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by: Brittany Ballog

KIN216-Exam4.pdf KIN 216

Brittany Ballog
GPA 3.0
Applied Human Anatomy
Prof. Suton

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About this Document

Applied Human Anatomy
Prof. Suton
Study Guide
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This 14 page Study Guide was uploaded by Brittany Ballog on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to KIN 216 at Michigan State University taught by Prof. Suton in Spring 2014. Since its upload, it has received 269 views. For similar materials see Applied Human Anatomy in Kinesiology at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
KIN 216 Exam 4 1 The heart valve through which blood travels as it enters the left ventricle a Right AV b Left semilunar c Tricuspid d Mitral e Right semilunar 2 Which of the following hormones in released by the neurohypophysis a ACTH b Prolactin c Oxytocin d TSH e MSH 3 Which of the following lists gives the correct order of anatomical structures encountered by reoxygenated blood entering the heart from the pulmonary circulation a Left atrium bicuspid valve left ventricle pulmonary valve b Right ventricle tricuspid valve right ventricle aortic valve c Right atrium right AV valve left atrium mitral valve d Left atrium mitral valve left ventricle aortic valve e Left atrium tricuspid valve left ventricle aortic valve 4 The action of could be counteracted by a Thyroid hormone parathyroid hormone b Calcitonin Thymic hormone c Parathyroid hormone calcitonin d Thymic hormone melatonin e Growth hormone somatotropin 5 The pacemaker of the heart is the a AV node b SA node c Purkinje bers d AV bundle e Left bundle branch 6 Which of the following hormones targets lymphoid tissue increasing lymphocyte production a Testosterone b Epinephrine c Thymic hormone d Oxytocin e Thyroid hormone 7 What makes up the buffy coat a Erythrocytes b Plasma c Leukocytes only d Leukocytes and thrombocytes e Erythrocytes leukocytes thrombocytes 8 The inner endothelial layer that lines the heart is the a Pericardium b Endocardium c Myocardium d Epicardium e Fibrous pericardium 9 These structures are located in the ventricles and attach to the valve aps Papillary muscles Crista terminalis lnterventricularseptae Trabeculacarnae Chordae tendinae 10 is secreted by the Growth hormone adenohypophysis Melanin pineal gland Thymosin thyroid gland Prolactin neurohypophysis Cortisol thyroid gland 11 Which of the following vessels branches off of the aortic arch meow 09069 Brachiocephalic vein Left subclavian vein Left common iliac artery Left common carotid artery Left common carotid vein 12 The two valves prevent the back ow of blood into the during the contraction of the ventricles Atrioventricular arteries Semilunar arteries Semilunar atria Atrioventricular atria Semilunar veins 13 Diabetes mellitus type II is characterized by which of the following Elevated metabolic rate Large hands and feet Insufficient insulin secretion Inability of cells to react to insulin Excess red blood cell production 14 If a person is in a hypoglycemic state the produces to return blood sugar to normal levels Donee Donee Dang Liver glucagon Pancreas glucagon Liver insulin Pancreas insulin None of the above 15 The gland secretes hormones which signals release of thyroid hormone Neurohypophysis parathyroid Pituitary TSH Pineal parathyroid Adenohypophysis ACTH Thymus vasopressin 16 Which of the following glands is purely endocrine Pancreas Testes Pituitary Hypothalamus Thymus 17 Choose the correct order according to the thickness of uid least to most Plasma blood water Blood water plasma Water plasma blood Plasma water bood Water blood plasma 18 In adults hematopoiesis occurs In the red bone marrow In the axial skeleton In the pelvic and shoulder girdles In the proximal epiphysis of humerus and femur All of the above 19 Which of the following isarea branchbranches of the right coronary artery Circum ex artery Marginal artery Posteriorinterventricular artery A and B B and C 20 Which of the following is the second most abundant type of leukocytes Lymphocytes Monocytes Esoinophils Basoths Neutrophils 21 This gland responds to neural stimuli wensm 9069 9 9 DPOFT DP00quot wensm 22 090 23 099693 Parathyroid Thyroid Adrenal medulla Pancreas Thymus Dehydration would