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by: Selina Quick


Marketplace > Texas State University > Art > ART 2313 > ART 2313 FINAL EXAM
Selina Quick
Texas State
GPA 3.01
Introduction to Fine Arts

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About this Document

Cumulative study guide for Pizer's ART 2313 final exam.
Introduction to Fine Arts
Study Guide
medieval art, Art History, Art, fine arts, final exam, texas state, txst, texas state university, pizer, introduction to fine arts
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Selina Quick on Thursday October 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ART 2313 at Texas State University taught by Pizer in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 202 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Fine Arts in Art at Texas State University.


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Date Created: 10/01/15
115 Questions 40 Questions are Image Based 1 Paleolithic quotold stone agequot 16 pg 38 0 Beginning of the ancient period c No conventional5m there is not a uniform way of representing something or someone 2 Fertility Figures 18 pg40 there is a spiritual connection or signi cance to a work gt People wearing bird masks totems represent a person or spirit in a different form Marks the birth of civilization Sumerians in Mesopotamia there is a sense of perpetual devotion to higher beings Theocratic larger statues tend to symbolize a more powerful person gt social hierarchy gt Fig 18 the tallest statue is the high priest king 3 a manmade sacred mountain 4 Ancient Egypt 0 111 pg 42 funeral statues that are meant to represent your body in the afterlifeinsurance if a God chooses to let nature or criminals de le your mummi ed bodyrepresented your status and portrayed your life accomplishments Old Kingdom gt Pyramids and sphinx 112 pg 43 0 New Kingdom gt 113 pg 43 A style of art paintingsrepresented eeting moments Created by Amenhotep later called Akhenaton he is the 1St monotheist in history and claimed to be God39s sonpraise the sun God named Aten 5 Minoan Pillars round bowlshaped top to pillar Very sophisticated engineering to prevent toppling over 0 wet pigment is painted on wet plaster this allows the color to retain permanence Minoan palaces of Knossos 22 pg 55 has examples of their painting styles 6 Mycenaean conquered the Minoans 25 pg 57 just know that this lion gate is their only signi cance 1 Phoenician Alphabet stolen and applied to arising culture 2 style 29 and 210 pg 62 and 63 most if not all of these pieces were made in Attic a region outside of Athens 3 statues depicting nude youth freestandingstiff frontfacing poses with arms by their sides often with sts clenched teen angst perhaps they copy the Egyptians with that one foot forward pose gt men naked 212 pg 64 gt women covered painted with colorful waxes 213 pg 65 4 the background is black the people are red pg60 5 the background is red the people are black this is done by etching into the material with a stylus to draw the people comes later and is an easier process than red gures 7 Orders ln chronological order Doric plain no base of the column the pillars just run directly into the ground 0 m scrolls on top and base continuous frieze Corinthian leaves ivy continuous frieze with scenery or quotpropagandaquot 37 pg 86 Often the paint is faded on these because they are painted after the vessel has been red Funerary private art that is placed alongside graves Filled with perfumed olive oil or owers 31 pg 72 0 Giant room surrounded by pillarswhere Hercules talks to Zeus in the Disney movie 0 Golden Age of Athens 0 Paid for by misappropriation of funds that were meant for the Delian League 0 pillars of the Parthenon were physically distorted bent or curved to perfect nature 3 POLYCLITUS creates the statue DORYPHORUS 39 pg 87 Polyclitus created a mathematical strategy for sculpting the perfect human form 0 this is a perfect example of a shift in weight 0 Man is the measure of all things nude men are perfect mankind has a special place in the universe and required a perfect mathematical equation 4 Greek Theater we need to know the famous playwrites and what they offered modern theaten AESCHYLUS Father of 1 De ned by powerful and overwhelming emotional scenes 2 image 319 page 93 3 Flips the expectations of the late classical upside down 4 image 317 pg 92 has Wet TShirt Look 318 pg 92 showing emotionfearlack control of their humanity 6 busts sculpted faces of old wrinkly men considered powerful because they wore themselves down by living a life of