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Intro To Media & Telecom

by: Mrs. Shania Schoen

Intro To Media & Telecom COM 2400

Mrs. Shania Schoen
GPA 3.8

Wade Cutler

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About this Document

Wade Cutler
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mrs. Shania Schoen on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to COM 2400 at Western Michigan University taught by Wade Cutler in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 82 views. For similar materials see /class/216982/com-2400-western-michigan-university in Communication, School Of at Western Michigan University.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
Exam 2 Review Note All powerpoint notes classroom discussions assigned readings are fair game for the exam Key areas to study Chapter 4 Telegraph Invented by Samuel Morse Sends electrical pulses from a transmitter through a cable to a reception point Maj or limitations of Telegraph Could not transmit the human voice Samuel Morse Invented the Telegraph in the 18405 and was an American artistinventor Marconi Guglielmo Marconi an inventor entrepreneur and a self educated Italian engineer and worked to make wireless technology practical He invented wireless telegraphy lsrwireless Morse code Between DC and Baltimore in 1844 British Marconi Also known as Marconi Wireless Telgraph Company that was formed in London in 1897 American Marconi 1899 company that was opened in the United States lsrwireless signal across Atlantic Ran from Newfoundland to Ireland along the ocean oor in 1866 Marconi s shortfall He viewed only pointtopoint communication not onetomany Lee DeForest An inventor who called himself the father of radio and he wrote the first PhD Dissertation on wireless technology DeForest vs Marconi They competed against each others companies for the leader of wireless communication Audio vacuum tube This detects signals and then ampli es them Reginald Fessenden The rst voice broadcast Canadian engineer formely a chief chemist for Thomas Edison lsrvoice transmission Reginald Fessenden on Dec 24m 1906 lstmusic transmission Performed by Metropolitan Opera Tenor Enrico Caruso in 1907 Broadcasting the transmission of radio waves to a broad public audience Radio and WWI The navy closed down a lot of stations to secure military security RCA beginnings Radio Corporation of America founded in 1919 and quickly monoplized the wireless industry and expanded American communication to the world GE Westinghouse RCA amp ATampT responsible for US control over the manufacture of transmitters and receivers KDKA Pittsburg In 1920 became the r rst commercial broadcast system 8MK WWJ based off detroit and was also on the air the time of KDKA lsLto sell advertising ATampT was the first to seel advertising When and What stations formed lstradio network WEAF and WNAC aired by ATampT in 1923 The Network Idea 4 points of economic rationale A network enables stations to control program costs Avoids unnecessary duplication of programs Cheaper to produce programs at 1 station and broadcast them to others Better music and programs NBC Red amp Blue Red was the original ATampT telephone group and Blue was the RCA current radio group ABC RCA sold Blue in the 1940s for 8 million and it became ABC Option time the Networks forcing their affiliates to play the programs that the Network wanted Radio Act 1912 The US Government only had the power to grant licenses not restrict stations from operating Radio Act 1927 Restored order to the airwaves Comedy Variety Show 7 most popular Eveready House in 1923 Serial Show A program that featured a continuing story line from one day to the next The first was Amos n Andy Serial Drama Target marketing television nicknamed soaps Soaps What use to be Serial Drama for Women Edwin Armstrong Developed FM radio in the late 20s and early 305 AM Amplitude Modulation which stressed the volume or height of radio waves and had greater transmitting distance FM Frequency Modulation Greater clarity accentuated the pitch or distance between radio waves staticfree reception Todd Storz came up with formuladriven radio and observed that people played certain songs ovaquot and ova again injukeboxers So he came up with roation and played the top songs many times during the day Hot Clock Management dictates what the DJ will do at points during the house Overall just telling the DJ what to play and when Radio programming DJ s VS Management Djs saw their profression as an art where Management saw it as a way to generate more revenue Managers won Most popular format News Talk Radio 2 elements leading to NTR s success FM was killing aM due to quality and the repeal of Fairness Doctrine during Reagan Administration Adult Contemporary 2nd most popular Most of the listeners were over 40 Middle of Road AC first name and is one of the oldest radio formats Top 40 Also called Contemporary Hit Radio and it appeals to teens and young adults Radio station WSM Nashville station that started Country Radio with Grand Ole Opry Newest fastest growing format Spanish Language Radio Rule of 7 s No one could own more than 7 AM 7FM and 7 TV stations Act of 1996 Freed up limitations on radio ownership Clear Channel One of the large companies that bought up a lot of the stations CBS Radio Another one of the large stations to own more of the radio stations LPFM Low Power FM that gave a voice to local groups lacking access to public airwaves Chapter 5 Vladimere Zworykin A russian immigrant who arrived in the UIS around 1919 md began working for Westinghouse labs then moved to RCA Philo Farnsworth Selfeducated Utah sheep farmer who broke down and reassembled pictures called a dissector tube He also came up with scanning Iconoscope an early television tube which beam electrons scans a photoemissive mosaic Dissector tube Breaks down and reassembles pictures Interlaced scanning Lines every other than goes back to the ones it missed 1357 then 2468 Progressive scanning 12345 lsLUS patent for electronic TV In 1930 by Philo Fransworth US TV s debut 1939 at the Worlds Fair in New York NTSC National Telivision Systems Committee Set up by FCC as an advisory group for the TV industry 5 reasons TV was delayed with startup The depression of the 305 WW2 lack of standards lack of receivers and hampering of widespread acceptance and lack of acceptance 525 lines 30 frames Standard Black and White TV VHF Very High Frequency UHF Ultra High Frequency FCC s imposed Freeze This was the F005 option instead of giving out more licenses from 19481952 All Channels Receiver Bill Required all future TV sets to have both VHF and UHF tuners TV programming amp actors Most came from radio to TV Quiz shows Run by sponsers and were cheap to produce however were very dif cult and were ended in 1959 Primetime dramas lst primetime show to have serial plotlines and soapish melodrama It also added a hint of masculinity to the world of soaps Situation Comedy Sketch comedy or sitcoms 2 types of syndication Off network where shows that have been on the network already are resold to another network as reruns Then lst Syndication that shows are made from beginning to go into reruns Murrow vs McCarthy Gave memorable live reports from bomb ravaged london He was one of the most in uential journalists in bringing about the fall of McCarthy who was bad for the TV industry He engaged in blacklisting and prevented others careers by claiming they were commuynists Blacklisting Writers producers and news personnel were prevented from working Cronkite most trusted man in America An anchor and managing editor ofCBS evening news He brought about the broadcast about the JFK assasination Chapter 6 CATV Community Antenna Television Starting in mountain areas to prvent blockage in reception CATV began where and Why Above Started in Oregon Pennsylvania and Manhattan 2 major advantages of cable Can carry both broad and local broadcasts Must Carry Rule Required all cable operators to assign channels to and carry all local TV broadcasts on their systems Telecomm act of 96 Cable fully under the federal rule that had long governed phone radio and TV Narrowcasting Directed to a certain audience not the general public DBS Direct Broadcast Satellites Such as the Dish network


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