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Exam 1 Cheat sheet

by: Olivia Dietrich

Exam 1 Cheat sheet CH 2230-004

Olivia Dietrich
Organic Chemistry 1
Jacob Schroeder

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About this Document

Organic Chemistry 1
Jacob Schroeder
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Olivia Dietrich on Monday September 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CH 2230-004 at Clemson University taught by Jacob Schroeder in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 63 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry 1 in Chemistry at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
Equa Shanng f Elecv nsj nonltpo ar co v em Ingrid eugu H2 39E39rtrmng HCIID4 I emhimic acid Na H Sedit39lm hydraxide Sitting hi39 IEW IIJEI39J Sharing of electrons between atcirns of different acid H3504 Sulfuric acid KUH Ii ntaeeium hydi39exide base mrb n Emumum 43ng 73 3 39 39 lpo alr covailemt bond align I 11 ilytimbmmii acid BaiD 1 3 Barium hydroxide i HICII Hydmchlerii acid CHENH Calcium Ityd raxide H n HA HA IB B I Illm IVA HA I we himquot IvJNUE Natl KEEN J mmm 2391 3 wk H3110 Pimepimrir acid NHg Ammonia WEIm CEH39Equot EJth Li 3 B c N o 1 2 mm HF Hydru uuric acid INN 1 Gina s PW La 15 an 25 m 35 m El IjCDQH Acetic acid I 39 39 F Na Mg Al P 5 en 5 i1 EgHm hilane 77097 quotI2 7 LS 13 2I 25 397 E K Cu Br a 1 I r its LU 23 E a a u 39 ESEl Emma 39 39 i n a 39 I g a i air E A d I 39 Hquot Haitiquot Increasii39igieemuneg wily 15 E H 30 V H NH 7 W V N quot5 L L u CTH39JE OH OH DH 9amp4 1 Wists P39Kam PKquot 5 H C H R C H R C Rquot if L R R R ROHi r RNH RDHI A A A atomic Size Electranegativity Acnd Strength Base Strengthnhol 131111131 1 gec d q 13mm 3 5 39 5 we alcellel alcellel a1 calm F F H E F F e b a r 3 me Q 1 Qi e CH Pintmar iHii 3 i Er 5 TE Ii 39 195 Br amp He H e a e e HUI a H ea3 I i ii i r H e 5 eawharee prajectlan ygggm r Edrpggd Fieeher pregeetlan Hi gt The weaker the lbase the stranger its calnjwugate acid The weaker the base the more stable it is more Iunreactive L RH Pemm39 aweman a39 Rj z39penta m F j oh R39 ac ons Acid strength gerieraihir increases with eiectrehegativitv but 7 OH competes With atomic Size ngC H H20 quotK j 39 gt C C a cat ilt39 0 H j H 0H Minor Products Major terminal likens T H iH HHl b He Hi H o H We terminal alkyne e A gtW it Euihstitutieni and Eliminatian i eaetions Summary 2 carbacation 3quot carbocatimg a Threatquot tare Talia139 33231 Week mucieephile 5tre rig hueleaphiie Weeic nucieuphile 5 tmng 39IUiEiIEEDEFI39hiIE F ratiI seivent ngsretic aehren t P retii seivent heat Mi F T tii seieent heat iiii 2 steip 1step 2step lastep eatien irriterr39netiie teili he inte rri39ietiiatelIr icatieh iritetritedimeIF Tm inte rmn il mi rearrangements ne rearrangements rearrangemente i 9 Ho H q KOCCi i a Raenni product atereethernistry tiipe azaitseefs ruie E I11 5 11 CI i u iHOCCH33 H20 Br B p A H EiOi l 1 iI 2 Br 4 39 REiiiI 5 39 4 3 2 a tile is E h Ning 3 Br WaOCi ia H l R 3 quotI Dr ecu Pquot HBr H202 Reactinns Bf Alkynes 39q i 241 HE Hat 25m H1uI1 HUGH b A 1 2 3 4 Br starting Br H Maria target molecule Brzl hv fc ish Br NiaNHg H12 5 A L39 dlar s 39 LIn cat H H N13 H12 quot cat H


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