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Third Week Discussion Notes

by: Mary Kate Murnen

Third Week Discussion Notes Com 295

Mary Kate Murnen
GPA 3.0
Communication Theory

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About this Document

Notes from the text and our discussions in class on "Psychology and Form" and "Mediators"
Communication Theory
Study Guide
Psychology and Form, Burke, communication, Theory, Deleuze
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mary Kate Murnen on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Com 295 at Grand Valley State University taught by Zhang in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 120 views. For similar materials see Communication Theory in Communication Studies at Grand Valley State University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
Psychology amp Form Mary Kata Mame1 What does Form Do Gets the message across without it you won t get far it s distinguished from subject matterinformation r N Burke W31 Why Did He Write This Article a continuation of the connection of style and form are they interchangeable What s the Responding to exigency B 39differenoce something wrong in our culture so he wrote Rhetorlc 7 this as a response Coan be read as an artide about science has evolved so rapidly we re looking at Rhetorlc 7 whatthey re saying not HOW they say it uses theater to illustrate points about form The arts as well there was a Shift from quotrelevant to all types Of asthetics to pure informationpushing Lcommumcatlon NOT JUSt theater J threats of everything just becoming content a loss for form provides organization for information allows message to be conveyed effectively to audience let s them relate Form Psychology f Form is the creation of an appetite in the mind of the auditor and the adequate satisfying of that appetite This satisfaction so complicated is the human mechanism at times involves a temporary set of frustrations but in the end these frustrations prove to be simply a more involved kind of satisfaction and furthermore serve to make the satsifaction of fufillment more intensequot d B Very important quotel the idea is to create quotfrustrationquot in the audience so that their impending satisfaction is 39 more intense verbal and asthetic foreplay it s abou the body and mind working together Example Music the beat of the music and genre is related to it s era Example Opera contemporary music is composed differently than music composed Words in another language in the 180039s most do not speak music becomes about the vocies and Q h h h h h 5 Q 5 N instruments coming together instead of the content of the words being sung K One reason why music can stand repetition so much more sturdily than correspondingly good prose is that music of all ats is by its nature least suited to the psychology of information and has remained closer to the psychology of form Here form cannot atrophy Every dissonant chord cries for is solution and whether the musician resolves or refuses to resolvethe dissonance into the chord which the body creis for he is dealing in human appetites Correspondingly good prose however more pronne to the temptations of pure information cannot so much bear repetition since the asthetic value of k information is lost once that information is imparted lt B we want to resolve dissonace in music it penetrates our entire being it is energy can create good and bad quotvibesquot We always want the bad to change to good Dissonance is a resource to manipulate desire and appetite good for grati cation of resolution to be more intense artplllJ Wiener Philharmoniker Maurice Ravel Bolero Gustavo quotWequot A quotquotquotV 0 Dudamel HD Music Sheet Download 533313111 74091882 views Florin MC 4200 ll III 4127 3009907 How do we imagine the ending to sound B Expect to end at a big and significant finish because it started so calm and soft This is subconsiously expected Because of the nature of music repetition does not bore it excites and enthrals Words repeated in a similar fashion would have become boring and mindless Which is better r N Now Depends on when We are deCIdmg thls Not able to appreciate linear form the ffn m Itself haSFhanged over tlme Were are all about the Art of The Fragment PSyChOIOSlcal Pace has Increased over the Needs to be able to quickly grab attention years but overall FORM STILL MATTERS Example fines J r Truth in art is not the discovery of facts not an addition to human knowledge in the scientific sense ofthe word It is rather the exercise of human proppriety the formulation of symbols which rigify our sense of poise and rhythmArtistic truth is the externalization of taste 4 B Propriety Eloquence is about truth in propriety What s the right thing to sayhow to say it lt s about trying to please people style Decorumquot Communication is about developoing this sense having this Mature social advocacy without this you could be deemed a socical failure Rhetoric is about practical wisdom in refference to communication F rial Takeaway With good form interest can last a long time despite prior knowledge of the content being conveyed keeping the appetite in audience even without total suprise in knowledge gamma on wagQ Wan gang s


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