result in Increased hematocrit Decreased hematocrit Decreased viscosity Increased number of red blood cells Thrombocytopenia This vein returns blood from lower limbs and empties into inferior vena cava Do060 24 Popliteal Dorsalis pedis Posterior tibial Common iliac Common carotid The vein joins the brachial vein at the start of the axillary vein 25 090 Basilic Cephch Radial Popliteal Subclavian In a capillary bed relaxation of the precapillary sphincter causes more blood to ow Do060 26 with Do060 27 099693 Into the through fare channels Into the arterioles Through the true capillaries Through the metaarterioles Into the atria and the ventricles Internally the ventricular walls of the heart are marked irregular ridges of muscle called Anastomoses Pectinate muscles Crista terminalis Trabeculae carnae Chordae tendinae Diapedesis is The process by which eosinophils attack worms The ingestion of bacteria by macrophages The exit of leukocytes through capillaries Formation of red blood cells Differention of granulocytes 28 In there is a defect in hemoglobin that causes it to crystalize if oxygen is low which results in distorted shape or erythrocytes Dane 29 539 DPP 30 099693 31 meow 32 090 33 34 09069 the h 09969 Polycythemia Anemia Aneurysm Sickle cell disease Leukemia Semilunar valves are located Between the atria and the ventricles Between the ventricles and vessels leaving the heart arteries Between the great veins and atria Between the left ventricle and the pulmonary trunk Between the right ventricle and aorta What is the clinical term for heart attack Pericarditis schemia Myocardial infarction Arrhythmia Angina pectoris Which vessel 5 empty into the right atrium Superior vena cava lnterior vena cava Coronary sinus Only A and B empty into the right atrium Only A B C empty into the right atrium Brachiocephalic trunk branches into which vessels Right common carotid and right subclavian arteries Left common carotid and left subclavian arteries Right common carotid and left brachiocephalic arteries Left common carotid and left brachiocephalic arteries Left subclavian and left brachiocephalic arteries Brachiocephalic veins are formed by which two veins Internal jugular and subclavian veins External jugular and vertebral veins Subclavian and vertebral veins lnternal jugular and axillary veins Internal and external jugular veins Which of the following is TRUE regarding blood pathway in eart Left side of the heart receives oxygen poor blood Right side of the heart receives oxygen rich blood Left side of the heart pumps blood to the body Right side of the heart pumps blood to the body Left of the heart pumps blood to the lungs 35 are little vessels that supply larger arteries and veins with nutrients a Anastomoses b Vasa vasorum c Aneurysm d Erythromoses e Arteriacosorum 36 Erythrocytes develop from the lymphoid stem cell True 37 At one time in the circulatory system 24 of the total blood volume is located in the venous system False 65 38 A thoroughfare channel is an intermediate vessel between a venule and a capillary True 39 The heart secretes ANP which stimulates kidney to increase salt secretion whereas the kidneys secrete erythropoietin which stimulates red blood cell production True 40 The brous skeleton of the heart prevents the valves from opening too far True 41 Anemia is any condition in which erythrocytes are high False low 42 Plasma is 45 water and contains many different kinds of molecules sodium urea oxygen etc False 90 water 43 Tcells are lymphocytes that secrete antibodies which bind to antigens quot aggingquot them from phagocytosis False B cells 44 The apex of the heart is located superiorly False left of the midline and anterior to the rest of the heart 45 The tricuspid valve is the only valve of the heart that has 3 cusps False 46 Endocrine glands are ductless True 47 Each subclavian artery continues into axillary artery the axillary into brachial artery then splits into radial and ulnar artery True 48 Three arteries enter the right atrium and one vein leaves the right ventricle False two veins 49 Purkinje bers are special cells that maximize electrical signal conduction approach apex and spread into ventricular walls True 50 An embolus is a blood clot that develops and stays attached to vessel wall False thrombus breaks off vessel wall Erythrocytes