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Organic Exam 2 Cheat Sheet

by: Olivia Dietrich

Organic Exam 2 Cheat Sheet CH 2230-004

Marketplace > Clemson University > Chemistry > CH 2230-004 > Organic Exam 2 Cheat Sheet
Olivia Dietrich
Organic Chemistry 1
Jacob Schroeder

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About this Document

Organic Chemistry 1
Jacob Schroeder
Study Guide
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Olivia Dietrich on Monday September 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CH 2230-004 at Clemson University taught by Jacob Schroeder in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 90 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry 1 in Chemistry at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
Table 210 Equilibrium En Miami for SE EEFEI Minn usubxsti mted Eycluhemanes at I 5 WC Er 7 Substimlzm xiall 4 Eq umniriall Subsmmem Axial A Equatorial H 1 EN 1 CH 113 175 TmCH 21 C CH3 7 1 Br 3 Halahve pnsmnns n f sub sutuents a ar a 1111 g 1p 111 cyclnhexane SHg H 35 Numb Mmlm ular39 I 32 of 13er Hummula Mama CHEC 43m I a HID 1 CH4 i li39IEI 39lsz CH3 2 CEHE E I IEJ IEL39 as i im mm D D I CHECHS EH3 5 Fi 391 an H v 39 HCI IH r EgH39H Mann H CH ECHE r A Histquot T TilI H ElprmraL A B SSH airtime Il39 Emmi I I1 1 My u ni wa c Than thumpa gnarlnurse I39la mlarn39nana and Finalgar pmj39a nna MUTE Eta me E mare R gm p5 attached 13 F1 in mummy EHa Trans more Eta b e than 3 39 39 39 H H v Allyt gmup H H Alkane RENE ethane gjhene ethgne T sawhnrse prq Etil gaggm r Figchar prcajectinn Filly gmpr TA 139 EXCHZCHE l3 pentadiene quot Hawman pmjariin a 3CC1 H i 1 luowro 7 a gt 777 7 f n high t L 1 Inwe H a 2 methw 1 E P r 20 3 UH 12 EH ESE SEE Jquot 7 PM Hat 2 F 1 3stth 33 the d u bilie band is given prmgrity war a triiple band nnly when there is a tie ESE 3 ethylll1 uurn 2 methyli pemtad iene CHBCHECHZCIllg H2ccncm42cw3 butane 1 b utgne r 39 H0 C4Hlm Cams 1 v 5 V CNH2H21 CHIMEN I a 1 l EDH Hi quot quot39 I E R 5 Enan nmers Mgg n nmpuund Nu Mal arhnm cgcloibutane Egclobutene CW3 CW5 013DH 39 Ha Ja n IEDH HEL g 7 r a r z c c G CRHEPI CHI Ign Z H i r v i I IDH H IH 5 R HIGH H IH 5 39 HUI H H1 1 DH v H 1 DH Hal H enanimmers 39 5 1 l quot HG DD D c H HDEEQD DJ GEH H DH 0 9 H0 J4 m quot39R R H H s 0H Ema ntiamers Enantiamera H05 H H 0H but aptica y inactive IJ erylhrust Lerythmsc diaslereumers diastm H OH O O 0 H 0 CIR 5 H H 393 5 0H HT OH HO H Jthrcovsc L39thrmse h enan omers


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