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Study Guide and small review

by: Clarissa Osagie

Study Guide and small review phys 1441

Marketplace > University of Texas at Arlington > Physics 2 > phys 1441 > Study Guide and small review
Clarissa Osagie
GPA 3.3
Physics 1

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About this Document

This is just a review of some of the important concepts.
Physics 1
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Clarissa Osagie on Monday September 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to phys 1441 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by N/a in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see Physics 1 in Physics 2 at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
General College Physics Describing Motion The study of an object s motion is apart of Mechanics This part of the notes will be concerned with Kinematics Kinematics is used to describe how an object moves Translational Motion is the motion of an object that doesn t r0tateWith that being said this part will be concerned about objects that move but don t rotate while in motion Particle Model This model is a good example of Translational motion because the particle moves in one straight direction and doesn t rotate o 9 In Physics coordinate axes are drawn to help specify the motion of an object At point 00 on the coordinate axis is the OriginThis is wherex O andy O 5 Position of an object in physics is usually 4 related to point on the x axis coordinate 3 Displacement in physics mainlyor usually 2 means an change in position 1 X 3 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 5 quot5 y Waming Displacement and distance are two different things in Physics Most people make the mistake of using them interchangeably with each other Let s take the time now to clear up any confusion between Displacement and Distance 0 Displacementof an object is just how far an object is from the starting position gtkThis is not the same as distance despite the fact that the de nitions sound the same Why Here is an example of displacement to help clarify any fogginess that might come to mind Example Let s say that a person is at position A Then the person walks 3 meters North and then walks 5 meters East Next heshe walks 3 meters South then the person walks 5 meters West 1 What is the displacement The displacement is zero Why Well remember that displacement is how far an object or in this case an individual is from the starting point The person started at point A and ended up at point A Equation for displacement AX XA XA 5 m Now when talking about the total B 390 Distance the answer would be 16 meters 3 m 3 m A Vb 5 m Displacement at point A 0 Distance traveled at point A E 16 m Vectors Vectors are used to represent anything that has a magnitude and direction Examples of vectors are acceleration displacement and velocity Each vector can be broken into components Example of a vector A car has a total displacement of 20 meters North The 20 meters by itself is a magnitude but when combined with a direction which in this case is north the displacement is a vector Average Speed is an object s total distance divided by the time the time it takes the object to travel Total distanceX E uation V q avg Timet Velocity is the distance divided by time distanceX Eguation V Timet Acceleration is when the velocity of an object changes or that the velocity of an object isn t constant When velocity is constant then acceleration will be zero V inal V initial Eguation aavg f 32 Declaration is when an object slows down General College Physics some Trigonometrytrig before attacking any physics 0 Some helpful equations to review Sin 9 Oppome Cos G Tan 9 H ypotenuse H ypotenuse Hypotenuse Adjacent Opposite lwpoterwse opposite adjacent Other things to gtkMake sure to review the inverse of Sine Cosine and Tangent Other Equations that will prove useful a2 b2 2 C2 0 A nrz Area of a circle 0 C 2mquot Circumference of a circle Physics is the study of nature and it s broken into two parts I Classical Physics I Modern Physics Measurements Uncertainty and Signi cant Figures 0 When collecting data it is important to have reliable measurements and of course no measurement will be precise 0 With every measurement taken there will be some level of uncertainty to go with it There are two types of uncertainty gt Estimated Uncertaintv example is used to help comprehend Example You measure a book that has a length of 99 inches but there the measurement is off by 002 inches The 002 is the estimated uncertainty That was what was estimated gt Percent Uncertainty Which is a ratio between measured uncertainty and the measurement Continuing with the example of the book The measurement is 99 inches and the uncertainty is 002 So to nd the percent uncertainty it would look like this 002 1000 99 X 0 The highlighted answer is the percent uncertainty Signi cant Figures 0 These are used to help reduce the uncertainty in a measurement Examples 1 2354 This has four signi cant gures 2 23456 This has 5 sig gs 0 There are some cases when you can t tell how many sig gs there are Example 1 60 In this case the amount of sig gs present is Ambiguous because it could be 1 sig g or 2 sig gs but in most cases this would be one sig g 2 60 In this case the amount sig gs present would be 2 Si Units Quick review of units used in physics very important that you review what units are being analyzed 0 Length meters 0 Time seconds 0 Mass kilograms Distance Vs Displacement Displacement in physics usually has to do with where an object is the position of an object here is an equation for displacement Displacement X XO X stands for position Distance is just how did the object or individual travel


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