contain hemoglobin which has four amino acid chains and one iron atom per chain that binds to oxygen True Leukopoiesis is formation of blood cells in the yellow bone marrow False Blood plasma constitutes the bulk of formed elements False erythrocytes 4 Preganglionic sympathetic neurons are long False short Sympathetic trunk or chain ganglia is a type of sympathetic ganglia True Cerebral cortex is the main control center of the autonomic nervous system False hypothalamus 7 Pancreas is a pure endocrine organ False endocrine and exocrine 8 Melanocyte stimulating hormone stimulates secretion of hormones 9 from the adrenal cortex False darkening of the skin Calcitonin retains calcium and is secreted by the thyroid gland True 10The left and right atria are separated by the interventricular septum False ventricles 11Crista terminalis are muscle ridges on the walls of the heart ventricles False C shaped ridge important for locating sites where veins enter 12Pumonary semilunar valve is located between the left ventricle and aorta False valve between the right ventricle and pulmonary trunk 13A thoroughfare channel is an intermidate vessel between arteriole and capillary False intermediate between venule and capillary 14The left subclavian artery branches off of brachiocephalic trunk False aorta arch 15The external iliac artery supplies the blood to the pelvic region False lower limbs that is the internal 16Which of the following hormones is released by the neurohypophysis ACTH Cortisol T3T4 Prolactin ADH monop 17 is a stress hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex that targets liver FSH Calcitonin Melatonin Cortisol Growth hormone wane 18 delays cardiac impulse so the ventricles ll completely AV node SA node Purkinje bers AV bundle Left bundle branch wenem 19Parasympathetic division of the ANS Contains norepinephrine as a neurotransmitter Originates from thoracic and lumbar spinal nerves Originates from cranial nerves and sacral spinal nerves Activates entire system all at once Has prepost synapse located near the spinal cord Duncp 20Hematocrit is the percentage of the blood volume that is Erythrocytes and Leukocytes Plasma Plasma and leukocytes Leukocytes and thrombocytes Erythrocytes monop 21The is the middle layer of the heart wenae Visceral layer of the serous pericardium Myocardium Endocardium Epicardium Fibrous pericardium 22The auricles are 9059 23 Earlike aps on the surface of the ventricles Earlike aps on the surface of the atria Projections of the endothelium into the ventricles Modi cations of the pectinate muscles Modi cations of the out surface of the ventricles is located on the top of pericardial sac in the mediastinum a b c a e parathyroid gland pineal gland thymus gland throid gland adrenal cortex 24Which of the following is secreted by the GI tract a b c d e ADH prolactin ANP gastrin estrogen 25Adrenal medulla secretes which of the following 9069 epinephrine norepinephrine adrenaline noradrenaline All of the above 26Motor unit in the autonomic nervous system consists of how many neurons DQ00 27 Single motor neuron and all the muscle ber it innervates Chain of two motor neurons Chain of three motor neuron Hundred or more neurons Chain of two nerve plexuses drains blood that supplies the heart nae Brachiocephalic sinus Coronary sinus Coronary trunk d e Saphenous sinus Saphenous trunk 28Eosinophils wane Attack antigens before immune system response is generated Are largest leukocytes Are rarest white blood cells React to allergic reactions and parasitic infections Consume and destroy bacteria 29The Thoracic Aorta continues from the Duncp 30lnsulin is released in effect Duncp Ascending Aorta Aortic Arch Descending Aorta Aortic Trunk Aortic Sinus state and has hyperglycemic hyperglycemic hypoglycemic hypoglycemic hyperglycemic hypoglycemic hypoglycemic hyperglycemic nonglycemic nonglycemic 31The right ventricle pumps blood into which vessel Duncp The Aorta The pulmonary vein The pulmonary trunk The pulmonary sinus The Aortic trunk 32This gland responds to humoral stimuli wenem Parathyroid Thyroid Gonads Neurohypophysis Adrenal medulla 33Which of the following is the least abundant type of leukocyte mange neutrophils monocytes eosinophils basoph s lymphocytes 34This disorder is caused by inability of cells to react to insulin when blood sugar is high