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Study Guide for Exam #1

by: Joseph Liverman

Study Guide for Exam #1 ENG 222

Joseph Liverman
GPA 3.45
GENRE(S) (Lecture)
C. Swartzentruber, M. Thompson

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About this Document

A study guide that I've put together for the exam this Friday. It's all based off of what she said would be on the test. GOOD LUCK! :)
GENRE(S) (Lecture)
C. Swartzentruber, M. Thompson
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Joseph Liverman on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ENG 222 at James Madison University taught by C. Swartzentruber, M. Thompson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 188 views. For similar materials see GENRE(S) (Lecture) in Foreign Language at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 09/29/15
ENG 222 Thompson Swartzentruber Fall 2015 Essay Exam 1 Study Guide Know the authors titles and dates of publication for all assigned primary and secondary readings Chopin The Awakening Date of Publication 1899 Larsen Quicksand Date of Publication 1928 Woolf from A Room of One s Own Judith Shakespeare Date of Publication October 24th 1929 Johnson quotPatriarchyquot maledominated identi ed and centered Date of Publication 1997 Welter quotCult of True Womanhoodquot purity piety domesticity submission Date of Publication 1966 Purity not having sex before marriage being chaste dressing modestly etc Piety essentially the same as holiness Domesticity cleaning cooking tending to the children etc Submission not disagreeing with your husband doing what he says etc Du Bois quotDamnation of Womenquot problem cause solution Date of Publication 1920 Probem Women cannot excel in their career when they have children because they have to spend time raising their children and African American women are robbed of their motherhood Cause The economy It is set up in such a way that a woman must either choose a career or motherhood and it particularly favors African American women who on average earn a higher wage than African American men this forces the women to work more and thus they cannot be mothers Solution Pay people what they earn thus not to rob the dignity of women by giving them what they do not earn nor to give them less than they deserve Chopin quotEmancipationquot Date of Publication Likely 1899 There are con icting dates depending on the source source but most agree that she wrote it as a young woman in 1869 Social Construction of Gender The idea that gender is simply an idea that a particular culture holds to be true In other words boys grow up to act like quotmenquot because when they are young they are told that they should play with Gl Joes play football quotact like a manquot etc and are chastised if they act too weak or emotional Essentialism The belief that a certain group of people or culture has an unchanging essence For instance in regards to gender some believe that men have an essence of strength courage con dence etc while women have an essence of nurturing kindness and emotion Foil character A character that re ects another s characteristics For instance in The Awakening Adele is a foil to Edna Adele s motherliness re ects Edna s lack of Tragic mulatto A gure that is recurrent throughout African American literature The commonality between these gures is that they are half white and half black and consequently they do not t in either black or white culture Free indirect discourse A style of writing in which an author transitions from actions to thoughts Example quotHe sat down on the chair and relaxed could things get any betterquot Regionalism local color The practice of emphasizing certain regional characteristics in literature through dialect or local setting Sexual doublebind for African American women For a long period of time when the majority of America was still racist African American women were thought to be extremely sexually promiscuous Thus in response the African American community s women began to act like the exact opposite as if they never had sex at all and were completely na39I39ve towards the matter This double bind denied African American women the expression of their true sexuality they could not simply be a normal sexual being they had to be either the nun or the prostitute Feminism The idea that men and women should be treated equally Jim Crow Named after a 19th century song which stereotyped African Americans quotJim Crow Lawsquot were laws that were passed that looked ethical on paper but that were actually used to discriminate against African Americans Harlem Renaissance A cultural explosion that took place in Harlem from roughly 19101930 This led to an enormous amount of African American literature music cuisine and culture Great Migration From 19101970 two quotgreat migrationsquot occurred in which a total of 6 million African Americans migrated from the South to the North in search of equality job opportunity and education Tuskegee lnstitute A traditionally black university that was established by Booker T Washington in 1881 in order to give African Americans the education that they couldn t receive from other universities 19th Amendment Prohibits any US citizen from being denied the right to vote solely based on sex It was rati ed on August 18th 1920 Traits of the traditional male narrative of development Childhood is spent in a rural area Moves into the city Attains independence Gets an education Meets mentors along the way Has 2 romances 1 bad and 1 good Reintegrates into society Traits of the female narrative of development Epiphanies at a later age when she is a woman Doesn t move probably because she can t s tied down by her family Doesn t get an education Doesn t have any mentors Only has negative romances Doesn t reintegrate into society Exam 1 Study Guide All of the above and Morrison Sula Date of Publication 1973 Themes Friendship It sustains characters and gets them through difficult times Loyaty Multiple parents display loyalty to their children by doing whatever it takes to ensure their survival Betraya Sula betraying Nel Jude s betrayal Sula betraying Eva etc Suffering due to issues of race and gender Pride both positive strong independent women and negative arrogance Forgiveness Unwillingness to forgive can lead to regret Traits of Contemporary African American literature A renewed interest in history Setting and community are heavily emphasized Motherhood is emphasized as well


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