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3012: Antebellum Americs - Study Guide

by: Angie Bell

3012: Antebellum Americs - Study Guide 3012

Marketplace > Ohio State University > History > 3012 > 3012 Antebellum Americs Study Guide
Angie Bell
GPA 3.25
Antebellum Americs

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About this Document

Antebellum Americs
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Angie Bell on Wednesday October 15, 2014. The Study Guide belongs to 3012 at Ohio State University taught by Cashin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 113 views. For similar materials see Antebellum Americs in History at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 10/15/14
4 11 I I I I Native Americans in the Far West Sioux migrated from the Great Lakes region in 700 s for unknown reason very intense hunters and very feared believed that the world and animals had spirits apologized to animals when they killed it large kinship groups intense sense of territory modern day dakotas large groups of Americans come in the 1840 s started off with an interest in white people then upset with them because Americans didn t respect the land and they brought disease measles smallpox cholera new comers seen as dangerous to the Indians so they wanted to attack them or charge tax to pass through their territory never fully united tribe on how to deal with the new comers fight or pay Sioux are offered money for their land in late 1800 s but they want their land Luiseno Indians attacked all white people in their territory Cahuilla Indians joined with whites to try to bring down Luiseno and theyfaH Paiutes chief Truckee wanted to be friends with white people but his son Winnemuca wanted to kill all white people thought whites could be cannibals because of Donner party Buffalo number drop immensely white people overkill railroads built and kill buffalos to make room and didn t eat them Cheyenne had twenty seven different words for the buffalo shows how much they value the buffalo Comanche were heavily dependent on the buffalo and were killed off quickly as the buffalo declined Lucy Parker was white and was taken by Comanche then when she was returned to whites she wanted to go back to the Indians becomes tourist attraction because she was held hostage by her uncle buffalo died from lack of grass new expansion and development hunting parties for railroad Tuberculosis for animals was rampant and were accidentally killed by poison for wolves that farmers used to protect their land Kit Carson was a famous American with amazing hunting skill born in Kentucky and moved out west portrayed as an Indian fighter born in the west he had actually learned from the Indians and he hated the novels about him Other Migrants Donner and Reed party got stuck in the Sierra Nevada Mountains Emigrant guide was all they had they were Belgian Hardkoop was in party traveling with German party struck out on his own never heard from the whole party is stuck in November 1846 of 89 people by early snow I all of the Donner family died rescued in February the saved people said they had to resort to cannibalism


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