a Goiter b Acromegaly c d e Graves disease Diabetes mellitus type I Diabetes mellitus type II 35During ventricular systole blood is a DOquot DD Flowing from both systemic and pulmonary circuits into both the atria and ventricles Forced from the atria into the ventricles Forced from the ventricles into the aorta and pulmonary trunk Not owing into or out of the heart Flowing from the ventricles into the atria 36Which of the following is a branch off of the left coronary artery a b c d e Marginal artery Circum ex artery Posterior interventricular artery Middle cardiac vein Great cardiac vein 37Trabeculae carneae are founded in the wane 38 Right atrium and right ventricle Left atrium and left ventricle Right atrium and left auricle Right ventricle and left ventricle Left auricle and left ventricle is made of dense connective tissue and anchors valve cusps preventing them from opening too far wenem 39Parasympathetic system saliva secretion and 9069 Fibrous skeleton Crista terminalis Auricles lnterventricular septae Chordae tendinae heart rate sweat secretion Increases increases does not affect Decreases increases decreases Decreases increases does not affect Increases decreases decreases Increases decreases does not affect 40Globulins in blood plasma wane Contribute to oncotic pressure in blood Are part of the immune response Transport oxygen to tissues Transport lipid substances in blood Help form blood clot 41Which layer of blood vessels contains smooth muscle tissue Do0691 Tunica intima Tunica adventitia Tunica muscularis Tunica media Tunica externa 42What is the clinical term for variation of normal heart rhythm 00069 Angina pectoris Pericarditis Myocardial infarction lschemia Arrhythmia 43An aneurysm is Duncp A rapture in an artery A buildup of fatty deposits on an arterial wall A sac like widening or outpocketing of an artery A stroke Lack of oxygen in tissues 44What prevents the back ow of blood in veins a b c d e Increased blood pressure valves the narrowed lumen high oncotic pressure thick smooth muscle and elastic layers 45Which artery supplies lateral forearm Dongm Radial Ulnar Brachial Axillary Palmar arches 46Which of the following vessels does NOT carry oxygenated blood Do0691 The Aorta The right pulmonary artery The right subclavian artery The left pulmonary vein The common iliac artery 47Which of the following is NOT produced by the gonads a b estrogen c d e egg cells testosterone progesterone secretin 48n adults blood cells are produced in the bone marrow of all the bones EXCEPT the ribs proximal epiphysis of humerus forearm bones radius amp ulna proximal epiphysis of femur pelvic amp shoulder girdles Duncp 1 Hematopoieses is the process of formation of blood cells 2 Name one agranulocyte and describe what it does Lymphocytes most important cells of immune system T cells B cells Monocytes largest leukocytes transform into macrophages in CT 3 Describe a sympathetic effect and parasympathetic effect on energy stores Sympathetic ght or ight response emergencies speeds up energy and uses it Parasympathetic rest and digest slows down energy and stores it 4 List two hormones with totally opposite effects Parathyroid hormone opposite effect of calcitonin Estrogen and testosterone FSH Follicle stimulating hormone in females it regulates monthly development of follicle and egg and secretion of estrogen in males it stimulates testes to create sperm Luteinizing hormone in females it bring out ovulation and formation of progesterone in males it stimulates testosterone development and secretion 5 List two hormones secreted by the anterior pituitary and list their ta rgetseffects Growth hormone regulates growth of all body cells Melanocyte stimulating hormone causes darkening of skin by stimulating melanin 6 Atherosclerosis is accumulation of fatty deposits in the arterial walls resulting in narrowed or blocked vessels 7 Purkinje bers are special cells that maximize cardiac impulse conduction through the apex of the heart and the ventricular walls 8 Explain the structure and location of pericardial cavity Lies between the two layers and contains serous uid 9 Vasa vasorum are little vessels that supply larger arteries and veins with nutrients 10 Great saphenous vein empties into femoral vein from medial lower leg


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