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Interpersonal Comm

by: Ottis Vandervort

Interpersonal Comm COMM 401

Ottis Vandervort
GPA 3.71


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ottis Vandervort on Monday September 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to COMM 401 at George Mason University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/215185/comm-401-george-mason-university in Communication at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
Study Guide for COMM 401 Exam 1 Chapters 19 The exam will be a combination of multiple choice and essay worth a total of 100 points Please bring a scantron and a pencil I will provide the paper necessary for the essay In order to do well you should reread the chapters You are responsible for reading the entire chapter to learn all of the information that we have covered in class Please be certain to read the book in its entirety in order to do well Review all of the key terms and concepts at the end of the chapters Regarding the essay questions Not only will you be graded on content you will be graded on format As this is a seniorlevel class it is expected that you are able to write well I am not going to be so concerned with spelling and punctuation but I will be concerned with there being a complete introduction a body with coherent thought and organization and solid conclusion Half of the essay grade will concern itself with content and half with organizationformat These essays should be no less than one page long Be specific not vague Use terminology from this class and others that demonstrates you really know what you re talking about Be certain to address each part of the question asked as each question will have multipleparts Out of the questions below only four will appear as essay questions on the exam From those four you will have to answer two of the following questions However these questions will help you to study for the multiple choice questions too Chapter One 1 How can someone gain selfawareness What are the elements What do those elements mean to interpersonal communication in the workplace 2 What is behavior How does it relate to one s selfawareness What do those elements mean to interpersonal communication in the workplace 3 What are perceptions Why are they so vitally important in interpersonal communication How is it personspecific 4 What is attribution theory What does it have to do with interpersonal communication Why is it considered an important part of selfawareness 5 What are the 8 preferences found in the Kiersey Temperament Sorter and the MyersBriggs Chapter Two 1 What is selfdisclosure What are some of the bene ts of selfdisclosure How can it be detrimental in the workplace 2 What is the Johari Window Why did we study it What are the elements to it and what do they each represent 3 What are the elements of trust What or who determines whether someone is trustworthy What is the role of trust in organizations Chapter Three 1 What is goal setting and why is it important What are some of the key behaviors for effective goal setting 2 What are some values that are useful in setting goals e ectively What is SMART goal writing How do the two relate to each other 3 Ethical dilemmas are very common in the workplace How are they de ned How might they differ from company to company country to country and person to person What kinds of factors in uence these ethical decisions Chapter Four 1 Go over the Stress management handout from class 2 How are time management and stress management related How do they impact a person s personal and professional life How can people respond positively to stress How can they respond negatively 3 List several strategies for managing both time and stress 4 What is EQ emotional intelligence Why is it an essential part of our interpersonal communication discussion Chapter Five 1 What is diversity How can you manage it Explain four different kinds of diversity and how they would be managed in a workplace 2 What are some barriers to accepting diversity Whenwhere might they occur Chapter Six 1 What is listening and why do you think every communication class you take discusses it What are barriers to effective listening 2 Why is active listening so important What are some characteristics of active listening 3 List explain and give examples of the six kinds of nonverbal communication mentioned in the textbook


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