selfsacri ce and quotdeath before dishonorquot 416 pg 127 o divination from nature should allow ideal observation of the world 0 Deep porch raised platform for viewing 7 8 AUGUSTUS 412 pg 125 brought the Golden Age of Athensthe rst dei ed emperor 9 8 420 109128 0 quothonor above lifequot the motto of the gladiators Has orders on columns in chronological order that one would learn about them doricionicCorinthian 9 pg 130131 0 Temple an imperial forum 0 140x14039 perfect sphere 1 image 622 page 194 gt Crowing architectural achievement of the Byzantine Empire gt were used to structurally support the dome of the building These are triangular shaped columns at 90 degree angles 1 Roman Catholic Ba roq ueBa roque of the Pa pacy A De ned by gt Counterreformation the Catholic Church is trying to get their followers back gt large number of women are sainted during this time celebrates the saintsVirgin Mary B BERNINI gt image 1218 pg 388 0 Virtually naked shows that he is clothed in the faith of God 0 Emphasized time we know exactly what moment in this story is being captured gt image 1220 pg 389 0 St Theresa was the posterchild for the counterreformation because her story speaks of her sway from Catholic Church toward Protestant and her return to Catholicism after she is speared with a fire dipped arrow C ST IGNATI US 0F LOYOLA gt Founder of Jesuit education Jesuits were a part of the Spanish inquisition D in St Peters image page 370 chapter intro picture gt Emphasizes Roman Catholicismhere you achieve salvation stands above St Peter s tomb E Caravaggio his works showed that faith and grace are open to everyone gt Calling of St Matthew image 126 pg 379 0 Great example of a high contrast between light and dark dark manner scenes painted of places that don t get much lighting like pubs or shadow corners 0 Works like these their artists were called gt Death of the Virgin image 127 pg380 0 Feet showing bloated corpse she s not idealized modelled by a common woman 2 Aristocratic Baroque A De ned by gt Divine right to rulecelebrate social status and wealthsupreme authority and control B image 1225 pg 392393 gt Louis le Vau he s one of the only named artists that worked on Versailles out of hundreds gt Manicured lawns unnatural but every leaf is in its place illustrates an absolute ruler with power and wealth C Peter Paul RUBENS gt Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus image 1210 pg382 0 Good example of dynamic color and Rubenesgue figures 0 Symbolizes the bounty and wealth of the aristocrats D Nicolas POUSSIN gt Rivaled against Ruben their ideas portrayed in art were contradicting gt Landscape with Burial of Phocion image 1212 page 383 0 Was intended for more educated viewers 0 Less emphasis on color contrasted Rubens dynamic color 3 Middle Class Baroque A De ned by gt Literacy for womenshowing off your wealth was shameful gt Group portraits landscapes as a higher art stilllife B REMBRANDT gt The Night Watch image 1213 page 384 0 Uses building up layers of paint often these peaks on the canvas could cast shadows 0 The painting displays the chaos that is Dutch culture 0 Paintings are often small intimate Something that could hang comfortably in a person s house C Jacob van RUISDAEL gt The Jewish Cemetery image 1215 pg386 0 About different conceptions of time Rainbow eeting moment Church collapsed but still standing a lasting structure 1 owery delicate and detailed paintings with an erotic message to them symbolizes the youthful aristocrats image on pg 408 2 Marie van Margo Revolutionized ballet 3 Isador Duncan brought dance into modern age I expressive style nontraditional 4 5 6 7 8 9 Brecht introduced setting events in another place andor time in order to distance the emotional impact yet enhance the intellectual impact for the spectator JacquesLouis BM gt Oath of Horatii page 424 0 bringing a classical style of art back after seeing what the Grecoromans created during their time 0 Heavily in uenced by the discovery of Pompeii and Herculaneum people brought back that Grecoroman style after looking into a time capsule of the old ruins 0 Inspired theater where a play would be acted out and all characters would freeze at a specific scene that replicated a famous painting at the time page 417 gt The Father of the Enlightenment gt Deist believed we should focus on the similarities between religions similar to the Neoplatonic Academy in Early Italian Renaissance gt Philosophe knowledge should be made more available to the public gt Humanitarianism those with power and wealth have an obligation to act on behalf of those