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by: Kathryne Pollich Jr.


Kathryne Pollich Jr.
GPA 3.89

Joy Trauth

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About this Document

Joy Trauth
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kathryne Pollich Jr. on Friday October 2, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BIOL 1003 at Arkansas State University taught by Joy Trauth in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/217705/biol-1003-arkansas-state-university in Biology at Arkansas State University.




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Date Created: 10/02/15
EVOLUTION AND THE HISTORY OF LIFE ON EARTH Unit 4 Study Guide 1 What do we call the theory rst proposed by Alfred Wegener that the continents have moved and are continuing to move around on 7 large crustal plates 2 What provides the power that moves the crustal plates 3 What are the 2 conditions generally necessary for fossilization 4 What is the name of the famous fossil storehouse in Los Angeles 5 What radioactive element can be used to date organic material less than 75000 years old 6 Name 2 other radioactive elements used to date rock 7 What are organisms intermediate in characteristics between two species and showing a link between them called 8 Explain how Achaeopteryx is a transitional form between dinosaurs and birds 9 What is the name of the ancient fishapod that had characteristics of both fish and land vertebrates 10 Provide 5 evidences of evolution Body parts of different organisms that are similar in structure and develop in the embryo in the same way are called what kind of structures N Give examples of homologous structures LA Structures that seem to have no use in some species when similar structures are quite useful in related species are called what kind of structures 14 Give examples of vestigial structures 15 What two embryological features do all Chordate embryos have 16 Provide evidence for biochemical similarity among all living things 17 What are the 5 requirements for evolution and or speciation 18 Explain the statement Through natural selection of individuals species become adapted Provide examples of evolution Peppered moth horses camels bacteria birds whales etc What is adaptive radiation What is the driving force of evolution Give examples of adaptive radiation and resulting speciation How long ago did the earth form Approximately how long ago did the first living cells appear on earth Describe the first living cells What is the currently accepted hypothesis on the origin of eukaryotic cells How did the development of bluegreen bacteria and algae change the earth s atmosphere What is the Cambrian Explosion and when did it occur What were the first true vertebrate animals What were the first animals to inhabit the land Amphibians developed from what type of sh What is the evolutionary importance of the reptile egg What other animals appear in the fossil record at the same time as the dinosaurs What event enabled mammals to spread out into different ecological niches and increase in number of species Birds are most closely related to what extinct group of animals How did life in the trees affect primate evolution How does the vision of primates differ from that of most other mammals How can paleontologists determine if a fossilized organism walked upright or not The dinosaurs were all extinct by how long ago Describe the evolution of the horse over the last 60 million years For which character was nature selecting in the evolution of the horse 42 Describe ancestors of modern whales 43 Where have the oldest hominid fossils been found 44 What technological breakthrough was accomplished by Homo erectus that enabled these hunters to move into cooler climates 45 What species was Cro Magnon man 46 What is the approximate genetic difference between chimpanzees and humans 47 The current 14 different species of Galapagos finches are an example of speciation by adaptive radiation What was the origin of the ancestral finch In which character do the current different species of finches most differ How does this difference affect the number of finches that can live on the Galapagos Islands Did the original ancestral finches adapt to the islands in order to survive 48 What are stromatolites 49 Be able to identify a trilobite 50 Number the following events in the order in which they happened the first birds appeared the first jawless fish appeared first true vertebrates the first hominids appeared the first amphibians appeared the last ice age ended the first reptiles appeared the first land plants appeared the first softbodied invertebrates appeared in the oceans worms jellyfish the first algae appeared the first prokaryotes bacteria appeared the first mammals and dinosaurs appeared arthropods invaded the land scorpions crabs insects spiders


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