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Study Guide for Exam 1

by: Anna

Study Guide for Exam 1 Botany 260

Introduction to Ecology
Dr. Adrian Treves

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About this Document

This study guide is created to help organize information in a more concise document. I have included where I reference the information so it is easy to look up additional information when you're un...
Introduction to Ecology
Dr. Adrian Treves
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Anna on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Botany 260 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Dr. Adrian Treves in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 274 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Ecology in Biology at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 09/29/15
Exam 1 Sfudy Guide This is organized by referencing a file posTed on LearnUW I will name The file and Then I have wriTTen here a summary of whaT The file is abouT AnyThing summarized will have a page number To quickly find if in The documenT as well I also have my noTes from lecTures posTed on a differenT documenT 6 million years of hominin ecologvpdf 3 Confingency we exisT because of luck noT purposefully WHYB The suns perfecT condiTions earTh s size and moon s funcTions meTals in earTh creaTing The magneTic fields mass exTincTions 4 There is a rise afTer exTincTions Know Permian 251 mya and K T 65 mya mass exTincTions 5 ExTincTion occurs because Resources food shelTer maTes resulTing in compeTiTion Change in environmenTs NaTuraI selecTion is The same as differenfial reproducTion ExTirpaTion is when a populaTion loses while exTincTion is when all populaTions lose 6 ExTincTion paTTerns Niche disTribuTion of resources AdapTive radiaTions someTimes happen afTer exTincTion DiversiTy is caused due To quick reproducTion MusT have evoluTionary Time scales 7 In The Permian mass exTincTion planTs suffered buT in The K T mass exTincTion angiosperms did beTTer PrimaTes evolved wiTh fruiTing planTs 8 Life is 45 billion years old while animals are only 570 million years old Organisms have preceded animals 87 of The Time Know The Taxonomy levels HinT of remembering iT TaughT To me by an old professor Qo Kindly Elease Qome Qver Eor Uper QreaT Sex 9 Phylum ChordaTa 505 mya 10 Class mammalia 250 mya Permian Mass ExTincTion happened 11 Order primaTes benefiTed from ThaT exTincTion 65 mya 12 PrimaTes are species rich apes are species poor Apes evolved 25 mya 13 US 3 mya Our exisTence relies on exTincTions 14 EarliesT hominins range from 625 Similar To chimps African foresT Mosle planT dieT Slowweak compared To megafauna No ToolsconTrol of fire 15 Saharan pump exTincTion due To climaTe changes 16 Hominin 25 mya We were mosle prey Passive scavengers us Talting from acTive ones eaTing lefTovers from lions who have already killed for example Oldowan Tech sTone Tools we began killing 17 19 15 mya Fire and Tools BuTchery before carnivore feeding 18 Sahara climaTe 19 15 Colonize Eurasia SouTheasT asia 11 WenT There for beTTer resources and less predaTors 19 goT There by rafTs or boaTs 20 3 humans evolved in Africa 045 mya dogs evolved wiTh us 21 027O75 mya arT is occurring 22 sTorage TransoorT and cloThing 23 Fire is used To hunT ProTecTion warmTh cooking 24 PlanT based dieT buT also some animals STaTus is imporTanT for reproducTion 29 AgriculTure was creaTed independenle across The world 30 arTificial selecTion came abouT 31 crop domesTicaTion 01 mya crowded living conTribuTes To many deaThs dip in populaTion bc of The plague indusTrial revoluTion boosTs populaTion EvoluTionary Ecology ParT Aodf 1 whaT is a Theory 2 The evidence and imolicaTions of a Theory 3 Lamarcllt found evidence for evoluTion buT noT The mechanism 4 Darwin found naTural selecTion The four connecTions for observaTion on This slide 5 DefiniTions of evoluTion macro evoluTion naTural selecTion 6 The evoluTionary facTors ThaT change gene frequencies Genetic Drift Mutdtion Gene Flow thurdl Selection 7 Common misconceptions dbout Ddrwin 8 teleologicdl VS evolutiondry 10 how two chromosomes in does become one Evol ecol B Struggle for survival priority of reproductionpdf SeXUdl selection mdte choice bdsed on fitness why sex seems mdldddptive some 3 4 5 6 Why sex is dddptive 7 Pdrentdl investment 8 some 9 Monogdmy Polygyny one mole Polyondry one femdle 13 Unselfish helping AKA dltruism dnd why is it beneficidl 14 Robert Trivers porentdl investment dnd porentdl offspring conflict 15 defined here 17 6 conditions for reciprocdl dltruism 18 Why reproduction tdlltes over survivol History of ecological thought part 1pdf 2 Teleology 3 why perfect dddptdtion doesn t cut it 4 why teleogicdl thinking is gone 5 Lamaracllt made fwo key observafions regarding nafure 6 how ecological change works 7 The difference befween an individual social group aggregafion andsubpopwa on 8 lnferspecific occur befween individuals of diff species 9 Habifafs groups of inferacfing species 10 Ecosysfem connecfed by ecological funcfions Biome climafegeographically connecfed Of wolves and dogspdf 2 Cooperafive reproducfion packs of 2 breeding adulfs Basically a group sfays fogefher 3 preadapfed means fhaf wolf behaviors were already compafible wifh humans 4 Direcf compefifion befween our species and canids happened when fhey mef of a resource affacllts may occur lndirecf occurred when if was jusf whoever was There firsf gof The resource 5 Dogs evolved differenf Times from grey wolves 6 Def of commensalism and mufualism 7 Dogs have ancienf roofs in Siberia Japan Alaska Tibef China and Africa 8 Dog breeds 9 Mufualism because of fransporf lOzHun ng l l Guarding 12 Dogs were also bred for aggression so fhey are nof always fame 15 Tdmehess nicer To people DomesTiCdTioh breed for specific purpose 16 selecTed forjuvehile TrdiTs 17 Dogs ooh redd humdh nonverbdl communiCdTioh lhsTith hoT ledrhed Also check ouT Any reddihgs if you re redlly unsure of d subjecT Advised To skim dround dlso l posTed Chdeer 6 guide I dm TesTihg Tth To see if dhyohe lilltes iT if H geTs some downloods I will cohTihue posTihg These BoTh sTudy guides we compleTed ds well ds his dhswers l odh T posT Them here buT They dre on LedrhUW PosTed videos on LedrhUW VisiT wiTh him or TA s by signing up on The websiTe Any of my weekly hoTes from lecTures


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