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by: Brittany Ballog

KIN250-Quiz2Review.pdf KIN 250

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Kinesiology > KIN 250 > KIN250 Quiz2Review pdf
Brittany Ballog
GPA 3.0
Measurments in Kinesiology
Larissa True

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About this Document

Measurments in Kinesiology
Larissa True
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Brittany Ballog on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to KIN 250 at Michigan State University taught by Larissa True in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Measurments in Kinesiology in Kinesiology at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
KIN 250 Quiz 2 Review Healthrelated physical tness product of PA that includes a set of attributes that people have relating to their ability to perform PA product Physiological metabolic morphological bone integrity Healthrelated body composition cardiorespiratory tness exibility muscular strength muscular endurance Skillrelated agility balance coordination power speed reaction time 0 Measuring Body Composition 0 Hydrostatic weighing weight of body outside of water dens y BOD POD air displacement to measure fat and lean mass easy and faster than hydrostatic weighing Skinfold thickness caliper measurements enter values into an equation estimate of body comp accuracy can be affected BIA bioelectric impedance analyzers measures resistance to current ow BMI weight and height quick and simple no cost doesn t measure or estimate body fat think about athletes or extremes How do we measure body comp lab vs eld methods Lab hydrostatic weighing bod pod Field BMI BIA skin folds Cardiorespiratory Fitness most representative component of HRPF V02 max also called aerobic tness Distance run 1 mile run 12 min walkrun PACER beep test How do we measure aerobic capacity lab vs eld methods Lab V02 max Field mile run 12 min run PACER Flexibility ROM at a joint How do measure exibility lab vs eld methods Lab goniometer like ruler with a circle and can measure angles Field sit and reach Muscular strength amount of force a muscle can exert Measurement 1 rep max max force output isometric dynamometer hand grip Muscular endurance muscle s ability to continue to perform without fatigue Measurement situps curlups pullups exed arm hang pushups Muscular strength and endurance often tested using one measure Lab computerized dynamometers Field weightlifting tests body resistance pullups situps etc 1 RM 10 RM 0 Domains Affective motor cognitive physical Physical Activity any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in energy expenditure process In uenced by psychosocial environmental biological factors 0 How is it different from healthrelated PF it is process while HRPF is product 0 ExpressionDimensions 0 Frequency lntensity Duration Volume Physical Activity Level 0 Inactivity o Considerations when selecting PA assessments o Validity vs reliability 0 Accuracy vs practicality o Generalizability 0 Outcome measures frequency intensity duration type vmume o How do we measure it o Subjective measures bias Advantages quality and quantity low participant burden Disadvantages rely on participant s ability to recall reliability and validity issues different population s interpretations 0000 0 Objective measures not bias Advantages extended time periods low participation burden Disadvantages high cost accurate placement difficult 0 Survey Questionnaires 10 or older also called selfreport Godin Lab Advantages large populations inexpensive easy Disadvantages questionable validity and reliability 0 Heart Rate Monitors Advantages provides accurate record of HR Disadvantages interference from electronics compliance issues participant burden variability and errors 0 Pedometers records steps per day Advantages low cost overall movement Disadvantages volume of activity not intensity time or frequency kids may shake it or lose it or forget to wear Accelerometry change in velocity over time typically worn on a belt around the participant s hip small computerized device 0 Caltrac single plane accelerometer worn at the waist o CSA multiplane accelerometer worn at the waist wrist andor ankle 0 Activity monitors Advantages provide measure of activity easy to use Disadvantages can t asses all forms of activity like swimming 0 Direct Observation measures Advantages detailed view of PA good criterion measure Disadvantages time effort difficult to asses activity on large samples 0 Doublylabeled water measures the difference in the elimination rates of Hydrogen and Oxygen isotopes Advantages gold standard measures of EE Disadvantages expensive availability only average EE 0 Indirect Calorimetry estimates EE by measuring respiratory gases Advantages gold standard measures of EE Disadvantages cost availability only average EE 0 Psychomotor domain skillrelated physical tness development of speci c sports skills 0 O Agility balance coordination power speed reaction time Population on focus is to develop movement competence K 12 physical education setting school setting Stages of movement competencies body management competence fundamental skills specialized skills higher skill attainment Body management competence controlling the body in personal space understanding space in relation to others 0 Example controlling body while working with an object Fundamental skills building blocks for future more complex movements 0 Example walking bending twisting catching rolling d beng Specialized skills skills used in sports and other movement activities O 0 Example technique Higher skill attainment accomplished after a person is competent in the previous 3 stages 0 Example organized youth sports intramural sports Agility Illinois Agility Run 0 Advantages valid reliable easy to administer easy to set upcheap Balance stork stand 0 Advantages easy to administer no cost reliable face validity o Disadvantages normative data not available for K 12 Power standing long jump 0 Advantages high validityreliability easy to administers norm ready 0 Disadvantages children who aren t good jumpers are at a disadvantage Speed 50yard dash 0 Advantages valid reliable easy to administer normative ages 1017 Reaction time hand reaction time test 0 Advantages easy to access valid very reliable 89 Gross fundamental motor skills basic set of movements using large muscles 0 Locomotor run leap hop slide jump gallop 0 Object control throw kick strike catch dribble roll Fine motor skills small muscle movements Process measures qualitative assess the absencepresence of movement components criterionbased Product measures quantitative assess the outcome of a performed skill TGMD2 ages 310 0 12 skills tested 6 locomotor 6 object control subtests o Criterionbased 0 Process measurement


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