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Internatl Relations

by: Destin Paucek

Internatl Relations PSCI 2500

Destin Paucek
GPA 3.99

James Butterfield

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About this Document

James Butterfield
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Destin Paucek on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSCI 2500 at Western Michigan University taught by James Butterfield in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/216855/psci-2500-western-michigan-university in Political Science at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
PSCI 2500 Study Questions for MidTerm Your mid term questions will come from this list Be prepared to write a long paragraph or two on each a half page at least NOTE 1 The biggest cause for poor performance on the exam is short responses Be thorough If you39ve written two or three sentences and think it39s time to move on think again NOTE 2 You must arrange a place to take the exam with a proctor IN ADVANCE This is true even if you are not in or near Kalamazoo ATIS has much experience in assisting with this Contact them NOW not next week NOTE 3 Unlike the quizzes the exam is NOT open book or open notes 1 What is globalization Name as many facets of globalization as you can and explain how they are changing or not changing the world 2 How is contemporary globalization altering or undermining the Westphalian order 3 What is quotmodern total warquot How has war changed over the last century 4 Is Thucydides out of date Why do we still read his account 5 Compare and contrast the central tenets of Liberalism and Realism How do they differ Is there any common ground between them 6 What does Wendt mean by the phrase quotanarchy is what states make of itquot N Outline the main tenets of quotcosmopolitanismquot and quotcommunitarianismquot and situate them within the debate concerning humanitarian intervention and moral responsibility 8 What isare the feminist views of international relations 9 What is the quotjust warquot tradition In what ways does it affect international relations 10 Which has exerted a bigger effect on war the end of the cold war or globalization Provide reasons to support your answer 11 Define quotcollective securityquot and give examples Can collective security work in the let century Why or why not 12 What were the key institutions and purposes of the Bretton Woods system at its inception How did they evolve during the post war years In what ways have they become obsolete or counter productive today 13 How do quotgender specific lensesquot change our conception of the state 14 What are the four features of the modern institution of international law and how do they fit together How does international law work if there are little or no enforcement mechanisms What is a regime How do regimes address the problems of anarchy Provide examples How has the UN challenged state sovereignty In what ways is it complementary to sovereig nty What are the key concepts and activities associated with the behaviour of transnational companies Does this suggest that the state is no longer able to exercise its sovereignty in international trade Why or why not What are the challenges facing global governance as a result of globalization


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