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Conceptual Physics

by: Emery Rippin

Conceptual Physics PHYS 101N

Emery Rippin
GPA 3.76

Sebastian Kuhn

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About this Document

Sebastian Kuhn
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Emery Rippin on Monday September 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PHYS 101N at Old Dominion University taught by Sebastian Kuhn in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see /class/215333/phys-101n-old-dominion-university in Physics 2 at Old Dominion University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
Summary for last week Newton s 2nd Law 1St Law Fresultant EFi F1 F2 FN maObject all forces acting on object due to other objects if we measure acceleration in an inertial coordinate system Newton s Third Law 0 If object A exerts a force F AOHB on object B there is an equal and opposite force F B011 A F AOHB that B exerts on A 0 Both forces have exactly same magnitude regardless of motion acceleration of either object 0 The two forces act on different bodies and in opposite direction They are called a Action Reaction Pair gtF F Action Reaction Examples I Gravitational downwards Force mg on object of mass m ltgt equally strong upwards Force mg on Earth Person pulling with force F on object ltgt object pulls with force F on person Person pushing object forward ltgt object pushes back on person with equal force Weight of object mg pushing down on support ltgt support pushing object up with normal force mg Rocket pushing out gas gas pushing rocket forward Examples 11 Tension Rope Chain etC Imagine cut at some point upper half exerts force on lower half lower half exerts force on upper half Equal Action Reaction Pair F U F L gt Tension T IFU IFL at that point Force acting at end point 2 Tension at that point T1 Important Points For Newton s Second Law use only forces acting on object to calculate 2F 2 m a not reaction forces on other objects No object can exert a net force on itself Miinchhausen trick Force of one part on another exactly balanced by Reaction Force gt total sum 2 zero Nothing can experience a force Without exerting a force HOWEVER Effect of reaction force on one object may be a lot smaller than the effect of the equal sized action force on the other object cannon recoil ActionReaction pair 2 INTERACTION most fundamental all forces are due to interactions How can we tell that a force is acting and how strong it is Operational de nition based on Newton s Second Law By looking at its effects the object mass point is accelerating a solid is stretched or bent spring balance rope From our knowledge of Force Laws an object of mass m will experience a force F y mg pointing downwards on the surface of Earth A rope which is pulled with force of strength lFl at one end will exert force of same strength at its other end in the direction of the rope if it doesn t accelerate and its weight is negligible Newton s 3rd Law General gravitational force law later in semester electromagnetism even later in semester


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