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Intro to Cultural Anthropology

by: Brown Boehm

Intro to Cultural Anthropology ANTH 114

Brown Boehm
GPA 3.57


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Brown Boehm on Monday September 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ANTH 114 at George Mason University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 66 views. For similar materials see /class/215136/anth-114-george-mason-university in anthropology, evolution, sphr at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
pi whamw u v ANT 4 Wm Chtquot 3 Howdy Here is the review guide for the rst exam The purpose of the study guide is to help you focus on the kinds of questions and material that are likely to be covered on the real exam which is now scheduled for TUESDAY February 24 2009 The same questions will not appear on the exam itself unless we make a mistake Please do not use review guide as a substitute for more general study This will not work to your best advantage The recommended way to use this study guide is to take a look at it for general areas do your studying then come back and answer the questions and check your answers It is especially useful to go back to nd out wily an answer your chose was not correct and m the correct answer is the one to choose Hopefully you will do this early enough to get in touch if you have questions Also if you think an answer that you chose is a better answer than the one on the answer key let me know I may agree with you and that will help everyone These questions are drawn from areas likely to be covered but 1 is not guaranteed to be all inclusive ie we may have covered areas in class that are not a focus here and 2 if we do not cover general areas or chapters from which questions are drawn prior to the actual exam they will not be included quot Areas is meant to be read in a general way What should you study Chapters 1 and 2 All lecture material a 7 if Archaeologists mostly study rocks 4 Of 0 inosaurs how sounds combine to make up languages Which of the following is NOT one of the fOur main types of anthro o ology historical anthropology cultural anthropology C anthropological linguistics d archaeology 3 Homo Sapiens sapiens X are not considered by anthropologists to be39animals b are innatel social anim s Homo apiens nean ertalensis in battle d are the rst real humans on earth he ability of Homo Erectus to control re llowed them to ive a big di ena e t em to extend 39 a hic ran ma C it easier to hunt at night ff made it possible to cook Homo Habilis before serving Peppered moths living near Manchester England were found both in black and gray varieties with the gray form more common prior to the 19m39century By the end of the 19th century the gray form had almost completely disappeared and the black form had become predominant This case is a good example of evolutionary change through the process of a adaptive reproduction b fertility ratios natural selection a has been found to be inadequate for scienti cally meaningful classi ication of humans has great scienti c utility but no political implications is agreed on by both biological and cultural anthropologists to be v ry useful in analyzing human behavior d is outdated there are no patterned biological variations in the human species 39 KAcraiing to anthropologists the concept of race The nonhuman animals most likely to be studied by anthropologists are a rodents b dinosaurs primates domestic pets Some members of a population assume genetic dominance and are more likely to pass on their genes than other39members of the population Scientists call this a organic development oc evolution Which of the following isFALSE in the process in the development of the current distribution of land mass on earth climatic conditions have changed over time what we now recognize as continents have been in a xed position through time were was one huge land mass that eventually broke apart the factors contributing to continental movement are still signi cant and land masses continue to move Humans have been the dominant species on earth for approximately 5 million years a true 9 false From the point of View of evolution humans and apes are part of the same species humans were once apes humans and apes have a common ancestor from whom they 39 lions of years ago 1 apes are simply another form of human split a umansr are closely related to apes race and culture are independent of each other c not taking culturaledifferences into account can lead to misu erstanding 9 l of the above Anthropologists are generally responsible for discOvering that Specialists interested in the physical remains are human ancestors are called Jarchaeologists 1 b cultural anthropologists c iological anthropologists boneheads Charles Darwin proposed that natural selectionwas the mechanism ehind evolution For Darwin natural selection i worked by transmission of learned characteristics from parents to offs in b is a process that occurs over generation u n some parts o e wor ut not Others C U I 39 l took place in sudden rapid spurts to others true false An anthropologist who uses cultural data to critique the plans fer a development project in Northern Ohio is a a biological anthropologist b wearing a heavy jacket 0 a glottochronologist doing applied anthropology Anthropologists recognize that some cultures are inherently superior Compared to Homo Sapiens sapiens Neandertals Homo Sapiens neandertalensis I had short legs and a shuf ing worked b were not completely bipedal ad big faces and large jaws were unable to communicate with each other a 1 Besides humans the primate that seems to be most capable of atking d using tools is his is a trick question because there are no other primates besie hu ans that make tools chim anzees 4 c 39 d monkeys 19 Which of the following correctly best describes how Anthropology compare with other elds that study human beings Anthropology is more diverse in the topics it undertakes to study Anthropology studies each aspect of the human condition in isolation from other aspects Anthropology is highly specialized in its focus Anthropologists study each aspect of the human condition only in its own particular history and context A basic idea in Anthropology is that human behavior is largely sha ed by Q culture Ideal culture c Cultural relativism d Cultural integration Australopithecines a had a much wider geographic range than humans were hominids r 39 built huts and used complex tools 1 were not fully bipedal 23 24 The larger group of animals from which humans eventually emerged shared an evolutionary history which included the development of a set of interrela aits For example th of all these animals moved to the which gave them Vision front of the head A a b c sides of the head d e oracular 3 25 26 These animals developed an increased which coordin ted movements of the eyes and sense39of smell D claws c bri capacity 27 28 T arrangement of bear skul S d burial of the dead suggests that a had some form of y Homo Sapiens sapiens early writing political leaders religion Homo Sapiens neandertalensis DD00quot


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