEPTOR the four components of the re ex arc that must be involved in order for a re ex to occur 1 Sensory neuron 2 lntergration 3 Motor neuron 4 Effector 10 Describe the cranial nerve X name origin function type of nerve mixed sensory or motor Name Vagus Origin where does it arise from Medulla Function the wandering nerve controls visceral and throat function Type Mixed


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