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Midterm Study Guide

by: Devonee Shearer

Midterm Study Guide 102

Marketplace > West Virginia University > Geography > 102 > Midterm Study Guide
Devonee Shearer
GPA 3.95
World Regions
Bradley Richard Wilson (P)

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About this Document

Here is a 50 question study guide including everything from Weekly digests 5 and 6. Questions consist of comparing concepts, multiple choice, and short answer. I really hope this helps! Happy Stud...
World Regions
Bradley Richard Wilson (P)
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Devonee Shearer on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 102 at West Virginia University taught by Bradley Richard Wilson (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 65 views. For similar materials see World Regions in Geography at West Virginia University.

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Date Created: 09/29/15
World Regions Geography Exam 2 Study Guide 1 Europe is known as a region of a Volcanic activity b Peninsulas upon peninsulas c Landlocked seas d Great tasting food 2 Why does much of Europe have a moderate climate a The air above the North Atlantic Drift brings warm air inward towards the continent b The air above the North Atlantic Drift brings cold air inward towards the con nent c The air below the North Atlantic drift brings warm air away from the con nent d The air below the North Atlantic Drift brings cold air away from the con nent 3 What is the name of the two rivers in Europe a Mississippi and Rio Grande Rivers b Tigris and Euphrates Rivers c Rhine and Danube Rivers d Amazon and Uruguay Rivers 4 Where are these two rivers located a The Alps and SE Germany b Syria and Iraq c Mississippi and Texas d Brazil and Uruguay 5 What important roles do these two rivers play 6 What are the three climate types in Europe a Tundra Steppe Taiga b Temperate midlatitude Mediterranean and Humid Continental c Mediterranean Taiga Humid Continental d Steppe Mediterranean Tundra 7 What is the largest landform in Europe a The Rhine River b The Great Wall of China c The Alps d The Great Barrier Reef 8 What is the name of the current that brings warm water and large amounts of rain to the coast of Europe The North Atlantic Drift San Andreas Fault Juan de Fuca Plate The Golf Stream agom 9 What type of land covers 13 of Europe a Industrial sites b cities c transport sites d crops and pasture grasses 10Which area of Europe is most densely populated a The Northern European Plain b Central Europe c Poland d The Soviet Union 11What climate type dominates Eastern Europe and consists of hot summers and long cold winters a Tundra b Humid Continental c Taiga d Steppe 12List two out of the four landlocked seas in the region 13How long does it take for water to ush out of the Mediterranean a 14 years b 1 year c 80 years d 7 years 14Which countries in Europe have the highest levels of air pollution 15Russia supplies of crude oil and of natural gas for the European Union s 27 members a 2010 b 99 80 c 3034 d 100100 16What is virtual water A water footprint 17What is the de nition of a feudal social system 18Name four things that occurred during the Age of Exploration and how is the Age of Exploration connected to the Industrial Revolution 19What were the two processes that led to dif culty in the 20th century Cold War and WWI WWI and WWII Cold War and WWII French Revolution and Cold War 1070 20 What was the signi cance of the French Revolution a Produced the most casualties in any war b 1St war to include common workers in democratic institutions c 1St win of any war for the USA d Both a and b 21How many people died in WWI In WWII WWI WWII 22The practices of agriculture and animal husbandry spread to Europe from what pair of world regions Southwest Asia and Southeast Asia Southeast Asia and Central Asia Central Asia Southwest Asia None of the above 1000 23What was the quotiron curtainquot What was the quotCold Warquot and how was it fought 24 Compare and Contrast the Welfare Systems Rudimentary and SD CM and SD Social Democratic Conservative and Modest Rudimentary CM and Rudimentary All three of Russia lrepubHcs s l republics c 25 ethnic internal republics d 50 ethnic internal republics 26What landform serves as the informal border between Asia and Europe a The Alps b The Tigris River c The Ural Mountains d The Iron Curtain 27How has the formation of the EU in uenced Europe s political borders a It has encouraged women to join the government and work outside of the home b It has increased the amount of government in uence in Europe c Both a and b d None of the above 28n Europe we see many of the same concerns regarding immigration as in the United States What group is represented by the term quotguest workerquot a Africans and Chinese b Turks and North Africans c Jews and Chinese d None of the above 29What is the Schengen Accord a The free movement of people and goods across the border in 1995 b It is what it says it is it s the Schengen Accord c A type of car d A document allowing slaves to be travel 30 What process does the creation of the EU formalize What are among the core ideas of the EU 31What are some countries that have declined EU membership Why have they done so a France and England they wanted to have their own Union b Switzerland and Germany they weren t aware there was one c Norway and Switzerland the have long treasured their neutral role d Greece and ltaly they didn t like the idea 32Which of these is NOT one of the prerequisites forjoining the EU a Political stability amp democratically elected govt b Must have a population of at least 500000 people c Constitution in accordance with EU standards d Functioning market economy that s open to investment by foreign owned companies and has wellcontrolled banks 33Which of these is a candidate country for the EU TUrkey Spain Switzerland China 1070 34What was the predecessor of the EU a The European Economic Community b Russia c Both a and b d None of the above 35What process does the creation of the EU formalize What are among the core ideas of the EU 36 1 What is the of cial name of Russia a USSR b Russian Federation c Soviet Union d None of the above 2 When did the USSR dissolve a dissolved in 1993 b dissolved in 1995 c dissolved in 1991 d dissolved in 1996 37Why was it advantageous to join European national economies into a common market a So they could all have one common currency b Importing and exporting goods would become easier c It enabled the monitoring of Germany s industrial rehabilitation d All of the above 38What are the ve major landforms in the region described in lecture moving from west to east 39Which river ows into the Caspian Sea Tigris River Amazon River River of Venice Volga River 1000 40Where is Permafrost absent a Russia b West Siberian Plains c Paci c Coast d Central Asia 41What part of the region is most heavily settled a European Russia b Eastern Europe c Central Asia d None of the above 42How does the climate shape economic and agricultural activity in the region 43What is the signi cance of the city of Dzerzhinsk 44What happened in Chernobyl When 45What is the name of the largest wetlands plain in the world Camarague Kakadu West Siberian Plain Everglades 1000 46Why did the Aral Sea begin to shrink a All the water was getting drunk by the animals b The water was being used to put out res c The water was being used to irrigate the acres of cotton d None of the above 47Which is not one of the three governing institutions within the EU a European Parliament b Council of the EU c European Commission d European Council 48Fill in the table with the names and roles of each of the three governing institutions 49Most of Russia has which type of climate a Continental winter dry b Tundra c Steppe d Taiga 50What type of climate represents Russia s semiarid grasslands Steppe Tundra Taiga Temperate midlatitude 1000


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