without it Diderot I Wrote the first encyclopedia HOGARTH I The Rake s Progress The Orgy image 139 page 421 0 Shows the lack of humanitarianism 0 Excessive wealth deviant behavior is shocking to the public GH Krohne image 1319 pg427 0 Lavish interiors people become part of the art 1 2 3 Defined by gt Focus more on subject matter gt General aim to make the viewer feel somethingemotional response Different Manifestations of the Romantic a Nightmares gt Francisco de Goya image 146 pg 456 0 Goya rej ected what the Enlightenment had become with the French occupation of Spain 0 Spanish men slaughtered in Barcelona 0 Meant to show how humanitypeoples violence toward each other can be its own downfall b Nationalism gt All national anthems are written during this era gt Gericaalt image 144 pg 455 0 Inspired a revolutionary government in France 0 Symbolized the aristocrats ignorance to the commoners suffering gt Turner image 148 pg 457 0 Britain attempts to end the international slave trade this art encourages viewers to imagine stories conveyed in writings about what happens on slave passage gt Delacroix image 149 pg 458 Liberty Leading The People 0 Captures scenes of high emotion 0 Leading crowd of French freedomloving commoners Architecture gt gt Gothic Revival image 1413 page 461 Gothic architecture resurfaces built with modern technologies Remove the necessity of external support because building now uses raw materialsironglassloadbearing walls Exoticism image 1412 page 460 Southern England used to escape from daily lifeappears as an exotic realm 1 Defined by VVVV Late 19th Century fastpaced life Large working class industrial revolution leaves machines more integrated into daily life Aestheticism art for art s sake a quest for a sublime experience beauty Functionalism everything has a purposecontributes to the big picture 2 Realism not realistic in picture What is being represented is what is realisticshines truth onto viewer gt Tanner image 156 pg 488 The Banio Lesson 0 A good example of art for art s sake 0 Finds the beauty in daily life Daamier image 1510 pg 491 The Third Class Carriage 0 French Realist Philanthropist was often censored 0 Images that force people to see and respond to end suffering 0 Depicts womenchildrenelderly being sent to work in factories Courbet image 157 pg 489 0 French Realist in uenced by photography 0 Unvarnished truth about French gov solution to unemploymentpaying a small wage for labor is not a good answer to the problem Manet pg 490 0 Realist greatest in art academy 0 Controversial paintings created the Salon de Refusee and hung all Louvre rejected art 3 Impressionism catch eeting lighting and colorsobservations of everyday lifecapture the idea of a person or object not realistic picture gt Claude Monet image 151 pg 480 0 this isn t art but an impression of art 0 Captures the impression of the cathedral focus on the lighting and colors PierreAuguste Renoir image 1513 pg 493 0 Broad brush strokes that represent people 0 People of different socialwealth status mingling scandalous painting Mary Cassatt image 1515 pg 495 0 American moved to Paris 0 Plays with nonwestern aesthetic incorporates American style with French Rodin image 1516 page 496 Burghers of Calais 0 Commissioned by the government sculpture 0 Represents the city s elders surrendering sacrificing themselves to the British 0 Varied responses and emotions from the subjects 4 PostImpressionism focus on capturing sensory experience what is seen the changes in colorpersonal impressions of the world gt Searat image 1519 pg 498 0 neoimpressionist 0 Uses style of color theory on how light is matterdifferent appearances of color depending on how the light travels through leavesetc Thousands of shaded dots how the color is applied with light dashes 5 Abstraction focus on less organicnatural shapes and use color to define form a Cubism 0 Picasso image 1524 pg 501 Simplified forms and restrictive color artist denies classical proportions and organic lines of the human form Women are inspired by Oceanic amp African masks with a style of b Futurism humans embracing the machinehow something moves in space 0 Duchamp image 1525 pg 502 Nude Descending Staircase Humans are machines that are fueled by passion Motions of the body in space are main focus of this piece 0 Boccioni image 1526 pg 503 Bronze sculpture Inspired by manifesto that stated the machine should be glorified A composition of motion c Fauvism given its name after critics call these artists beasts with color beasts fauve in Frenchcolor is for emotional and beauty response not for