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by: Samuel Oppong

NotesPart1.pdf FINE_ART 101

Samuel Oppong
GPA 2.7
Fine Arts 101
Pamela Lee

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About this Document

Fine Arts 101
Pamela Lee
Study Guide
Pamela lee
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Samuel Oppong on Wednesday October 15, 2014. The Study Guide belongs to FINE_ART 101 at Washington State University taught by Pamela Lee in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 262 views. For similar materials see Fine Arts 101 in Fine arts at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 10/15/14
Notes Part 1 Fine Arts Expressionistic Art the distortion of shape or color to achieve emotional intensification Also to express strong emotion or heightened psychological state The difference would be that the distortions of shape or color with expressionistic art would be for the purpose of communicating strong emotions or psychological state expressionistic art fits into the broad style category of objective art Expressionistic art could also be considered a subcategory of Abstract art Non objective art does not attempt to portray any real object or person No recognizable subject matter There can be meaning to some pure abstraction No connection to the visible world Same as non objective art corten steel rninimalists use an art metal forms an outer layer of rust that protects metal from degredation Contrapposto the figures torso forms an s curve most of weight of one leg Give statues a sense of lifelikeness Casting indirect method of sculpting involves substitution It is possible to make multiple indenticcle sculptures solid casting involves a model the making of a negative mold into which a molten material is poured and allowing to cool and harden Lost wax cast objects have a 38 skin of metal and are hollow inside Aguste Rodin very poor background dislexic and slow but then fell in love with rhythm literature wanted to be an artist Applied to school of fine arts in Paris and was rejected 3 times Traveled to Rome to search for Michael Angelo Was inspired by Michael Angelo unfinished sculptures Land art earthworks or earth art outdoor art work that are created from naturally occurring materials often other materials are introduced Meaning is broad Installation sculptures that transform and change the perception of space Typically interior gallery or museum Environmental sculpture art form meant to involve the spectators rather than to face them 20 century part of a trend to break down separation between life and art beyond the gallery What kind of artists were christo and jeanne claude environment artists They create large sculptures projects in large sculptures projects in both rural and urban settings Bozzetti small defines that defines the color harmonies and overall design Cartoon full scale primary drawings for finished working Intonaco final coat of fine plaster applied each days of fresco work Giornata one day of fresco painting what are the 7 virtues faith justice temperance prudence hope fortune and charity how is a fresco painting done 3 separate layer how did balma learn the fresco painting technique went to Florence and learned from the masters what role did assistants play in creation of the fresco tracing contour lines help trace the cartoon 3 primary qualities of color are hue Value and intensity Hue name of the color Determined by Wavelength of light White light all colors of the spectrum are present balanced perfectly primary colors basic hue need to mix these to create other color secondary colors mixed two primary colors tertiary colors mixing primary color and secondary color Value the quality of lightness and darkness achromatic Without chroma without color neutral Black White gray Chiaroscuro manipulation of light and dark Values to create modeling Giving a sense of 3 form in a 2D piece low key Works of art in which dark Values predominate high key refers of art in which light Values predominate intensity brilliance of color Highbright loWduller colors local color color the brain perceives an object to be


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