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george washington

george washington


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first Secretary of Treasury

Alexander Hamilton

first Secretary of State

Thomas Jefferson

first Secretary of War

Henry Knox

first Attorney General

Edmund Randolph

Plans Washington supported to deal with America's debt after the war

Taxes and the National Bank

Precedent Washington established that helping the new government get started

Presidential cabinet/executive branch

How did Washington win support from the South for paying off war debts of the states

Moving the capital to the South

Tax revolt in America that Washington peacefully resolved

Whiskey Rebellion

Why was it important for the U.S. to stay out of the war between Britain and France

Britain was the biggest trading partner

Best know piece of advice Washington gave in his Farewell Address

Not to make permeant allies with other countries

MOST IMPORTANT precedent set by Washington

Stepping down after two terms

3 accomplishments of the nation during Washington's Presidency

1. Federal government 2. Paying off debt 3. Staying out of war with Britain