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by: Viola Durgan


Viola Durgan
GPA 3.83

Samuel Myers

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About this Document

Samuel Myers
Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Viola Durgan on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM 109 at Western Kentucky University taught by Samuel Myers in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/216752/chem-109-western-kentucky-university in Chemistry at Western Kentucky University.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
20 Simple inns such 5 Na and CI 39 have reachtd what sub electron arrangement r Nanw and Mass 23 Describe the importance Iodide inns in the body Where do you get this ion in your diet 24 List the seven diatomic gases fqmnlas 25 For whm pllrpnse is cgnuo s uszd in the body 4 De neatomic number Vi i39 i De m ammic mass M 39 39 JV d L i 1 XM iimquotf 5 gain or lose Which farms cations and which forms anions Metals K v Noumetzls l K 6 Win m A Group f 7 How many valence shell electrans are found in the following Li Ca CL Ne Wriie the electron con guration af ne following inns Ca Cl 39 Duane electrnn con guration ofan atom m 16 Hawmanygnmsof I quot V Zn 4 ZHCI gt ZnClz H2 1 V l7 Explain why Rntherford s Experiment was important g 1 V 18 w u 4 L L my WM v 39 r 3 r t x n 395 l Q 19 Define the terms reactants and pr udncts 39 7 3m 1 H U 2 m w Frnl 39 H I I 1 chemical reaction 52 53 34 quotv 55 56 57 4 C 5v momou 2m nlomic mm m the early 1800 s mvcnmd mu culhodc my mbc um u Hmquot Au utrhcmm quotV Hm Hmva quotmu w I d15covcrchha Snmc suthn lnc l 01mminu39ml39AuXubdpnclsc1rutlt1mgt W 77 ch as Ulanmm arc radioactive r 7 rcgmn and Ihu atom ls mos amply space x 6mm I A dcvclopcdanc umuruuuluummsmamasmqmmzmauuy hc mmum and momma Incancms or he elech nns Bum pdmulcs Lac fail mm mg 11 Alpha pamclcs have a mu m wuu mu ionnnln 7 AL p ubluvcl all 3 u mu u d whims an a miuu HLJ blevel 1 all 7 orhnal 5 J a n V Iowcs possible energy level The and m do so um elcclrons must have oppusuc spins paired LIV VA Groups vuhm Hmr m pcune gmups39 1 a x on 7 umup VIA groups 7 mups VIlA Group quotmupx va Groups 7 um quotMm wefo 39 Al Al39 L u 39 39 site ExplmMVhyilislurgcr gt uquot 77 L y x u H INN u H Kl 039 wm39xx v Hz Draw the Lewis Elcclron Dot Smlclure for the followmg panicles 8 De ntznl nicBund 17 a f quot V 39 Fe203 P205 30 9 Name nu following formulas BaO SBI 39rcle u formulas that are ionic in namm AMSO LhS 1103934 MgS N50 Test2 Chemistry109 F2112007 Name I um I I r nrl Imh Protnn Neman Electron Describe the twn regions of me mm w v Describe le electrical nature Df the 3mm x r V 6 Explain the following symbnl39s manning 39C m N g I vvuAIpInul MM I M H J quotn nun m I n n rim Ho D JMrmr Far the periodic table de ne Group Name mm mm gmnps IA van and VIIA 139 1quot I W k y Explain lmw an element is placed in z panicldar group What is III importance of the staircase SWHH x 1 Describe our features or metals y w Riv Describe huw the periodic table is amngm Amngeths ammsfrnm mumaummhelargstinsize Bunk 1mm x 00 a 02 Covalent quot n L f n 12 and 17 w 4J1 Innic 39 I covalcmmr cwzlent H I s 0 Ca I ClCl c o H o Li F Fe 5 Fr F 13 Describeii properties or failures ol39innic compounds V 2 x T 4 De ne a moleculnr formula Give 3 examples m f 39u 39 A Give the formula Imus or molar mass afthe follawing NH BaHCO mom H25 J KI A50 27 28 29 w 9 w m l 1 l l A 39 39 W m 39 L tnwi by gaining or shanrtg valence electmns in reach a stable electron arrangement similar to the nablc gas hill is the closest to it on the periodic tab c cctmns are lht only speci c electrons in an atom that are involved in chemical 39 i 7 Cl rcaci0ns and chcmlcal bonding Equal but opposite atlraclion between all metal ions and nnnmelal ions is known as the L bond lul A m t4 he central palllClL nl39artv lmlic minnnund is known as n 7 quot39V nil l Metal moms l i 7 valence electrons Nnttmcta atoms 7 valence clcctrnns tilllw Acids an ionic compounds that produce H quotwhen placed in Water Bast are ionic compounds that produce thv in m s v hen placed in water 539 if arc all the wlhcr tmuc cttmpounds that are not acids or base IA metals t orni tl i l ion llA rnctals form t ll 3 inns Aluminum mm 0 mm l hc VA nonmetal l39u ions l39hc VI nomnetals form lonsi l hc VIIA noumclals form ions The VIIIA noble gases form Milli rll thc ions that have a negative 539 t e are knoun uulluclll39fl r1 lhe tons lllal have a pOSlln39C charge are known collucitt 1y is lEL mu that arc unzttnttscd ul cl tullowmg tons l W 39 Write he correct tormule or the 39on k X Nitratcion a at Nitrite ion 39 Carbnnate On P osphalc inn 7 Ilypochlorttc ion arc lltc Uxi Nll l the ion that has lhc highest uuticcnttution inside a cell illlracellulm39 lS thclh m The most abundant 0 m body lluitl on gt and 7 Aliens arc the l i 39 tquot n components orbonc and teeth l tl39 39 MM lit The tl m his 7 blood cells 391 his de ciency cnnscs L cninm l rumnun 39l he smallest unll oi a Covalent etmlpuund is a E is known as blood sugar been used by the body 77ml l 39 Lilli i slimMK major Ion is an cssunliill component 01 lllc hemoglobin molecule ountl in red is a waste product thal occurs after the carbon atoms from your food have


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