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study guide for the midterm

by: Hali Marie Harrison

study guide for the midterm CIS 201-904

Marketplace > Missouri State University > CIS 201-904 > study guide for the midterm
Hali Marie Harrison
GPA 2.89
Computer Applications for Business
Radhika Kaula

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About this Document

Hi. this is all of the quizzes we have taken except for 1 this semester so far. I put all of them together.
Computer Applications for Business
Radhika Kaula
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Hali Marie Harrison on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CIS 201-904 at Missouri State University taught by Radhika Kaula in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
Q Bonds are the certificates that have a face value of 1000 and will be worth 1000 at maturity It s value goes up and down based on the market interest rate When will the bond be traded below face value A if the current market rate is higher than the interest rate of the bond Q helps in understanding if a company financed itself through borrowed money or through equity and retained earnings A Total Debt Ratio Q is a measure to know if an asset can be converted into cash quickly A Liquidity Q summarizes a company s assets liabilities and shareholders equity at a specific point in time A Balance Sheet Q are the obligations that a company has to pay within a year A Current Liabilities Q measures the efficiency of the management A Activity Ratios Q are the cumulative income of a company over time that is retained within the company A Retained Earnings Q is an accounting method of allocating the cost of a tangible asset over its useful life A Depreciation Q Which of the following ratios is not a measure of liquidity Current Ratio Total Debt Ratio Working Capital Ratio Quick Ratio A Total Debt Ratio Q The balance sheet must balance the two columns that represent a company s assets liabilities and equity What is the correct fundament equation A Assets Liabilities Equity Q What is the primary purpose of the income statement A To show stakeholders how much money the company made or lost Q TF Accountants follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to create financial statements A True Q is defined as the price of one share of stock divided by the Earnings Per Share A Price to Earnings Ratio Q are the payment obligations that the company has not yet fulfilled A Accounts Payable Q DIVO error in the cell means A the formula is attempting to divide by 0 Q What are the key parts of the Income Statement A Revenues Expenses Interest Expense and Taxes Q Earnings Per Share is a key factor in determining the future price of a company s stock If a company has a higher EPS then A It would bring higher returns for the stockholders Q NAME in a cell means A The formula contains text that can t be recognized and calculate Q are a customer s promise to pay for goods and services that have been delivered A Account Receivables Q is a graphical representation of data A chart Q is required for a weighted criteria analysis where numbers are used to describe or analyze a situation A Quantitative Modeling Q The chart is the most common chart A Column Q F2G2C2 in the formula above which cell reference is absolute A SFSZ Q The main purpose of a weighted criteria analysis is A To help in understanding the subjective business decisions that businesses have to constantly make Q Mutually exclusive choices that are evaluated by te weighted criteria analysis are called A Alternatives Q The identifies the color and the name of each data series A Legend Q is used to evaluate each alternative against each criterion A Ranking system Q chart should be used to compare the size of parts of a whole as wedges of a pie A Pie Q There are 5 parts to the Weighted Criteria Analysis Which of the following is NOT one of them Selecting Alternatives Assign a rank to each criteria Depreciation Calculate scores A Depreciation Q is the amount of the loan A Principal Q is the number of months used to pay back the loan A Term of the loan Q Sam has set a goal every year so that he can buy the car that of saving 5000 every year so that he can buy the car that he likes in 5 years from now The car price is 25000 The savings account carries an interest rate of 4 Using the future value how much money has Sam saved in 5 years A 27082 I talked to the professor about his one She said she doesn t want us to memorize a formula for these types of questions she wants us to plus in the information in a spreadsheet to figure out the answer Q Using the order of operations what is the result of the following formula 1042332 A 14 steps to take 336 and 426 so 10818 and then subtract 6 leaving you with 12 so add on the 2 and you re left with 14 Q is the cost paid to borrow the money A Interest Rate Q Variables in the function are called A Arguments Q if you get an offer of buying a used car that you have to pay the monthly payments of 200 for 5 years and it would carry the interest rate of 6 what will be the present value of the total amount In other words if you want to pay one lump sum payment to buy the car outright what price will you offer A 10345 Again use an excel sheet and plug these numbers into the present value function to find the correct answer Q TF No down payment for the asset is required so the working capital may be preserved is an advantage of leasing an asset A True Q The time value of money means A money available now is worth more than the same amount of money realized in the future Q To navigate quickly in a large workbook use A Range names Q TF Scenario Analysis can be used to expand the capabilities of the decision support model that uses assumption values A True Q displays the name of the currently selected cell A Name Box Q Range names in the formulas copy as cell addresses A Absolute Q identify the key subtotals that are used to compare different scenarios A Result Cells Q TF By default a Scenario Summary report contains meaningful names in the Changing cells and Result cells area A True Q Which of the following is a valid range name ampsales 7assumption FutureSales futureSaes A FutureSales Q are the assumption values that change A Changing Cells Q The range name feature is also often referred to as just A names Q is the process of saving and analyzing the effect of different sets of assumption values on decision support models A Scenario Analysis


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