representing realistic color 0 Matisse image 1528 pg 504 Blue Nude Bold strokes of color revealed form Expressive undisciplined with color 0 Kandinsky image 1529 pg 504 Improvisation No 30 Fragmented realityGerman expressionist Recreate the world based on an impression Part of blue rider group A Architecture gt Gaadi image 1532 pg 506 Casa Batllo 0 Organic natural forms rejected modern architecture 0 No straight lines or corners gt Sullivan image 1531 pg 505 Department Store 0 Structure that responds to modern world late 19th century 0 Elevator invented and applied storesofficesapartments all in one building 1 Defined by gt Western culture rejection of traditional conventions gt Experimentation is common during this erasocietal change and technology 2 Abstraction reduced use of natural shapes and images pure use of color gt Ligchitz image 1618 pg 541 0 Sculptor response to cubism 0 See the world fragmentedrepresents the object and the space it occupies throughout motion sculpture is very facettedbrokenup gt Brancasi image 1617 pg 541 Mademoiselle Pogany 0 Captures the essence of a woman s form 0 MarbleLimestone sculpture 9 gt the style 0 Dutch in uenced by Zen Buddhism 0 Mondrian Composition in BlackRedWhite Seen as meditativeuses lines and primary colors i gt Georgia O Keeffe pg 537 0 Surrealism approach to landscapes uses color to demonstrate form gt Grant Wood image 1612 pg 538 0 American realism plays with the concept of realism 0 Could be a parodyj oke painting about life in the Midwest 3 The Harlem Renaissance gt Aaron Douglass image 1614 pg 539 0 Painted to appear like layered seethrough forms layers take you back in time 4 Surrealism in uenced by Freud psychoanalysissurrealists embrace neurosis want to be in touch with the subconscious mindpaintings are dreamlike gt Chirico image 169 pg 536 Nostalgia of Infinite gt Kahlo pg 522 The Broken Column gt Diego Rivera image 1615 pg 540 Enslavement of Indians Mexican muralist 5 gt This style is about making photography an art in its own rightphotography used to try to recreate old painting styles gt Ansel Adams image 1619 pg 542 0 Emphasized untouched nature these later helped environmental movements gt Dorothea Lang image 1620 pg 542 0 American Realism caught US Dust Bowl and Great Depression 6 Architecture gt Frank Lloyd Wright pg 544454 Kaufmann House homes Uses rocks quarried from building site Incorporates surrounding environment into construction gt Le Corbusier image 1624 pg 545 Villa Savoye incorporate the car into home with garageselfsupporting structure Open oor planmovable wallshome is a machine 1 Defined by gt Experimentation with styles carried over from Modernism gt Grand narrative try to explain everything with one theorysimplify life gt Art focuses less on purity of form and more on simplicityreduction 2 Abstract Impressionism gt Jackson Pollock image 173 pg 564 number 1 0 Represent American freedomthrow paint onto canvas 3 gt Mark Rothko image 177 pg 568 0 Canvas is saturated in paint 0 Apply paint in a nonconventional way 4 gt Lichtenstein image 178 pg 568 Whaam gt Claes Oldenburg image 179 pg 569 symbolizes consumerism cultural desire for more of everything gt Andy Warhol image 1710 pg 569 Also creates Op Art Optical Art that creates an illusion All in uenced by comic booksdotstencil approach to printingabout consumerism mass production it is a fun and lighthearted picture with a deeper meaning politics war Other words to know Pantheon all the gods Classicism art appealing to simplicitythe intellect Hellenistic art appealing to individualityemotion Pax Romana Roman Peace begins with Augustus Engaged Columns fake columns on Roman architecture often used to create symmetry OOOOO OOOOOOOOOO Philosophe writers that translate books to make them more available to the public Voltaire Melodrama a type of theater focusing on sensationalism and sentiment Realism an image that is true to life Suprematism an artistic theory of geometric originating from 20th century Russia Impressionism image that represents the idea of What is being depictedproduces emotion in Viewer PostImpressionism an optical image captured brie y eeting light or color Cubism the use of geometric shapes to represent figures and objects breaks the rules of 2D and 3D art Expressionism shows the artists emotions not just the subject Futurism embracing the fastpaced modern technologyfilled worldshows the mechanics of art Naturalism THEATER TERMclosely related to realism used true life scenarios and focused on natureinstinctual behaViors too


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