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by: Hubert Davis


Hubert Davis
GPA 3.72


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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Hubert Davis on Monday September 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ECI 301 at Old Dominion University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/215304/eci-301-old-dominion-university in Educ Curriculum Instruction at Old Dominion University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
ECI 301 Final Exam Study Guide Unit One American Educational Philosophy and History Four Branches of Philosophy 0 Metaphysics o Epistemology o AXiology 0 Logic Four Educational Philosophies o Perennialism o Progressivism o Essentialism o Existentialism Other Theories o Behaviorism o ConstuctiVism 17Lh Century American Education 0 Most education was private and religious although there was some secular education 0 Public education 7 Ye Olde Deluder Satan Act 0 First private higher educational institution found in the US 0 The New England Primer 18Lh Century American Education Standardization with Noah Webster s Spelling Book the Blue Back Speller 0 Education still private 0 Northwest Ordinance Act 19Lh Century American Education First public high school First teacher training schools Formal teacher training Normal schools Common Schools Women teachers Land Grant Universities 20Lh Century American Education 0 First Junior College 0 Funding of Education for the Poor 0 GI Bill 0 Federal Act PL 94142 0 Standard Court Cases in textbook 0 Plessy vs Ferguson Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka Swann vs CharlotteMecklenberg Tinker vs Des Moines Lau vs Nichols Unit Two Barriers in Education Equality as a Barrier 0 Equity of Resources 0 Equity of Results 0 Equity in Teacher Assignments Accountability as a Barrier 0 Teacher promotion 0 Testing and standards 0 Grades as predictors of future performance not measures of achievement 0 Remediation strategies 7 real time remediation Mobility as a Barrier o 20 approx of students in the Us move each year 0 National Curriculum Obsolescence as a Barrier o Textbooks keeping up with changing information 0 We must find ways to add revise or discard curriculum elements Unit Three Technology in Education 0 What is technology 0 Learn from students 0 Internet 0 Hardware 0 Computer monitor printer mouse speakers etc Software 0 Word processing spreadsheets databases operating systems etc Special Education 0 Based on federal legislation Special Education SPED is designed to help the student who needs extra help to receive an individualized education so the child can succeed in the classroom environment 0 To help identify children with disabilities the Commonwealth of Virginia has 15 categories or handicapping conditions that provide criteria for SPED services 0 Currently about 10 of the total school students identi ed as having a disability are receiving aid in school 0 If you talk with the child s parents remember that you are not allowed to tell them that their child has a disorder based on your personal assessment Reinforcement 0 Positive reinforcement 0 Negative reinforcement 0 Tone 0 Variety 0 Frequency 0 Predictability 0 Strength 0 Timing o Tokens 0 Alternative Sources 0 Permanence o Silence 0 Multiple Cues o Multichannel Reinforcement 0 Student Privilege Reward and Punishment 0 Hallmarks 0 Universal Principle of Classroom Management Unit Four Feedback 0 Direct feedback 0 Homework assignments test scores student discussions and parent interviews 0 Indirect feedback 0 Student eye contact facial expressions and body language Methods of Feedback 0 Eye contact 0 Review questions 0 Testing o Informal Contact 0 Individual Conferences amp Parent Conferences 0 Sampling Modifying Your Instruction Based on Feedback is Not Simple 0 Systematic experimentation Teachers Role in Educational Change Multiculturalism More a salad than a melting pot 0 Four themes in terms of Multiculturalism o The teaching of values 0 Responsibility to teach values 0 The first step as teachers is to understand the difference between our values and the values of society 0 The increased impact of diverse cultures on the mainstream The need to provide support for alternative and emerging lifestyles o The encouragement of multilingualism and dialects Standard English should be taught in school But we must also make sure we don t penalize kids for having other language patterns outside of school 0 By deemphasizing standard English in school a skill which students need to survive as firstrate citizens in our society we devalue their education Stereotyping 7 can it be useful Different models of bilingual education Acculturator Gender Issues 0 School often subtly reinforces stereotypes 0 Gender Equity Not Gender Equality Should be the Focus Point Unit Five Adjusting to the Future To Properly Prepare Our Students for the next Century We Need to Teach Them Skills That Help Them to Analyze the Future One of the biggest mistakes we make is to think about history as being in the past than being about the future Understanding Global Interdependence Is the Study of the Future The SCANS Report The Forgotten Half 0 Poverty 000 0 Financial Poverty Poverty of Aspiration Poverty of Decision Poverty of Support Systems Substance Abuse Racism and Sexism O Institutionalized Racism Schools Today Teaching methods Teacher isolation O The ideal situation is to have teachers constantly visit each other give advice feedback encouragement suggestions for improvement and criticism in terms of the things that aren t working Coordinated Scheduling Family Support Teacher Motivation Teaching Values 0 0 If you make kids smart without making them good you create a menace to society The school has the obligation not to sneak up on parents and to let the parents know exactly what values they are going to be teaching Carl Rodgers views from the textbook page 190 Administering the Schools The Principal O O Responsible for the Tone of the School Indemnifying risks The School Board 0 O O The School Board has the Legal Responsibility For the School The school board also has the responsibility for developing broad educational policy Most made up of elected members In Dr Allen s opinion the most important thing that the school board does is to select the superintendent to execute their policy The superintendent should help to shape the policy They should have in uence with the school board Department of Education 0 O The State Department of Education Has the Regulatory Authority Including Basic Teacher Certi cation Difference between certification and licensing from textbook and lecture Federal Government 0 Limited to special program support 0 We Are the Only Nation in the World That Doesn t Have National Standards and We Pay a Heavy Price for It 0 Responsibility of Teachers 0 Teachers have the y to be r p J Get things in on time Turn things in fully and correctly completed Pay attention to the evaluations Evaluation is an important part of the whole process Know the expectations of the administrators 39I 39I39 O O O 0 Unit Six What is a School I School as a Factory I Schools as Preparation I School as Bureaucracy I School as a Babysitter I School as a Shopping Mall School Curriculum Today 0 Changing the Curriculum 0 We Have a Hidden National Curriculum a Curriculum What is it based on 0 Standards 0 AP tests 0 SOLs 0 College boards 0 Textbooks 0 National Curriculum 0 Standards Unit Seven Staf ng 0 Vertical differentiation 0 Paraprofessional Assistant Teacher Intern Associate teacher Full professional teacher 0 Mastermentor teacher 0 Horizontal differentiation 0 Instructional design 0 Assessment 0 Community relations 0 Staff development 0 Relationships 0 O O O


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