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exam #1 study guide

by: Miki Noah-Wilson

exam #1 study guide HIST 2010

Miki Noah-Wilson
GPA 2.5
American History I
Dr. Paula Hinton

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About this Document

Hey guys this is the study guide for the first exam these are for possible identifications. I am not sure what the essay questions will make sure you study everything not just these w...
American History I
Dr. Paula Hinton
Study Guide
#exam #history2010
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This 11 page Study Guide was uploaded by Miki Noah-Wilson on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HIST 2010 at Tennessee Tech University taught by Dr. Paula Hinton in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 78 views. For similar materials see American History I in History at Tennessee Tech University.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
History 2010 Study guide for exam 1 Hierarchy natural inequality in society and family Showing deference to higherups 5 NH firm Ehmiquot J39f39h ciwg Um Angeli Mum and arearia E 39m39j min I can Anf m i Hahn f s anfini g Hiring everyone is linked vertically People at top have more in common with saints and angles than ordinary people Farmers has more in common With a horse than a king Castilian Model began in late 1400s Conquistadores conquer Castile kingdom of Spain First to expand Population increased faster than others Greater land shortage mountainsdeserts Best sailors and warriors of that time Expeditions of young men Raise Hell stealing killing etc Some tried to convert native people Most are there to gain wealth Drake Model began in 1570s Pirates sea dogs privateers government payed them Francis Drake most famous English and Spanish con icts are old England debt ridden Drake and others used faster and smaller ships than the Spanish galleon Virginia Company formed 1606 Named after Queen Elizabeth the first 1607 founded Jamestown Virginia Not expecting to stay Set up raiding base Almost failed Winter 16091610 Only 60 of 500 colonist survived John Winthrop born 1587 or 1588 Died 1649 Wealthy puritan lawyer in England Leader of Massachusetts Bay companycolony Very different form earlier groups 42 years old When he left England Wealthy not looking for treasure Protestant Wanted a purer Church of England Persecuted in England at the time Decided to leave England and establish life in the new world When arrived in the new world made a speech called Model of Christian Charity Speech Household econornic units Produce food Produce clothing Reproduce Provided education Care for sick and dead Care for elders Cared for disabled Supported unemployment Regulate behavior Indentured Servants had a contract Typically received gt Food gt One change of clothes gt Shelter gt Passage to new world Labor for 7 years without getting pay Most were between the ages of 1822 Many didn t survive Some were abused and treated unfairly Were replaced by slaves by the end of 1600s Gentry wealthy Owned large amounts of land Governed colonies Serve in legislatures Served as judges Patriarchs of society and home BUT tended to be insecure They are the masters Obsessed with maintaining elite status Slaves brought in involuntarily Bottom of hierarchy From Africa West Indies 95 end up in South America Slavery different depending upon location 1 Carolinas South Carolina and southern north Carolina Largest majority of SC population Rice indigo a little cotton 2 Chesapeake 4 out of 10 Tobacco Some hired out 3 New England Fewest Cities Shipping harbors docks Small farms Females primarily domestic work Middle Ground Native Americans Physically and cultural Positive interaction Clothing language etc Trade Aid Marriage Negative interaction Disease Land War 90 were killed by the Europeans most of these deaths were due to disease Opechancanough born in 1554 Died in 1646 Virginia Jamestown Powhatan confederacy Brother Chief Powhatan Niece Pocahontas Early life in Spain Jamestown 1607 about 30 years old Was called Luis or Don Luis or Luis de Velasco by the Spaniards Trade with Europe 1646 lead last major attack around 90 years Taken prisoner and killed Mary Rowlandson Was taken prisoner by the Native Americans during the King Philip s war King Philip Metacom or Metacomet 1661 becomes chief of Wampanoag Must resist further expansion Organizes federation of about 23 of tribes in the area French and Indian war by 1750 English colonists surrounded by Native Americans the French and the Spanish Colonies are prosperous Colonists are proud to be British subjects No hints that revolution is a few years away Beginning of trouble French and Indian war 17561763 Also called the seven years war Salutary Neglect meant to keep American colonies obedient to England Sugar act l764 Tax on imported Wines silks tropical food and sugar Don t pay it shipped to England for trial in front of British jury Colonist protest Tax reduced Sets dangerous precedent George Grenville prime minister of England Intelligent talented KneW little about colonist Believed colonist weren t completely civilized and interested in their opinions Stamp act 1 7 65 Tax on all documents and printed matter includes Wills deeds licenses newspaper contracts pamphlets stationary playing cards etc Not excessive and all proceeds used to pay costs of protecting colonists Supposed to go into effect November 1 1765 Townshend Duties 1767 Prime minister temp Charles Townshend Champagne Charles Make up lost revenue by taxing colonist Townshend duties passed Tax on imported paper paint lead glass and tea Colonist boycott 1770 repealed tax on everything except tea Colonists satisfied end boycott Early 1770s trade increased to record levels But tensions remain Sam Adams most responsible for American independence 17221803 Harvard Farming brewery Real passion politics Sons of liberty Boston Massacre March 5 1770 Boston Severe winter cold and icy day Lobster backs red coats Confrontations 5 colonists killed more wounded Sam Adams coins Boston Massacre Paul Revere silversmith engraving 8 soldiers charged with murder But many in Boston blame the mob of colonists Soldiers hire John Adams cousin of Sam Adams as their lawyer Significance Trial in front of Boston Jury 6 soldiers acquitted not quilt 2 found not quilt of murder Guilty of manslaughter James Otis 17251783 Harvard Boston lawyer Mental Lucid occasionally until death Coercive acts 1774 Colonist coercive Acts Closed Boston harbor until dumped tea is paid for Town meetings banned authority of royals governor increased New governor appointed General Gage British commander of Native American forces Any British soldiers charge With a crime Will have their trials transfer outside of the 999 colony e New Quartering Act authorized British to house military in occupied private house of colonists Committees of Correspondance First Boston in 1764 Other colonies follow 1773 every colony United colonies spread information Allowed colonists to communicate With each other in an organized and efficient manner Decided to meet in person for the first time Thomas Paine 17371809 Born in England Failed businessman tax collector teacher Active in politics Meets Benjamin Franklin Franklin convinced him to emigrate to America Arrived in Philadelphia on November 30 1774 Common Sense pamphlet January 1776 Changed course of history America s attachment to King George III and monarchy in general 9 6 all kings vile tyrants Glorious Cause great advantage Liberty homes families The cause of America is the cause of mankind Battle of Saratoga October 1777 NeW York 4000 British regulars 3000 Hessian 1000 Native Americans South from Canada over difficult terrain Lt General Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne Americans slowed them down Felled trees Blocked streams and rivers Destroyed bridges Bumed farms supplies Progress one mile per day At Saratoga Burgoyne and 6000 of his troops are forced to surrender Treaty of Paris September 1783 Eng1and kept Canada and some Caribbean islands Americans get the rest and independence


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