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Midterm 1 Study Guide

by: JacksonB

Midterm 1 Study Guide 241

Marketplace > Brigham Young University > Business > 241 > Midterm 1 Study Guide
GPA 3.6
Marketing Management

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About this Document

Based on the review session held on Thursday, 10/1/15. Good luck on the exam!
Marketing Management
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by JacksonB on Thursday October 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 241 at Brigham Young University taught by Swenson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 124 views. For similar materials see Marketing Management in Business at Brigham Young University.


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Date Created: 10/01/15
BUS M 241 Midterm Study Guide The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions that will be similar to the Assessment questions on MyEducator The focus will be on class discussions and MyEducator readings There will be two questions based on the presentations given by our guest speakers one each Plan on taking 115 hours to finish the exam Don t wait until the last minute Expect long lines at the Testing Center Plan on taking Things to review in order of importance class notes class slides slides from the review sessions The review slides are posted on Learning Suite Chapter 1 Good Topics to Study BCG Growth Model Path to Profitability Brand Champions Product Market Expansion Matrix Consumer Lifetime Value How marketing creates value Target Market Marketing Mix Marketing Strategy Product Orientation Sales Orientation Market Orientation Societal Orientation Chapter 1 Practice Problems 1 Answer dog 2 Answer societal orientation 3 Answer profitability 4 Answer market development Chapter 2 Good Topics to Study SWOT External Environment Porter s Five Forces Generational Cohorts External Factors Types of Income gross disposable discretionary Chapter 2 Practice Problems P9P Answer opportunity and threat Answer Gen YMillennials Answer substitutes Answer regulatory factors Chapter 3 Good Topics to Know Domestic International Global Marketing Glocal Standardization vs Customization Global Risk Market Entry Strategies Chapter 3 Practice Problems 1 Answer joint venture 2 Answer glocalization 3 Answer legal risk Chapter 4 Good Topics to Know Fraud Triangle Marketing Myths Social Responsibility and Green Marketing Chapter 4 Practice Problems 1 Answer No rationalization and pressure are not met 2 Answer Marketers believe in planned obsolescence Chapter 5 Good Topics to Know Primary vs Secondary Research advantages and disadvantages Good Market Research Market Research Process Marketing Research Rule Correlation vs Causality Analyze Data all the methods Analyze Data Analyze Data Chapter 5 Practice Problems Answer screening questions Answer Max DiffTURF Answer if the cost of the research is less than the wrong assumption do the research P9P Answer secondary Chapter 6 Good Topics to Know Habitual Buying Disruptions Factors In uencing Consumer Behavior Buying Process Decision Process Decision Types High vs Low Buying Center MultiAttribute Attitude Model be able to do the example Chapter 6 Practice Problems Answer routine problem solving Answer opinion leader Answer information search Answer culture U PP PF Answer initiator Professor Swenson will not try to trick us with this exam Be sure to choose the best answer based on the information you re given Good luck


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