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Study Guide Exam 1

by: Aimee Kalczuk

Study Guide Exam 1 COM 101H

Aimee Kalczuk
GPA 3.8
Introduction to Communication
Papa, Wendy

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About this Document

Here is a study guide for the first exam
Introduction to Communication
Papa, Wendy
Study Guide
cmu, central michigan university, COM 101H, Intro to Communication, Wendy Papa
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Aimee Kalczuk on Monday September 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to COM 101H at Central Michigan University taught by Papa, Wendy in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Communication in Journalism and Mass Communications at Central Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/28/15
EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER 1 1 Name three reasons it is important to study communication 2 What do you call a form of communication where it is one sided the speaker relays information to a recipient 3 What is the difference between interactive and transactional communication forms 4 De ne Source encoding message channel decoding receiver and noise 5 How is speaking in the information age different than in past eras 6 What are the three forms of communication between individuals Provide examples 7 List some ways a person communicates competently 8 True or false The more one communicates the better one becomes 9 True or false A person does not have to be a born speaker they can become one 10 What are the other three myths of communication CHAPTER 2 1 Make a descriptive model of the steps in the perception process Provide examples for each 2 De ne the impression formation principles and give examples 3 List the three perceptions of self and how they are similar and different to each other 4 What is the Johari Window 5 Define social comparison theory and selffulfillinf prophecy What are some examples CHAPTER 3 1 What are some ways a person can organize a speech 2 How is an introduction bene cial What are some necessary points to make in an introduction 3 List the parts of a formal outline 4 How does one write a conclusion Provide an example 5 What is the point of a purpose statement Example 6 De ne a central idea and ve an example 7 De ne and give examples of each ways of organizing your main point Chronoligical spatial causal problemsolution and topical CHAPTER 4 1 List the rules of delivery 2 What are the four methods of delivery Explain 3 What are some ways and examples of using your voice while giving a speech 4 What are some physical expressions people use when delivering a speech and why are they effective 5 How does one practice his or her delivery SPEECH ANXIETY BB CHAPTER 1 List the symptoms and causes of speech anxiety 2 True or false Trait apprehension is when a person feels speech anxiety only in certain situations 3 What is state apprehension 4 List and provide examples for the two types of internal speech anxiety 5 What are some characteristics that high speech apprehension and low speech apprehension share What are some differences 6 How does one overcome speech anxiety AUDIENCE ANALYSIS BB CHAPTER 1 What are some ways a person is audiencecentered 2 What are some different demographics in an audience and how can one be sensitive to them 3 De ne situational analysis 4 What are different types of audience psychology 5 What are some ways a person could gain information about an audience ETHICS BB CHAPTER 1 Why is it so important to pick an ethical topic 2 What are some ways a person gets a credible resource What are some ways a person would not get a credible resource 3 Give examples for the different types of plagiarism 4 How does one ethically create a speech 5 De ne the importance of these plagiarism and the internet preparing for a speech being honest and not using abusive language LANGUAGE BB CHAPTER 1 What is the connotative meaning of the word quotdarkquot What is the denotative meaning 2 What are ways a person uses language accurately and inaccurately Clearly and unclearly 3 What are two ways a person can use imagery Give examples 4 Give examples of the four ways to use rhythm in speaking 5 What are four ways to use language appropriately 6 What are some inclusive words you could use as opposed to exclusive ones PRESENTATION AIDS BB CHAPTER 1 What are some bene ts of a presentational aid 2 What types of presentational aids are there and how do they help 3 Guidelines for presentational aids 4 What good is a PowerPoint when giving a speech


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